The writing is ruining the experience

Well my last comment was before you edited yours lol

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Yes,but in the game you find echo log that describes what she did there. Actions be there past or present defines characters.
I’ll give you an example:
Josh is a central character of a b-movie. He’s says he’s gay and former navy seal. The entire movie he kills bad guys and by the end he ends up in a relationship with the girl he saved from the bad guys. The end.
Was him being gay adds anything to this story?

that’s also the subtly issue ain’t nothing wrong with saying they are gay or pointing that out but it becomes weird when it becomes an often mentioned thing like if every second reply I found a way to work into the topic that I’m straight again subtly not thier best spot these new writers lol its like that vegan friend that just will not shut up or that friend that drives a prius and both try putting that into every conversation point

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yeah HE WAS FULL OF SH11T lol j/k

Odd that he ends up with the girl if he’s gay.

Yes, his being gay potentially adds depth to his character. Being straight would also add depth to his character as we’d know that he might get with the girl at the end, and romance could be a motivator.

Beyond that, there is simple inclusion. There aren’t many movies with gay action hero characters.

But I simply don’t understand why his being gay is so irrelevant to you while what imaginary town name they might make up for him could add depth to his character.


You make a good point, that hitting us over the head with a fact would be annoying. I disagree that they did that about them being gay.

They are hitting us over the head with the fact that they are in a relationship, that I agree. They are not hitting us over the head with the fact that they are gay (anymore than if one of them was a woman, that they are heterosexual).

I just wanted to give you an example of a poorly written story that doesn’t bother explaining its own establishments. The same happens when certain thread is not justified. It only creates tokenism. I have no problems with gay characters as long as they have interesting story behind it. That’s all.

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I definitely am against tokenism.


On both sides there are extremists I don’t bother with left or right as nothing in life is black and white but it does make these subjects hard to discus as extremists always join in making rational people on both sides look bad lately alot of media journalists Hollywood AAA games have been going full left now some who dislike it are just aholes others hate change not against gay people or any thing but people hate change and usually always bitch and moan as they adapt but some see something dangerous and that is making it so that the lgbt is another quota to hit in a sinical way to make money not to actually make a place for others look at assassin’s creed odyssey they released a dlc that “cured” the gay like are you freaking not nice word you scum bags and other media doing the same thing remember they also do this for China

I think that is why b3 is getting alot of flak they have changed alot and three is far different from 2 cause different writers

You know, I think I learned something in this thread.

So instead of sexual preference, let’s use race for an example.

  • There are movies all about race and racial struggles, where the race of the character matters a lot (e.g. racial tensions, racial discrimination are main themes of the movie).

  • There are also movies that are racially diverse, and race isn’t mentioned or relevant at all.

  • There are movies that use racial sterotypes and have token characters.

  • There are movies that have an all white cast, despite there being no need for them to be all white.

I’m fine with the first two and not with the third and fourth.

Now let’s switch that to sexual preference and/or sexual identity. Again, I’m fine with the first two, and not the third or fourth.

The problem, though, is that for the viewer (or in video games, player) to know that the character is LGBTQ we can’t just see it, like with race. It has to be communicated through words or actions, which means a part of their identity has to be brought up or it will not be known.

I think that I can safely comment on what I’ve read on this and other threads throughout this forum’s history.

It looks like there’s a phantom amount of gayness that folks find acceptable. Loads of folks are allegedly fine with characters being gay but there’s this goldlilocks gay zone that isn’t ‘Not gay enough’ nor ‘too gay’, but ‘just the right amount of gay’, that everyone will theoretically enjoy.

That’s a pretty hard target for gearbox. Is this an innuendo? MAYBE. But I digress.

My point is, as has been mentioned, Gearbox cannot win. They’ll either have too much gay (which for some folks is the merest, slightest hint of lavender) or, (if those same folks are to be believed,) not enough, bringing down the wrath of the gay sjw Nazi feminist lgbtq agenda bullies. (Who, I should add, I have never once seen post here, at all).

I don’t envy gearbox.


Are you ok with those stereotypes being white rednecks or white rich people or lazy dads and so on

In general I dislike stereotypes and cliche characters.

Yes, it would apply when they are white/straight/male etc. as well.

That said, a “stock” character isn’t a stereotype. If the rich people happened to be white or happened to be black, I wouldn’t think much of it either way. But if they made it to be mocking of their race, I would.

meh maybe missing the point a bit my gp is gay lol and I mention it more than he does in our conversations Rob from aggp for warframe goes on about it all the time it’s his shtick Sophia narwitze think I’m spelling the name wrong last name any way but she brings it up every now and then that she’s trans and is nice and open about it its cool too hear stuff I normally don’t get much exposure too met some lesbian girlfriends on wow that it came up every now and then and they were open that was cool I learned some things I didn’t know these are all real situations all different away from the media and Hollywood and the AAA gaming industry yet these seem the least portrayed

That’s why i speak straight from a story perspective. The viewer bringing his personal views onto a game/movie/book its always subjective. And that’s ok. It’s ok if you don’t like something. But If the story is good,intricate and engaging i think the majority of people tends to forgive, even if they don’t identify themselves with that certain thing. Yet there always be people who will nitpick the ■■■■ outta something just because they can.
Borderlands 3 have a lots of story flaws, i just think that the Hammerlock/Wainwright thing isn’t one of them.

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yeah I more often than not see people make to many exceptions as a dad in Australia I am treated as a lesser parent and that is how it is not an important thing in games or media though but isn’t that what social justice is all about equality for all to me it just seems stupid human nature in the end ruins every thing we may be technologically advanced but we are barely out of the stone age when it comes to enlightenment

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funny thing is I agree with that if any thing its massively important to the main story

that lizard tape makes the entire thing make perfect sense

This is 100% what I was getting at with my post.

I’m suspicious they are hitting us over the head with the relationship because they are gay, which is my problem with it. If I truly believed it was coming from a place of “hey we think these characters are super cool and just want you to know more about them,” that would be 100% fine. But if you’re using these characters to champion being gay, that turns it into an agenda. Much like I would be super annoyed if you were using two characters to champion being straight, or white, or whatever. Again, I obviously don’t know 100% that this was their goal, but it feels like it to me personally given how they need to emphasize it every chance they get.

It’s the same reason why I rolled my eyes through Captain Marvel, but thought Wonder Woman was great. I have zero problems with strong female characters (in fact I think they’re awesome), but one film had an agenda, the other didn’t.

100% true. It’s why I was afraid to even bring it up. This conversation is going pleasantly well so far though.

BL3 is definitely more “woke” with a hint of SJW to some degree, which is very different than the humor of BL1 and 2 and turns a lot of people off. Even without that though, the writing just isn’t good, so that’s also a problem lol.

I don’t agree with this. You should be able to have an all white cast just like you can have an all black or all Chinese cast if you want.