The Writer's Thread

The thread hasn’t been brought back from the old forums, so here it is. Lots of talent around these forums, so post short stories, poems, any writing you’ve done, really.

Even if you think you’re a horrible writer, people around here will give you a few pointers, and would be willing to help you become a better writer if you ask.

A list of submitted writing prompts if you are looking for ideas:


Writing a story on the fanfiction site. I’ll post the old BL one here since it’s done.


Here it is. Might want to read Montayva’s and Generick64’s first since it it’s heavily based on those two and are linked to this one. Also to give credit where it’s due, my wife helped write it too.


This is one of my favorites that I’ve written:


I stare at my bottle,
Voices braying in my ears,
Nails pounding into my eyes.
The liquid amber sings to me,
Soft songs of comfort,

I see you talking to me,
Your frightened orbs staring at my headlights,
But I cannot hear you above my din.
Voices vie for my attention,
Pushing you aside.

Liquid amber whispers to me,
A lover’s gentle sigh.
I raise the bottle to my lips,
Taking deeply of its flowing promises,
Feeling its comforting warmth spread through me
As I sink into oblivion.
The world slowly disappears,
But you’re already gone.


I’m too self conscious to post any of my stuff, but I’m interested to see everyone else’s worl :slight_smile:


Yeah, i’m not sure about posting any of my past stuff either; i don’t feel like it’s good enough yet. But if you ever have a change of heart, i’ll read it. I’m never unreasonably harsh when reading someone else’s stuff, since I know my stuff is professional either.

If anyone has any writing prompts though, i’d try taking a shot at them.


I got a few ideas running through my head I’ll post later.

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I actually write a lot, though most of it ends up fanfics. (I also have a account by this same name, but I don’t post there a whole lot. Most of them go unpublished.) I also get a lot more ideas that never actually come to fruition and even more that I start and never complete. I do write original poems, though, mostly for love or sadness since those are what usually give me the most inspiration for them. I also have a planned novel, but I’m too perfectionistic and it’s historical, so I can’t bring myself to work on it much until I can make sure I have the time period down to make things accurate while writing it.

Anyway, here’s a link to my fanfiction account as well as a random poem I wrote a few months ago, if anyone is interested. :slight_smile: (One of the few recently that aren’t Alice in Wonderland inspired.)

Snow falls all around
Burying the world in white
Powder soon turns to ice
Freezing everything in sight

Try to create a fire
It’ll soon be extinguished
Try and light one again
Warmth again relinquished

Extremities going numb
Her body moving slow
Flesh turns white to blue
Blood pressure drops low

Heart still beating slow
As weak as it may be
Veins shrinking, growing cold
Whole body now shivering

The rhythm in her chest
Is playing slower still
A soft, mournful dirge
Of snow that slowly kills

Thump-thump thump-thump
The last beats sound
Ending the sorrowful song
Body falls to the ground

Snow still falls around
A soft blanket of white
Covering the now frozen girl
And hiding her from sight


Loved that poem. Even made me catch a few feels that i wasn’t expecting to feel.

I followed the fanfic link, but it didn’t work for me. I searched you up and found you though, will read some of yours after i finish THO’s.


I’ll post a link for the Marvel Story thread once my plane touches down on Aus.


New plot for a story I’m writing, feel free to use it if you want to

An angel is kicked out of heaven and told he may return if he kills the son of Satan, who has been masquerading as a human on earth after he himself was banished by his father, who feared he was becoming too strong and would soon take over his throne. Once the angel finds him, an epic battle ensues.

As for the ending, I have two ideas

  1. The fallen angel completes his mission, killing the son of Satan and returning to heaven a hero

  2. The angel realizes that the son of Satan, like him, has been banished from the only home he’s ever known. They join forces to conquer heaven, hell and earth


It’s amazing how a minute can change a mans life. We never know how far the ripples will travel outward from the epicenter of that one small trickle of time wasted on various negligible things. My finest minute came in search of my keys, of which I always lay on the counter next to my wallet on a daily basis. In from work, keys on the counter. Back from shopping, keys on the counter that was always the drill except this time. A minute later I found them in my pants I had worn the day before but that’s not the important part, it was the minute I had wasted that led to her. If not for that minute wasted I may have never seen her glance my way as I walked by and smiled. If not for that minute I may have never heard her voice as she said hello and inevitably her laugh as I became keen on making her laugh just to hear it. Two years of joy, love, and passion because of misplaced keys sounds like a good exchange. But alas my minute wasted did not turn into my finest hour, as I pulled the door closed slowly behind her as she left for the final time. I watched as she left out of the driveway through the tiny door window with tears in my eyes, wiped them clean and walked to the counter and gently laid my keys on the counter. In the exact same place I have for years…


So I woke up this morning a bit too early with an idea. Well, half an idea. It was only when I was scribbling it down that I realized what I was thinking of. It’s basically a crime drama noir comedy set in a fantasy timeline. Think snatch plus, I dunno, dnd.

I have almost none of it planned, but have already hammered out a prologue and an opening chapter. Both of which say a lot without saying anything.

Here you go, if anyone wants to read.


1. The Outlier


Link to current project/idea


Got some work ahead of me. After almost a month of vacation and some brain storming, I think I’m ready to start working on my project. Will update soon.


Nothing great by any means, I only cam up with it in a minute when I was really depressed

“I would tear my soul apart piece by piece if only it would make you whole again”


If I ever use this on anything, I’ll be sure to quote this and give you credit.

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I’m starting to write about my fond (and not fond) memories with my ex best friend and first person I ever fell in love with


Good luck!


Just a little piece of one of the things I wrote. It’s the first draft, so to speak, so it’s not that great, but I’d greatly appreciate some feedback from some of you if it’s not too much trouble

I scooped her up out of the water, which made her let out this… Adorable little scream. Her legs wrapped around my waist, probably trying to make sure I didn’t drop her back into the water. And frankly, it worked. No way in hell was I gonna give that up. As I brought her up to eye level, her lips brushed against mine, causing both of us to stop laughing for a moment and stare at each other.
“So…” I said.
“Yes?” she asked, her eyes half closed, almost like she was expecting me to kiss her"
"You gonna apologize?"
Her eyes shot open “Tell you what. This’ll be my apology” With that, she placed her hands on the side of my face and kissed me with a passion that I’d never seen from her before. When she finally took her lips off mine, I was too embarrassed to speak. “Good enough?”
“I… Umm… I. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s good, yeah.”
“You’re ridiculous,” she laughed. I could tell something was different though. It wasn’t the same laugh that I’d gotten used to over the years. It was… More full of life than ever beforehand. I couldn’t help but wonder, did it have something to do with our kiss?