The writing is ruining the experience


I thought about clarifying that, but didn’t get around to it until now.

I actually have zero issue with an all white cast if it is because it happens that all white actors were the best ones to audition for the roles.

I also have zero issue with an all white cast in a period specific movie where everyone would have been white (e.g. a story about Mozart)…or an all asian cast like in Crazy Rich Asians.

But I do have an issue where, in movies where there is no racial definition of a character, non-white people are not considered for the role. Idris Elba for James Bond is an example of this. Why can’t James Bond be black? Why can’t James Bond be gay? We’re moving to canon that James Bond is a code name rather than an individual.

This same issue extends to ensemble casts. If it is all white, on purpose, for no reason…I wonder why. Why can’t Tiffany and Jerome be, IDK, Asian and Hispanic? So long as they can, I’m cool with it. If they can’t for some very arbitrary reason, I’m not.

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Of course he can. The thing is that there are many people who already have a well established idea of him. Its almost impossible to change that. Unless all these people die or completely forgot about him. You see what happens with the Star Wars sequels. That’s why creating new things is always better. Its way more cool to craft a new character being he/she gay, black, hispanic , etc. instead for changing old ones. People will always compare them to the old versions. And especially Bond have too many versions already. Why Bond have to change his race,sex or ethnicity, when crafting a new agent in the same universe sounds way better. Why not a black female agent 0010? She could be a great hacker though, you know, because of her number. ;>


What I want to see is new ideas and stories with trans gay lesbian strong females black Asian middle eastern and so on again people hate change this does not mean they are against it working out to get fit while complaining about that fact is a great example but also the other reason Hollywood and the games industry need to bring new ideas to the story table think of it like them just being lazy and slightly rewriting little red riding hood for the past 100 or so years I would love to see an honestly done gay superhero I mean look at cyberpunk from cdpr yes it may not be new it comes from that writer I think but we get what feels like an honest attempt at world building with a future that has no real bounds out side of rich and poor trans people every where and people are clamouring for it they can’t wait to play it

I agree with this to some extent bar the last part for me if they are getting those roles just because we don’t care and they are of a different race than that is disrespectful to them as people if there are Asian Hispanic Jewish white black Middle Eastern and so on and a say Jewish person gets the roll not because of his race but skill that is the only thing I see as ok I have problems in my life as does every one in thier own way but I would hate to be given some thing because I was considered special for some reason not out of my own hard work and dedication and I apply this to all genders races and sexual preferences

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Because James Bond isn’t a title, he’s a character with firmly established canon. Fans don’t like it when you crap on their canon for token inclusion. Terminator, Star Wars, and Dr. Who says so.


I’ll be 45 in August (hopefully I’ll make it) and have been gaming since Pong. I’ve spent most of my life reading all kinds of literature plus I’m a writer. I say that not because I think it makes me more qualified than anyone else to reply. I just want you to know that while I understand the writing may be different to you I’m pretty sure it’s not that different than the writing for the last game. It still has the same tone, same mix of serious and silly and the same overall style of humor. If anything the writing is more cohesive as they had a much longer time to put things together. Not that everything is perfect-I felt Clappy was a lot different in personality but that can be put down to his being voiced by someone new.

I just think what this is really all about is your having too many expectations coming into the game. By that I mean you were expecting it to be exactly like Borderlands 2 when it was never going to be. The game has changed, Pandora has changed and more than anything the characters have changed. The game needed to reflect that and I think it did a pretty decent job of doing it. The thing about change is not everyone is going to like it.

In regards to the coffee quest I thought it was one of the best in the game. I seriously want that mug.


Yes, usually people don’t like it when something changes from good to bad. Just because two writers have the same style does not mean they are equal. It TRIES to emulate the first two games, but it is nowhere near on the same level; it’s not just “due to expectations”. If you understand good comedy writing, you understand the differences in nuance between the writing and humor in the first two games, and this game. One comedian trying to imitate another comedians’ style doesn’t automatically make him good if his jokes are less clever and the delivery is forced - which is the issue with 95% of this games joke attempts.

It’s not just the humor though, the 2nd game handles just about every writing aspect from creating multi-dimensional characters, plot delivery, and general dialogue much better. BL3 is a Saturday morning cartoon with tons of poop jokes.

I will say though, they did at least do much better with DLC1. Still haven’t started DLC2.

I don’t care about all this gay bi stuff if a story fails to entertain me its a bad story to me. bl3 base story was horrible and every minute any npc talked felt like an eternity. I just tuned out for most of it. At least the side quest were fun like where you help that guy make that movie or help brick catch talon those were really fun.

Dlc1 was way better then the base story really stepped up. Dlc2 the story was ok didn’t bore me like the base but wasn’t as awesome as dlc1. It did have a great set environment, atmosphere and a set of side quest labeled the cold cases made me remember gbx can actually write good stories.

Nah, I’m with you on BL1. Best story and atmosphere of the series for me. Possibly best guns, too, although BL3 has some very good ones. Not much in the way of things to do after you complete the game, which is the only (admittedly reasonably big) fault

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I think you are right that DLC1 writing is better than base game writing.
I have played DLC2 only once, but I’d say that’s true for it as well.

(But go in with the expectation that both DLCs are “themed”. DLC1 had a heist tone. DLC2 has a lovecraftian tone. If you like heist movies more than Lovecraft or vice/versa, that’ll probably affect your opinion).

DLC had humor all over :smiley: (and torgue! wich i miss in the main story)

pretty boy was a good bad guy (he learned from the best didn’t he)

Timothy was actualy fun to have around (compared to half the NPC they send with you during the main story)

we finaly got to kill some hyperion bots again! (still find it weird there’s nothing remaining on pandora or anywhere else even if they where rogue bots. same for bullymongs and Threshers… wich just disapeard with no explanation what so ever…)

we got some more purple named weapons (i still wish they would give them an other color)

and for DLC2… we got to see gaige again! that allone was worth it for me :smiley: (now i just hope they’ll add her back to the roster in the future -> will never happen but hey, we can dream can’t we) AWSOME new weapons! story wasn’t bad, enemies where fun and again the good old borderlands humor i kinda missed during the main story (most of the MS humor came from side quests and for me, carnivora)

and yes, i also ignored NPC talking all the time during the main game (and often needed to go back because i had to press “E” for no reason what so ever)

oh and i have no opinion about the writing when it comes to maya’s debacle… that was just part was just dumb… every single one of these cinematics i felt i got put into stasis and forced to watch the show… lilith half the time talks as if the vault hunter isn’t even there…


I loved dlc 2 I hate wedding and romance themed holidays in games think live service and wow style mmos for the most part but the twist of the love craftian theme made it feel more borderlands like and less sappy cliche having said that the done a million times before not sure if we’re right for each other bit was kinda -.- was old in scrubs and is still old in every marriage movie or TV show sigh

A lot of the humor does come off as self-aware and on purpose, instead of genuinely funny. The dude in Roland’s Rest who has you blow up the bandwidth limiter with memes is a prime example. I don’t think the studio thought it was funny in a pure sense, but they thought it would be funny simply because of how self-aware and intentionally cringe it was, but it failed at that

I still think they have the humor with Claptrap though, I laughed many times in the game from him, two examples I can think of was when we saved him at the beginning from the magnet and he was like

“Wow I singlehandedly saved the crew and did it all by myself with no ones help, I’m the greatest!”

and his whole thing of “is it still too late to join the COV?”

I found Moxxi’s over-sexualized dialogue (more than usual) to be too much though, they were trying too hard and I wanted to see character development from her, not have her be a one-liner dispenser meme. I want to see a real person sometimes too!

Speaking self aware humor - ‘Zero. Ironically does lots of dividing.’ Extra step to make sure it is intentionall. Or repeating jokes all too many times in a row like memory loss from second dlc.
Hit and miss jokes are better when they dont scratch same spot till its calloused.

Jack has his share of ‘piss-for-brains rich hero you suck’ quotes but he rarely outstays welcome.

There’s a long thread about this already, nonetheless it’s good to see we weren’t the only ones who noticed it back in September.

By the way @viabledrevin your wall-of-text posts without punctuation are very hard to read, no offense, just trying to help.


Yeah I got suspended alot in school lol missed alot of lessons tbh surprised they unlocked this topic

*edit oops wrong topic lol

The main thing that annoys me about dialogue in this is on board Sanctuary. You HAVE TO BE THERE. You’re in front of your bank, in your room, and someone walks in and start one lining you. Over and over and over, until you’ve heard them all dozens of times. Concentration? WHAT concentration?! Same thing at any vendor. One of the lines you hear is LITERALLY SOMEONE SCREAMING IN YOUR EAR. WTF man?

I also think adding people from the various planets to the ship is kinda cute… but when Pippie, the hoppy, squishy noise making, squeaking thing decides it’s their turn to hang around you… OMG, my laptop is in danger and my headphones too.

There are times when you NEED things to be calm and quiet in this game. Like when, in this loot based system, you’re actually trying to SORT THE LOOT.


I ment to reply to you lol I mean the last part about them reopening this topic was me confusing this topic for another one about a magazine article lol

I farmed for an Unforgiven Masher for months in BL1 but when I got it I was blown away. Best gun in the series for me.