The writing is ruining the experience

Claptrap doesnt care about anyone else but himself in BL3. He calls the VHs expendable, he treats everybody as less than him.

It annoys me even more because Claptrap’s development in TPS’s Claptastic Voyage further grounded him as an insecure little bot who just wants friends. He has his moments where he’s a bit too proud sure, but its never at the cost of hurting his friends. BL3 Claptrap wouldn’t have dug us up from Southern Shelf, now he’s just a bully.


the expendable part from clap trap to me felt like a commentary on the games how every game had a larger than life set of heroes then the next kind of binned them for new ones that might be just me though

I think BLTPS story overall was very good, including the Claptrap Voyage, as he was the only CLTP bot still functional, so his loneliness made sense. It was interesting that he tried to build a partner in BL3, but… the writers were just terrible about it in the end. It made me giggle when she yelled at him like a ‘empowered’ feminist, but then she just disappeared and we had a lot of work getting her parts for nothing.

hopefully people at gbx are reading this thread, but here are some of my favorite videos regarding the writing (main campaign mostly). they have very constructive criticism and some viewpoints ive never thought about until now.

They highlight what was good in the story and what could’ve been expanded upon, how certain story beats could’ve been more impactful, and how lack of proper communication of character contributed to why people might’ve not liked them so much.

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Yeah uhm that might be a bit darker than you realise that ending lol like rejected clap trap scraped for for parts like the stair climbing module uhm sure “dissapeared”

Ah yes, so very unlike how he constantly calls the Vault Hunters his “minion” in BL2.

Well, Claptrap still cared about us and the people of Sanctuary in BL2.He was willing to fight alongside us but now hes indifferent (See: Talon of God vs. The Great Vault) That’s why he feels very mean-spirited now. Him calling us “minion” is way more forgivable in that context. More of a “quirk” than outright putting us down.

I will admit that BL3’s Baby Dancer side quest and Kevin mission reminded me of how good Claptrap can be when he’s showing empathy to others. Still, these were just a few and far in between. We needed more of that.

I played five playthroughs and just now I noticed she stays on a dark corner at Moxxi’s. But unfortunatelly there’s no interaction. Hope she will be used in a DLC.

Idk that stair climbing module did make clap trap jealous lol next dlc the rush to stop claptrap from harvesting veronicas parts

Loot corpses

Picks locks

I love you claptrap

Gets maya killed

Console me now

Yells at lilith (repeat 5 times)

Touches corpse siren now lol

Charges vault key

Stuck behind car during quest

Leader of the murder hobos now

What part of her is interesting/well written exactly? All people say is shes a perfectly written teen…thats not difficult to do. Everyone can act like a teen girl. And her story progression is literally my first part of the post. Honestly idk what peoples standards are but it shouldn’t be this low

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The key there is ‘more interesting than Maya’ which is easy to accomplish. I’ve had belly button lint that fits the bill, and would probably have been better at using phaselock, too.

Also: the Claptrap adoration is one of the better bits of dialogue in the game.

Also also: there’s a hint that Ava was supposed to get more character development in Boomtown. It would probably have made her shift away from brattiness more clear.

Alsox3: to paraphrase Tannis - don’t be a petulant Ava, Troy Calypso is responsible for Maya’s death.

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It is possible I am somehow oblivious to this, but having played Borderlands 1 a truly ridiculous number of times… Which is the DLC where being gay is the punchline for every joke? Mr. Shank and the prison is about the only time where that is the case, and it is only a small part of DLC3. The same DLC that has the ice cream song, and just about every piece of dialogue from General Knoxx.

I am welcome to being corrected, but I am reasonably sure your hyperbole is unwarranted.

I just want to mention that Troy didn’t kill Maya on purpose, he didn’t knew what he was doing. It happened by accident. Thats why the whole thing felt flat. If he took Maya’s powers first then use it to kill her it will be a whole new thing. It shows character motivation and he will be hated for doing it. Some writers tends to care more about plot continuation and forgot that characters reasoning is what drives the plot further, so these little things matters.

There were tons of retcons. I wouldn’t call them all necessary. But, my point was, at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter.

Clay is black.
Balex is voiced by a black man, though is not himself of any race, as an AI.
Aurelia is black.
Both Typhon and Tyrene appear to be of mixed race.
Amara is Indian.
Typhon may be Jewish?
I believe Mordecai is hispanic.
Digby Vermouth is black.
The Mayor of Trashlantis is black or of mixed race.
I believe Katagawa is asian.


I’ll toss in my two iridium here. Good writing doesn’t always make for good game play, and vice versa. I worked for a game company where story and mechanics were so far separated, that a major character’s name wasn’t even spelled the same between the cards and books. Things got better, but it required a dedicated team wrangling in all of the elements.

This is a shooter first and foremost, so I can forgive some crappy dialog and cheese lines. After the third or fourth play through, I barely pay attention. The really good and the really bad still stand out, but the rest is just noise.

If this were a “every choice matters” RPG with alliances and friendships and enemies that could all change with the right (or wrong) interaction, then the story better be spot on. The only thing I really would like is for more variety and longer intervals in the generic NPC chatter; especially on Sanctuary, #PippieMustDie.

But otherwise, it’s good enough to not get in the way of my enjoyment. Except for the chatter (#PippieMustDie).


On a related note, I’d love to see an Asian vault hunter. Don’t think we’ve ever had one. More asian/SEAsian people in general. I honestly thought Moze was going to be East Asian but she seems to be full Russian? Japan is close to Russia tho so maybe she’s mixed? I just want a confirmation lol

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It’s just way to hard to take something someone spent a lot of time with and feels invested in and make that magic happen again unless you keep the same format. Then people will complain it was a copycat or “nothing new”

I have my own gripes about the story , mostly about Maya , she was my favorite BL2 toon and the way she was killed off was undignified. Then, I just didnt feel the sense of vindication I wanted to feel when fighting Troy. The little lines about avenging Maya after the fight simply wasnt enough for me.

But the one liners and veiled references in this game are so numerous it takes a long time to catch them all. The dialogue and character development could have been better. But like I said , it’s hard to repeat any kind of success in movies or games, even music. Everybody wants something different.

Such a lame part of the writing of this game!

100% true.