The WWHW3 Tournament is live!

The WWHW3 tournament is live! You can read about it, and find a link to the Twitch livestream, below!

The tournament is being casted by myself,
Douglas Bacon - “TheWorldSmith”
Caleb Garofalo - “TheProgramer”
Jonathan Gagnon - “Emperor Solaris”

Geenral Information and game settings:

  • It will be a 1-versus-1, best-of-three-tournament!
  • You have the option to play any race you like!
  • Relics, Bounties, Challenges, and Crates will not be enabled!
  • There will be a map rotation of three maps!
  • If you make it to the finals, you will be playing in a best of five,
    on a rotation of five new maps you will not have played
    before in the tournament!


  • TheWorldSmith, Douglas Bacon, UTC+0
  • Jamie Shelley, UTC+0
  • Apoc Fallenlord, UTC+0
  • Ryan Bateman, UTC+0
  • Frontline, Andrea Borroni, UTC+1
  • Vincent171, Daniel Omámik, UTC+1
  • Kerfilicious, Niclas Hellgren, UTC+1
  • Hawk_v90, UTC+2
  • Madman_70rus, Maddie, UTC+3
  • !=-TFL-=!VVaboose, Thierry Ferreira, UTC+10
  • Ernesto, Larry Lozar, UTC-8
  • [cookout] The Yung Brabant, Andrew Cameron, UTC-5
  • Cloaked(2222), Kyle Cloaked, UTC-5
  • Zebra Cakes, Alex Collazo, UTC-5
  • LightofHiigara, Robert Crosland Jr, UTC-5
  • Mmmmm! Tasty, Bradley Davis, UTC-7

This tournament will be livestreamed and uploaded to YouTube!
I will post links in the coming days!

EmperorSolaris’ livestream:

WWHW3 YouTube channel:

Tournament Schedule:

Hopefully we’ll get some reall data about balance with this tournament.

Updated with links for public viewing and a link for the tournament’s timetable

The first match three matches will be held at 20:00 UTC+0 today and the second three matches will be held at 24:00 UTC+0 four hours later.

We hope you enjoy it! And good luck to all contestants!

Updated with new content

Nice work Douglas :wink:

The next bracket will begin in two hours at 18:00, UTC+0.

Good luck to myself and Daniel Omanik!

Aaaaaand… I lost. :frowning:

Ernesto has won the match against Cookout! (Lozar Lozar against Andrew Cameron!)

This one has been recorded with a radio/audio style because no video-recorders were able to be there. We hope this doesn’t bother anybody when we finally upload everything to the WeWantHomeworld3 YouTube channel! Find the link below and subscribe in order to know when that happens!

shame maddie kicked me out of a match when i was about to tell him something important, well, guess i’m not welcome anymore

Oh, KiTRA? We’re sorry to hear that. :s

@douglaswilliamb remember a guy named sasha? i’m his sister, i said i was going to play again, that was like 2 years ago
i bet everyone forgot about me but i haven’t forgot about everyone, hint: i can’t.

Well… I do remember you. ^^ That’s partially down to my eidetic memory. We’ll be running a tournament again in a couple of months if you’d like to join in. I do hope to see you in the MP Beta too. :smiley:

neah no more competitive games for me… already played 2 matches, won both, i’m pretty sure it was just luck :confused:

We will no longer be livestreaming until the fifth of March! Tune in then to watch Round 2 of the tournament, where you’ll see the best of the first sixteen participants, now only eight in number!

Seems a bit pointless a tourny considering its in beta the mp at the mo. Plus alot of people will be new to the game and some old players maybe rusty so give them time to learn/relearn the game perhaps then play a few months from now.

I actually had my first MP match in the tourney. Got smeared, but man was it fun to be part of something bigger.

Also great publicity, and gives a nice framework to analyze the gameplay.

It was just so effin cool to know that 577 people was watching ME, a scrub, play vs another unknown guy. :smiley:

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That is sometimes the best time to enter and play a tournament. Nobody is quiet at Godmode yet and even those of us who suck might win a round or two before derping our way to a loss.

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It’s not pointless when balance is similar to HW2 and they might show some things that obviously need work if one strategy is dominant and not counterable.

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I knew i’ll be a cannon fodder, but it was nice to participate in this event, big thanks to organizers and commentators :smile:


The tournament is nowhere near pointless, @skeeteruk. Please allow me to give you a list of pros, cons, and therebetween:


The tournament allows for recorded balance-testing by members of the community playing to their fullest potential in an organized setting which can be verified.

  • The tournament brings the community together for a series of fun games where they can be guaranteed matches that they can play in.
  • The tournament allows us to see interesting builds, both in terms of production, and of research; as well as allowing us to see interesting fleet compositions and tactics to go along with the former.


The factions are nowhere-near being acceptable in terms of balance, however, they’re not terrible imbalanced. We’ve seen Kushan have the ability to hold off against the Hiigarans, likewise with the Taiidan against the Vaygr, with vice-versa and across-between.


The game is still buggy, and while it has only been an issue twice so far, there’s still the possibility that clients can crash and matches having to be re-hosted; but this isn’t commonplace and this disadvantage has barely been an issue.

We are now livestreaming a match between Daniel and Andrew!
Good luck to both players!

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