The writing is ruining the experience

Funny thing is one of the best female lead role movies that showed a powerful woman alita battle angel got screwed by captain marvel lol which tried to go mah female power and failed so epically lol all the review sites said how great marvel was no one but the fans and other people who saw it mentioned how awesome alita was it shows that people have no issue with strong women just a slight issue with bad writing lol

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Alita was great. So was Wonder Woman. You don’t have to emasculate popular male characters (Bond) or remove them entirely to have a strong female character. They’re just getting carried away.


Yeah it’s more fun to sit back and watch one side go so extremists wonder how long till the right pushes back and how extremist they go lol ah gotta love watching humanity screw things up lol George Carlin would be having so much fun these days

Yeah wonder woman was freaking awesome I’m kinda over superhero movies lately as it feels so saturated but damn that movie rocked kinda mind blowing justice league sucked so bad after seeing wonder women be so good as a movie

Maya=ava dude idk why you think I’m a maya fanboy but neither are well written characters.

The sidequest writing and dialog is better than the main story writing and dialog.

“What you got, gate? You got nothin’.” Just all around awful.


How is there a “girl power” agenda? The story in BL3 is mainly about sirens, which apart from one, happen to be female. The only thing I’ve seen that is reminiscent of SJW stuff is the end of the Claptrap challenges, with Veronica saying something along the lines of her being a strong woman but that came across as satire to me.

@settlestone1 This topic was hammered on months ago, so you’re not alone buddy. By the sounds of the 2nd DLC we arn’t going back to the writing of BL2 either.

Good thing the gameplay is pretty solid but man I will definitely not be looking forward to any story driven games from gbx.

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This is a hard subject to discuss in a civil manner most of the time as people get so agitated about it think borderlands 2 no female enemy bandits 2 gay guys I can remember hammy and his dead ex been a while since I played 2 sorry and one other what is jokingly called token black guy Roland and they killed him -.- now swap to borderlands 3 so many female enemies a few trans people gay guys or bisexual people every where now before I am attacked for being against it or anything it’s great to see a playable trans character I love hammerlock he was one of my favourite characters and who cares women to kill as well as men it’s a game but look at the current real world climate we live in with the sj culture is this an honest attempt at being inclusive or is it just a sales pitch they throw away when it goes out of vogue and a great example assasins creed odyssey “cured” gay with a dlc and I’m sorry but that was disgusting I prefer games like skyrim where being gay is just something there is the dragon born is made not by thier sexual preference but by thier actions be they gay straight or trans

I - and several others - have mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating. There were a segment of the BL2 player base seriously questioning why they’re WEREN’T female bandits/psychos since (a) it didn’t make sense how the bandit clans would survive otherwise (unless it’s like the dwarves in LotR) and (b) other games already had both male and female enemies.

IOW GBX put something in BL3 that people had been asking for, and now a different group of people seem to have a problem with that.

Since you brought up Skyrim (and we might as well throw in Fallout 3/NV/4 and the entire Dragon Age series while we’re at it) those games give players considerable choice in terms of RPG options. Borderlands at most lets you change heads and skins. So I don’t think comparing Borderlands games with more complete (and single player) RPGs is really valid.

Also, could we please stop gratuitously throwing the ‘social justice’ moniker around? Social justice is actually a very broad and important subject; throwing the term around casually the way it’s been used in this thread is not really appropriate. The people in desperate need of genuine social justice thank you for not trivialising their concerns.


You misunderstand my position on it like I said touchy subject I’m all for there being female bandits and trans people I was pointing out the big difference between the 2nd and 3rd game in terms of inclusiveness and the fact that for some companies it’s nothing more than a sales pitch a quota to be met and that is wrong also I don’t agree that the writing is ruining the game I just wanted to discuss how I felt and how some others feel I actually believe the rich use things like these to keep the status quo to keep us bickering rather than sorting out the real issues check George Carlin for a great take on that and I dislike the dying games journalism using sj to bring in clicks you tube Sophia narwitze might have spelt the last name wrong sorry but she’s a trans journalist you tuber and did a recent video on it like I said touchy subject I was just responding I said nothing hateful was just being civil

Can’t stand the guy, tbh, so I’ll pass. Just a personal preference when it comes to humour.

It’s his belief in equal rights for all and the fact that the rich use these petty things to distract us from the real issues I agree with and I feel they are petty as we should all be treated equally no argument but check out that you tuber

Hes preachy towards the end because he didnt pay taxes and needed to make up money. Bill burr is better

Lorewise Pandora’s bandits was Dahl convict laborers, so its kinda weird that we see women now when 2 games before there was none. Its ok for the other planets but its weird for Pandora.

I think Hammerlock being gay is far more consistent in Bl3 than 2 since at least he have a story involving Weinright. In 2 Hammerlock was gay just because, with no actual meaning behind it. Also H/W relationship is well executed without being turned into a constant gay parade for no reason, like we see in other games and media. So that was well made in my opinion. It sucks when it becomes propaganda and with B3 i think thats not the case.


not really hammerlock being gay for me felt the same over 2 and 3 as 2 he wasn’t in the main story outside of the start in three they had him in the main game more as a family man eg Wainwrights man and his sister

I agree.

The previous games had humor that was aimed at both adults and teens.

This game seems to have excluded the adults from the humor and targeted teens only.

Immature humor is ok for adults, but only if it makes sense in the context it’s used. Not just for cool factor. Adults don’t care about cool factor of jokes.

Also for me the whole online hero worship theme of the Callipso Twins was a huge turn off.

I play games to get away from all of the online idiocy that ruins the quality of life for everyone in the real world(Facebook, Twitter). I really would rather not have it be the story line for a game I’m playing.

At least he has some story behind that character thread. In 2 it doesn’t really matter if he was gay or not.

But it doesn’t matter in general that’s why two felt natural to me hammerlock is so much more than just gay he’s an awesome hunter a damn fine shot classy to all hell clearly with all the lost limbs he has a strong will to not let his setbacks get him down and he’s also gay see this is my problem with three to some extent can society stop boiling people down to one thing a person is more than one thing now I found the whole rescue Wainwrights bf thing fine as like I said the story seemed to be more family based in the Eden 6 arc centred around hammerlock his bf wainright and his sisters contempt for hammerlock causing her to side with the calypsos to spite her brother