The X GIVEAWAY Thread (closing down soon)

Lleve de lo bueno, lleve de lo bueno, lleve caballero de lo bueno

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. Well, I have a bunch of stuff I won’t use and can be useful to some of you, my dear badasses. It’s OP8 stuff, unless stated. Stuff varies as well. I WON’T ACCEPT DUPE REQUESTS.

The ones in strike texts are gone


OP8 Big Boom Blaster x5
OP8 Hoplite x4
OP8 Evolution x2
OP8 Antagonist x2
lv72 Evolution x5
lv72 Hoplite x1

OP8 Bladed Tattler [all variants] x9
OP8 Potent Infection [corrosive] x1
OP8 Apt Florentine x1
OP8 Rhythmic Seeker x1
OP8 New and Improved Retcher [corrosive] x1
OP8 Attack Seraphim [fire] x1
OP8 Feral Seraphim [fire x1]
OP8 Feroucius Lead Storm [non elemental] x1
lv72 Bladed Tattler [non elemental] x4
lv72 Basic Retcher [corrosive] x1
lv72 Dva Stinger [shock] x1
lv72 Patriot’s Stinger [shock] x1
lv72 Vengeful Stinger [shock] x1
lv72 Royal Omen [fire] x1
lv72 Royal Omen [slag] x1
lv72 Social Interfacer [non elemental] x1

grenade mods
OP8 Sticky Lobbed O-Negative [fire] x1
OP8 Sticky Lobbed O-Negative [shock] x1
OP8 Longbow O-Negative [explosive] x1
OP8 Longbow Meteor Shower x1
OP8 Homing Crossfire [shock] x1
OP8 Lobbed Meteor Shower x1
lv72 Sticky Homing O-Negative [fire] x1

OP8 Shadow of the Seraphs x1

OP8 Scout Bearcat [slag] x1
OP8 Juicy Carnage x1
OP8 Banbury Storm [shock] x1
OP8 Wyld Ass Sawbar [fire] x1
OP8 Expeditious Wanderlust [shock] x1
OP8 Restructuring Butcher [non elemental] x1
OP8 Tumtum Godfinger x1
OP8 Casual Carnage x1
OP8 Nassty Sawbar [fire] x1
OP8 Resolute Stalker [non elemental] x1
OP8 Potent Wanderlust [shock] x1
OP8 Dandy Storm [shock] x1
OP8 Monstruous Storm [shock] x1
OP8 Expandifide Sawbar [fire] x1
OP8 Onslaught Bearcat [non elemental] x1
OP7 Sublime Storm [shock] x1
OP7 Scalable Butcher [non elemental] x1
OP7 Sublime Storm [shock]
OP6 Perma-Sharp Avenger [fire] x1
lv72 fwap a Tunguska x1
lv72 Banbury Storm [shock] x1
lv71 Elegant Wanderlust [corrosive] x1



OP8 Blast proof Bee x1
OP8 Bee x1
OP8 Neogenator x1
OP8 Transformer x1
OP6 Neogenator x1
OP6 Transformer x1
OP6 Bee x1

lv72 Flame of the Firehawk x1

OP8 Guaranteed Baby Maker [non elemental] x1
OP8 Auditing Invader [shock] x1
OP8 Cuting Slagga [slag] x1
OP8 Ferocious Shredifier [slag] x1
OP8 Barking Volcano [fire] x2
OP8 Maximized Logan’s gun [fire] x1
OP8 Cartel Pitchforl [shock] x1
OP8 Sledge’s Shotgun [corrosive] x1
OP8 Casual Flakker x1
OP8 Rapid Infinity [non elemental] x1
OP8 Stopping Emperor [non elemental] x1
OP8 Pacifying Pitchfork [corrosive] x1
OP8 DP Unkempt Harold x1
OP8 Clean Gunerang [non elemental] x1
OP8 Venture Invader [non elemental] x1
OP8 Neutralizing Hornet [corrosive] x1
OP8 Potential Conference Call [slag] x1
OP8 Puissant Norfleet [corrosive] x1
OP8 Discharge Infinity [shock] x1
OP8 React Hornet x1
OP8 Burning Infinity [fire] x1
OP8 Consummate Hellfire x1
OP8 Wild Hammer Buster x1
OP8 Murduring Slagga x1
OP8 misles Gub [corrosive] x1
OP8 Impetuous Hellfire x1
OP8 Patrol Veruc [non elemental] x1
OP8 Sledge’s Shotgun [non elemental] x1
OP8 Rustler’s Striker x1
OP8 Cutting Edge Bitch [non elemental] x1
OP8 Vengeful Infinity [shock] x1
OP7 dippity Nukem x1
OP7 Predacious Pyrophobia [fire] x1
OP7 Deft Emperor [slag] x1
OP7 Extendified Gub [corrosive] x1
OP7 Skorry Lyuda [corrosive] x1
OP6 Bolshy Lyuda [fire] x1
OP6 Horse Hammer Buster x1
OP4 fwap a Nukem x1
lv72 Sledge’s Shotgun [shock] x1
lv72 Impetuous Flakker x1
lv72 Banbury Volcano [fire] x1
lv72 Royal Deliverance [fire] x1
lv72 Proactive Bitch [corrosive] x1
lv72 Casual Flakker x1
lv72 Gunstock Maggie x1
lv72 Hefty Baby Maker [corrosive] x1
lv72 Brisk Baby Maker [non elemental] x1
lv72 Intense Unkempt Harold x1
lv72 Wyld Ass Madhous! [fire] x1
lv72 Horse Hammer Buster x1
lv72 Bladed Emperor [corrosive] x1
lv50 Basic Deliverance [non elemental] x1

grenade mods

OP8 Lobbed Storm Front x1
OP8 Sticky Homing Quasar x1
OP8 Lobbed Quasar x1
OP8 Sticky Longbow Bonus Package x1
OP8 Longbow Bonus Package x1
OP8 Longbow Bouncing Bonny [slag] x1
OP8 Rolling Thunder x1
OP8 Sticky Lobbed Leech [shock] x1
OP8 Lobbed Bonus Package x2
OP8 Explosive Fastball x1
OP8 Longbow Pandemic x1
OP7 Rubberized Bouncing Bonny [fire] x1
OP7 Longbow Fire Bee x1
OP6 Homing Pandemic x1
lv72 Sticky Homing Quasar x1
lv72 Slag Nasty Surprise x1
lv72 Rubberized Pandemic [corrosive] x1
lv72 Lobbed Storm Front [shock] x1
lv72 Longbow Caustic Leech x1

class mods
OP8 Legendary Siren x1
OP8 Legendary Assasin x1
OP8 Legendary Titan x2
OP8 Legendary Sickle x3
OP8 Legendary Cat x1
OP8 Legendary Nurse x1
OP8 Legendary Mechro x2
OP7 Legendary Sickle x1
OP7 Legendary Cat x1
lv72 Legendary Pointman x1
lv72 Legendary Roboteer x1
lv71 Legendary Sickle x1
lv70 Legendary Mechromancer x2


OP6 Cracked Sash x1
lv72 Deadly Bloom x1
lv72 Love Thumper x1

OP8 Punitory Hive [corrosive] x1
OP8 Barking Pimpernel [corrosive] x1
OP8 Barking Pimpernel [fire] x1
OP8 Win-Win Lady Fist [slag] x1
OP8 Dastardly Greed [fire] x1
OP8 Stopping Sandhawk [fire + corrosive] x2
OP8 Social Slow Hand [corrosive] x1
OP8 Practicable Slowhand [slag] x1
OP8 Restructuring Slow Hand [fire] x1
OP8 Captain’s Blade Orphan Maker x1
OP8 Captain’s Blade Rapier x1
OP8 derp a 12 Pounder x1
OP8 Jery Riged Orc x1
OP6 Leather Law x1
lv72 Potential Heartbreaker [fire] x1

class mods
OP8 Blurred Trickster x1
OP8 Salt Meat x1
OP8 Hell and Splatter Witch

lv72 Helper’s Badge x1


OP8 Consummate Plasma Caster [fire] x1
OP7 Predacious PBFG [slag] x1
lv72 Worker’s Topneaa [fire] x1

OP7 Heart of the Ancients [AR] x1

Rasta-Nefarious [gunzerker head] x1

my steam is the same as my nickname, send me a friend request


what would you want for the

OP8 Sticky Longbow Bonus Package, OP8 Longbow Storm Front , OP8 Sham 94%.

get back to me when you can.

have fun.

Nothing. Free.

my steam is the same as my nick, have a krieg with a cap pic

send me a friend request btw

i will be updating the thread with every loot i won’t use here everyday

I got three Bees from Treants if’n you want them, X. All are OP 8, but all have different stats.

that’d be nice, i’ll hit you when i’m able to get them, have to end some stuff

(Win 8.1 breaking my PC D:)

so then what would you want for the items



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I’d be interested in these, but I have nothing to offer unfortunately…
Don’t want to be greedy here, so just tell me if it’s too much to ask :wink:

It’s fine buddy. No problem.

Hello! I have an OP8 Banbury Storm and want to trade for the Bekah you have, is it okay? I have already sent you a friend quest on steam, named GokPang. Thank you!

ok, np my friend

Just sent a friend request. (mbailey314)
Really interested in
OP8 Consummate Plasma Caster [fire] x1

Seems like it could be pretty fun with hellborn Krieg =)

i can’t keep all the stuff i have here, so i’ll be moving the chars to my backup folder

make your last requests, i’ll be editing and asking for closure later

X…if you are still letting go of stuff I’m interested in your two Pimpernels and a weapon I have never played with in three years of this game…

Your Casual Carnage,

I love explosive stuff…LOL

no problem john, steam name same as here, i’ll look for them later

I got a Legendary Reaper and Titan, both OP 8, if you want 'em, X.