The writing is ruining the experience

I’d have to agree 100%.

The writing didn’t ruin the experience for me, but it was bad. Honestly, the game is very fun if you simply ignore/skip the horrendous story and don’t care about the characters one bit. In other words, if you stop treating it like a movie and treat it as a game, it works.

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Lorelei is the most annoying character after Ava.

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Yeah i thought storywise this was the most bland annoyingly corny borderlands ever. I loved bl2 to death… The story was horrible.

At least dlc2 was good

A swing and a miss, story-wise. Some good new characters, like Wainwright Jakobs and Clay. Some ■■■■ ones like Ava and Katagawa Jr. Good job continuing the stories of some old ones like Rhys, Vaughn, and Hammerlock. ■■■■ job on some others, like pretty much the rest of the returning cast.

It’s sad to have to admit that some characters were just bad. The actors did great IMO. They always do (and they don’t cost a gazillion bucks like Destiny’s).

If you leave out story and storytelling, it’s a damned good game and an improvement over its predecessor. But without story and storytelling, it’s not Borderlands.

I’ve been calling it the least good Borderlands game. I think that’s fair. What it gained in improved technology, improved mechanics, and a facelift for its loot, it more than lost in a script that is almost as cringe-inducing as Randy’s card tricks. But it’s still a better love story than Twilight.

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When Claptrap first said “My ass…It’s full of Stars!”, that was the biggest laugh out loud moment I’ve had in a game that I can remember. Maybe that’s just me. But on the whole I totally agree with the general consensus: the writing is poorer in this one. I laughed out loud much more often in BL2 and TPS, and most of the new characters in this one are either grating (Vaughn, Ava) or plastic (Lorelei, Rhys, Clay).

And as others have pointed out, Claptrap was always made out to be annoying (eg. with Hammerlock electrocuting him to shut him up at the beginning of BL2), but the writers secretly made him actually likeable, relatable and funny. Now they’ve just made him flat out annoying (other than the great ass full of stars gag :smiley: )

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Both me and my wife laughed alot with bl1 and 2.

3… We were like

W t hell.

We both didnt like ava, we found the main villians empty and kinda stupid… We’re not gonna talk about maya and lilith… Its just wtf.

My wife actually said she hated it and i did too…

We still played n had fun with dlc 2. And takedown…at m4 was good tough… Dlc1 was eh.

Was looking foward to anything new… Mayhem 2.0’s lack of rewards and bugs made her quit. I stayed to minmax damage.

I remember when we beat tyreen and saw the ending she was like… I dont like this at all. I felt that way too.

I dunno… It felt boring. Not memorable. No real special quest.

Coffe quest was…stupid…

Its like it was written by some kinda angry pc person.

It wasnt borderlands crazy or fun. It was crap.

The ratch quest at atlashq was borderlands type of stuff id expect. Loved that one.

But the main story was… Very disappointing.


They finally got me to hate Claptrap with BL3. Only because of the hordes of annoying Scraptraps I had to slaughter to get a couple ideal-ish Yellowcakes.

I adore Jim Foronda’s work. He rocks out. And actors lives matter.

But yeah, I guess that’s a checkmark in thr success column for BL3, where TPS did the most to make me love the little bastard more.

Rubber Ducky OP!

I’d argue BL3’s story was trash regardless of how you feel about those things, and so raising up about “PC sTuFf Is UnFaIr To MuH iNcElS” is unnecessary.

Go hug your AR-15, open-carry it at CostCo and complain about your fredumb when they kick you out for not wearing a mask.

Yup. You just wrapped yourself in that brown flag. Grats pumpkin.

I live in a college town, so maybe I’m just so used to it being such a non-issue that I wouldn’t know if someone were overdoing the equality thing. Fair enough.

But the game plays the same regardless, its story sucks regardless, and Ava may be the worst BL NPC to date regardless.

So who gives a ■■■■ how “PC” it is? Go cry to Alex Jones about that.


Yeah I don’t see the big deal. I play on console myself but I don’t begrudge PC people wanting the game to be optimized for their platform too.


LOL guess people dont like forced computer diversity getting shoved down their throat :joy:

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I love how this comes up over and over though. Keeps me informed on who to block.

Wtf are you on about, dude?

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Let’s just keep this thread to the WRITING, eh? r/politics is elsewhere completely.

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You know how it is.

“This game has stuff that disagrees with my social beliefs. POLITICS!!”

And when they eventually piss off y’all mods enough to get a talking-to, then it’s off to reddit to find a suitable echo chamber and yell about the forums.

And again, everyone whining about what social stuff is being forced on them by “girl power”, the Jakobs-Hammerlock weddinh, etc., just reminds me who best to ignore.

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