The writing is ruining the experience

To be fair to Lilith, she didn’t know about the collar until it was on her. Angel didn’t mention it, and no one commented or wondered about how Jack maintained control of a siren that could phase-shift into any electronic/computerized device.


Different writers are emulating something created by someone else so it doesn’t feel as genuine. The nuance is very different.

It’s never been a deal breaker for me but there’s a few intended lol moments that have just been deep sigh moments instead. You’re not alone in noticing it.


Lilith grew quite a bit in the Fight for Sanctuary DLC, but later on they didn’t want her to wear the role of the leader that she clearly grew into. I mean she has no real presence in BL3 or at least it doesn’t feel like it for me. The fact that she doesn’t slap sense into a certain brat doesn’t help either hahaha.

Regarding the SJW route or however people want to call it: I don’t mind diversity in games, but that’s the exact problem of BL3. There was no diversity, very few men in valuable roles (there are some like Balex, Hammerlock and Wainwright) and - and that’s the funny one - where are the people of color, asians or basically anything non-white? The only black guy I can remember right now was a questgiver and was extremely weird and funny with his rock fetish, but overall there are very few non Caucasian people. I mean I’m a white man myself, but I think if you want to be diverse, either commit to it or don’t do it at all: Have male, female, white, black, young, old, disabled and non-disabled people in it, all in a reasonable amount. In a world like Borderlands you can have all that and package it up in a charming and crazy atmosphere.

An example: Just imagine a TK Baha kind of character, harsh but good at heart but pretty nuts, sitting in his weaponized wheelchair, holding you at gunpoint not just with his trusty revolver in his hands, but also with an absurdly massive machine gun that is mounted on top of the wheelchair. You know, the usual Borderlands stuff can easily be inclusive and still be hilarious.

the problem is when you say sjw like I did people instantly get on edge I just ment you can see the ideology in the games design and I never said it was done well either lol also hammy is black lol but if you look at a game being inclusive borderlands 2 did it better in terms of fleshed out characters think torgue captain scarlett and so on you don’t even need a whole quest to add depth like that guy replied a throw away scene with moxxie in the presequal added a decent amount of depth subtly to her borderlands 3 seems to try to use a sledge hammer like people have stated it lacked nuance

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People seemingly get on the edge over pretty much everything if they just want to. Modern society has enabled us to be more free than ever before and to enslave our minds in more ways than ever before. And it’s nothing new for Borderlands to be inclusive, far from it. It’s just that the depth of character in BL3 isn’t on the same level as it was in BL2. But that can still change for some characters as BL3’s DLC Lifespan isn’t over yet, so there is still time to expand on some characters. And I’m all for that, even for characters that I personally just didn’t like. Ava for example is probably the most hated character in the franshise right now and I know that there would be an uproar if she had a major spotlight in any DLC, but that doesn’t mean that she couldn’t be implemented well. If DLC 4 really ends up revolving around Krieg, then grief could be a major theme of the DLC and that could be a point where Ava could come to the realization that she caused unnecessary pain and suffering and that she has to be responsible for her and her peers lives.

Yeah problem is I don’t see that happening people call Maya stupid for not phasegrasping troy when taking him hostage but when taking a hostage you want to make sure that any one attacking you would likely kill or injure the hostage something maya took into account also it was ava that made escape for maya impossible and we see that while tyreen fought and stole liliths powers she does say that wasn’t the original plan the original plan was to leech vault monsters so there is a chance had ava not been there maya could have escaped now she may not have but available made escape impossible with her selfish desire to be there and see a vault being opened

Also, having a meatshield like that is just very “convincing” in an argument.

OK you lost me sorry lol

I mean not only is it the logical way of protection, but also holding a hostage close to your body has pretty huge benefits in the argument you are in at the moment. If I was Maya and had to talk Tyreen out of killing Ava, then I’d rather have Troy right next to me as hostage than having him in Phaselock a few feet away from me. That way his body protects me and Tyreen won’t try to just knock me out to save Troy either (that’s assuming that Maya’s Phaselock would break when she looses consciousness). Also, psychologically it’s more effective to present a direct physical thread.

oh yeah I was kinda meaning all that when I said hostage sorry lol that’s why it threw me remember Maya knew tyreen could teleport too meaning phase grasping was basicly useless in that scenario as tyreen could just teleport behind her and attack her but it becomes more dangerous with troy being physically held by Maya

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Sad thing is too some one pointed out that tyreen was mentally ill she had a chance to be a great villain if they made the game a bit longer to show how she wasn’t acting like herself I mean could you imagine if after killing her father the game went on longer and we get a bit where tyreen becomes lucid and realises what she’s done before losing herself again she had the opportunity to actually be great if they focused on that more but it seems the writers focused more on troy than tyreen so frustratingly sad too

It would be easily 9.5/10, losing half point just because of the insane RNG that can make a build deal 100% increased damage with a single and nearly impossible to get class mod roll.

just remember the comunity asked for the drops rates of legendaries to be nerfed lol :wink:

It could’ve been a pie. Or a spike. Or a swimming pool filled with space ducks. Whatever it ended up being, the clearly stupid part was charging headlong into it.

At least the Hyperion female voice is back in the DLC1 with some good quotes, she’s truly a goddess.


she had just lost the one person that meant every thing in the world too her not disagreeing that it was a stupid move but seems like in her rage rational thought kinda wasn’t there

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I like the reinforcements depleted and clap trap goes don’t worry baby happens to alot of girls love me some good old fashioned role reversal lol

It definitely was, but people didn’t hate Tina as much as they hate Ava. Ava was written into a corner and by the looks the writers will make Krieg get along with her in the 4th DLC, which will enrage people a lot more, unless they work together to bring Maya back somehow.


She could just as easily hide behind a phaselocked meatshield. More easily, actually, as she’d be more free to maneuver without having to physically manhandle someone larger than her. And thus she’d be more screwed by physically holding Troy hostage if Tyreen teleported behind her than if she had him phaselocked.

But, as an NPC anyway, Maya is weaksauce. Both Troy and Ava use her powers more effectively with little to no experience. Her only purpose in this story was to die and pass along her powers. What’s unfortunate is how wasteful that ended up as far as Troy is concerned.

Well the characters, much like the writers, are totally different styles of character. Tina was written (at least originally) to be just a hilariously absurd side show - much like Tannis in BL2. She was a crazy 13 year old that spoke like an east coast rapper, quoted Drake lines, and screamed stuff like “Burn all the babies” when blowing up train tracks. It was ridiculous and they also mixed in some pretty dark humor, like the Flesh Stick mission.

Ava on the other hand is just a whiny, emo brat that pouts and angrily screams childish stuff at Lilith and Maya. She isn’t remotely funny (or interesting for that matter).

Much like Claptrap, the difference between these two characters is another example of the general difference between BL1-BL2 and BL3’s writers. BL2 didn’t take itself at all seriously; whereas BL3 tried to be more “woke” and serious in certain areas.