The WWHW3 Annual Tournament Announcement!

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Starting on the 27th of February, stretching out to (we hope) the 13th of March,
staff from the WWHW3 Facebook & Steam group (which has over 5,000 followers)
will be hosting their annual tournament!

The tournament will be casted by myself;
Douglas Bacon - “TheWorldSmith” &
Caleb Garofalo - “TheProgramer”

Geenral Information and game settings:

  • It will be a 1-versus-1, best-of-three-tournament!
  • You have the option to play any race you like!
  • Relics, Bounties, Challenges, and Crates will not be enabled!
  • There will be a map rotation of three maps!
  • If you make it to the finals, you will be playing in a best of five,
    on a rotation of five new maps you will not have played
    before in the tournament!


  • TheWorldSmith, Douglas Bacon, UTC+0
  • Jamie Shelley, UTC+0
  • Apoc Fallenlord, UTC+0
  • Ryan Bateman, UTC+0
  • Frontline, Andrea Borroni, UTC+1
  • Vincent171, Daniel Omámik, UTC+1
  • Kerfilicious, Niclas Hellgren, UTC+1
  • Hawk_v90, UTC+2
  • Madman_70rus, Maddie, UTC+3
  • !=-TFL-=!VVaboose, Thierry Ferreira, UTC+10
  • The Silo, Terrence Smith, +10
  • [cookout] The Yung Brabant, Andrew Cameron, UTC-5
  • Cloaked(2222), Kyle Cloaked, UTC-5
  • Zebra Cakes, Alex Collazo, UTC-5
  • LightofHiigara, Robert Crosland Jr, UTC-5
  • Mmmmm! Tasty, Bradley Davis, UTC-7

This tournament will be livestreamed and uploaded to YouTube!
I will post links in the coming days!

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