The X guide to farming LOOT

Welcome to the X guide to Farming LOOT, written by your meaty friend Krieg the Psycho X and especially made for the people who is new to the Borderlands 2 (BL2 for short) loot world. But we must start with something basic.

Farming in gaming is the action of getting certain items by killing a determined boss repeatedly until it drops. Ex, Knuckledragger drops the Hornet. Farming is the action of killing repeatedly Knuckledragger until a Hornet appears.

This game is based around loot. You find items that help you progressing as I previously said. Those items can drop from enemies, pop out from boxes and lockers, being quest rewards and a pretty long etcetera.

You kill someone, BOOM, a beam of light indicates that the enemy dropped something. You open a box, BOOM, you get an item. Every corner of the game has a potential of dropping or popping something nice or just plain crap.

The game is based around numbers. Yep, NUMBERS. The game itself has a thingy called “Random Number Generator” which determines what kind of loot you will get, but I won’t go deeper on it since A) numbers make me go rampage and B) @VaultHunter101 made a guide about it, here’s the link


Hang on, my young Padawan. We have some topics to cover after we go to the facts. I’ll be pointing each one in a detailed way.

#The Rarity Scale
If you just started playing BL2 and don’t get why the weapons have light beams of different colors, this is the place where you’ll get the explanation. Loot is divided by rarity, each one of them with a specific color which determines how rare is the weapon, here’s an example

(white rarity highlighted)

The rarity may not be in order in the screenshot, but follows this pattern (lowest to highest tier)
The higher, the rarer. This means, you can see whites and greens dropping like candies, but not orange and cyan weapons. Pink weapons are a completely different stuff. Grey, red, yellow are reserved for ammo, insta-health vials and money. Purple is also used for eridium ingots and DLC2 Torgue tokens. Pink is used for seraph crystals, dropped from UVHM raid bosses.

##Pearlescent weapons
Pearlescent (cyan) are essentialy DLC weapons. The first batch of pearlescents was added when the game cap was raised from 50 to 61(UVHM1) and the second batch was added when cap was raised from 61 to 72 and the Overpower levels were added as well. The first batch of pearlescents can be found almost everywhere (if you’re lucky enough) but not the second one (they drop from a specific kind of enemy). It should be possible to see them in vendors, but nobody has seen a pearl from one yet. Also worth noting, pearlescent weapons can be obtained in NVHM and TVHM only on the Tiny Tina slot machines.
Aside that, there is one source that drops a guaranteed pearlescent (first batch though) when killed. It’s an enemy called “010011110100110101000111010101110101010001001000” (whose name translates to OMGWTH) in the last part of the Digistruct Peak challenge (from Overpower 7 to 8) and has the honor of being the only enemy in the whole series to do that.

##Seraph items
Seraph items were added when the first BL2 DLC was released (Capt Scarlett) and then, the following 3 DLCs (Torgue, Hammerlock and Tina) also added new weapons to the already big loot pool of the game (if the vainilla game announced 87 gajillion of weapons, with the new additions this number was stupidly and insanely ridiculously ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ -ly increased to almost 4x (or maybe more). These weapons are weird, because each DLC has its own vendor that sells this stuff, which requires seraph crystals (getting the latter being the hardest part since they drop only in UVHM from Raid Bosses or can be won in the Tiny Tina slot machines in NVHM and TVHM) or can be dropped by on-level raid bosses as well. We should not talk about “Seraph weapons” since this category also cover shields, relics and grenade mods.

#The Loot Sources
Everything in this game has a potential to be looted (or killed then looted xD). Enemies, garbage piles, lockers, boxes, chests, EVERYTHING. The odds are determined by RNG, yet not all sources can pop with shiny stuff.

##Lootable objects

The lootable objects that can’t pop nice loot are shown here

  • The following lootable objects can spawn weapons only up to magenta rarity

White chests

Dahl green chests

Hyperion weapon lockers

LWT Loaders

Bandit portable toilets

The golden chest of Sanctuary (RAAAAAAAAAANDYYYYYYYY)

Savage weapon lockers (DLC3)

  • Lootable objects that CAN pop nice loot (and maybe other things)

Dahl red chests

Normal red chests

Hyperion chests

Bandit car trunks

Pirate chests (DLC1)

Tina’s die chests (DLC4)

  • World Drops

Red weapon crates, lockers, Dahl green garbage containers, cardboard boxes, garbage piles; skag, bullymong, spiderant, varkid and stalker piles plus stalker pods can spawn legendaries or pearlescents. Even the standard enemy (badass or non badass) can drop this kind of weapons. This is what we call a “world drop”

*drop rates altered to show which max loot rarity can some lootable objects achieve


All enemies have the chance of dropping nice loot. But there are two specific kinds which have a unusually high chance of dropping nice stuff:

###Loot Midgets:

Loot midgets are midget (d’oh) versions of regular enemies which have more health and are able to deal WAY more damage than their non-midget counterparts, can down a VH pretty quickly if he or she is not aware. They usually pop from boxes, lockers, garbage containers, ammo crates,even from garbage piles; and they do it in an unexpectedly way, so they kinda ambush VH’s. They’re considered badass enemies and drop quite nice loot when killed, risk and reward farming. They are “x Loot Midget” in NVHM and TVHM, and “x Legendary Loot Midget” in UVHM and Overpower levels. They can drop “almost” everything: orange and cyan weapons (first batch: Butcher, Avenger, Tunguska, Stalker, Storm, Unforgiven, Bearcat and Sawbar), legendary class mods (first batch), grenade mods and magenta relics (only UVHM). They can’t drop: Norfleet, Longbow, second batch of cyan weapons, second batch of class mods, shields, seraph items and DLC legendaries (Ogre and spell grenades).

Types of Loot Midgets

  • Hyperion Loot Midgets

Loot Midget Engineer

Loot Midget Combat Engineer

Loot Wee GUN Loader

Loot Wee WAR Loader

Loot Wee JET Loader

I didn’t included Jimmy Jenkins (or J3NKN5) because that thing doesn’t drop anything nice, yet by some weird reason, is still considered a loot midget. Anyway, here’s a pic

  • Bandit Loot Migets

Loot Midget Marauder (the most common)

The rare as ■■■■ loot midgets (they spawn only in Sawtooth Cauldron)

Loot Midget Rat

Loot Midget Nomad

Loot Midget Goliath

Loot Midget Psycho

  • Loot midgets can spawn in:

-HYPERION: Hero’s Pass, Arid Nexus Boneyard and Badlands, Thousand Cuts, Opportunity, Wildife Exploitation Preserve (WEP)

-BANDIT: Thousand Cuts, Tundra Express, Sawtooth Cauldron and Frostburn Canyon.

###Chubby/Tubby enemies

Tubbies are enemies with serious obesity problems that have a pretty weird body, usually bigger and fattier than their standard version, they drop the second batch of class mods (Legendary Reaper, Torch, Sickle, Nurse, Binder, Catalyst…) and both batches of pearl weapons (all those that loot midgets drop, plus the Bekah, Carnage, Wanderlust and Godfinger) in UVHM starting at level 62, the Cracked Sash and the Whisky Tango Foxtrot shields and the legendary rocket laucher Bunny. Tubbies can deal, as loot midgets do, high damage to the vault hunters and also are considered badass enemies.

Tubby Spiderant (The Dust, WEP, Frostburn Canyon, Natural Selection Annex, Caustic Caverns)

Tubby Rakk looks like a flying turd (Wildife Exploitation Preserve, Eridium Blight, The Fridge)

Tubby Skag (Three Horns Divide and Valley, Arid Nexus Boneyard and Badlands, WEP, Natural Selection Annex)

Tubby Stalker (The Fridge, The Highlands, WEP)

Tubby Varkid (Tundra Express, Caustic Caverns, Natural Selection Annex)

Tubby Midget (yep, not kidding) Sawtooth Cauldron and Fink’s Slaughterhouse

Tubby Bones (DLC4)

###Other loot sources

Goliath Loot Goon

Slot machines (Moxxi, One-armed Bandits, Torgue and Tina)


Unlike BL1, most of BL2 bosses have a determined drop. Most times it is legendary or unique and takes a certain amount of runs. It used to be a 1 in 30 ratio, but now it is 1 in 10. Despite that, some bosses drop their legendary pretty often or pretty rarely, despite these ratios. Here’s an exhaustive list of EVERY boss and their legendary/unique drop according location (WARNING, POSSIBLE SPOILERS)


Windshear Waste

  • Knuckledragger: Hornet (Dahl corrosive pistol)

Southern Shelf:

  • Boom and Bewm: Bonus Package (Torgue grenade mod)
  • Captain Flynt: Thunderball Fists (Maliwan shock pistol)

Southern Shelf-Bay:

  • Midgemong: Kerblaster (Torgue explosive assault rifle)

Three Horns Divide

  • Boll: Fastball (Tediore grenade mod; available in fire, shock and corrosive elements, plus explosive)
  • Savage Lee: Unkempt Harold (Torgue explosive pistol)
  • Tubby Skags can spawn here

Frostburn Canyon

  • Scorch: Hellfire (Maliwan fire SMG)
  • Spycho: Neogenator (Anshin adaptive shield, only availiable after Monster Mash pt3 mission)
  • Incinerator Clayton: Pyrophobia (Maliwan fire rocket launcher)
  • Lilith: Flame of the Firehawk (Maliwan fire nova shield, Cult Following: The Enkindling quest reward)
  • Tubby Spiderants and loot midgets can spawn here

Three Horns Valley

  • Doc Mercy: Infinity (Vladof pistol; available in fire, shock and corrosive elements, plus non-elemental)
  • Tubby Skags can spawn here

Southpaw Steam and Power:

  • Hyperion Assasins: Emperor (Dahl SMG, availiable in all elements plus non elemental)

The Dust:

  • Mobley: Veruc (Dahl assault rifle, all elements availiable plus non elemental)
  • Gettle: Lyuda/White Death/Lyudmila (Vladof sniper rifle, all elements plus non elemental)
  • The Black Queen: Nukem (Torgue rocket launcher)
  • McNally: Hammer Buster (Jakobs assault rifle)
  • Mick Zaford: Maggie (Jakobs revolver, if you side the Hodunks in the Clan Wars: Zaford vs Hodunks quest)
  • Tector Hodunk: Slagga (Bandit slag SMG, if you side the Zafords in the Clan Wars: Zaford vs Hodunks quest)
  • Tubby Spiderants can spawn here, loot midgets rarely.

Bloodshot Stronghold

  • Splinter Group: Storm Front (Vladof shock grenade)

Tundra Express

  • Madame von Bartlesby: Baby Maker (Tediore SMG, availiable in all elements)
  • Tubby Varkids and loot midgets can spawn here

End of the Line

  • Wilhelm: Logan’s gun (Hyperion fire pistol), Rolling Thunder (Torgue grenade mod)

The Fridge:

  • Laney Flowers: Gub (Bandit corrosive pistol)
  • Smash-Head: Sledge’s Shotgun (Bandit shotgun, availiable in all elements plus non-elemental)
  • Rakkman: Gunerang (Tediore pistol, availiable in all elements plus non elemental)
  • Tubby Stalkers and Rakks can spawn here

The Highlands - Outwash

  • Old Slappy: Striker (Jakobs shotgun)

The Highlands

  • Henry: The Cradle (Tediore shield)

Caustic Caverns

  • Blue: Fabled Tortoise (Pangolin shield)
  • Badass Creepers: Longbow (Hyperion fire sniper)

Wildife Expoitation Preserve

  • Pimon: The Transformer (Vladof shock-resistant shield)
  • Tumbaa: Deliverance (Tediore shotgun)
  • Son of Mothrakk: Skullmasher (Jakobs sniper)
  • Tubby Rakks, Skags and Stalkers plus Hyperion loot midgets can spawn here.


  • Mad Dog: Madhous! (Bandit assault rifle, all elements availiable plus non elemental)
  • Dukino’s Mom: Mongol (Vladof rocket launcher, all elements availiable plus explosive)


  • Foreman Jasper: Black Hole (Maliwan shock shield)

The Bunker

  • BNK-3R: The Sham (Vladof absorb shield), Bitch (Hyperion SMG, all elements availiable plus non elemental)

Eridium Blight

  • King Mong: Badaboom (Bandit rocket launcher, all elements availiable plus explosive)
  • Tubby Rakks can spawn here

Sawtooth Cauldron

  • Mortar: Pandemic (Vladof corrosive grenade)
  • The rarest loot midgets plus the Tubby Midget can spawn here

Arid Nexus Boneyard

  • Hunter Hellquist: The Bee (Hyperion amp shield)
  • Tubby Skags and loot midgets can spawn here

Arid Nexus Badlands

  • Saturn: Invader (Hyperion sniper, all elements available plus non elemental)
  • Tubby Skags and loot midgets can spawn here

Vault of the Warrior

  • The Warrior: Conference Call (Hyperion shotgun, all elements availiable plus non elemental), Volcano (Maliwan fire sniper), Flakker (Torgue explosive shotgun), Leech (Maliwan transfusion grenade), Impaler (Maliwan corrosive shield)

Terramorphous Peak

  • Terramorphous the Invincible: Pitchfork (Dahl sniper, all elements availiable plus non elemental), Hide of Terramorphous (Bandit roid shield), Blood of Terramorphous (Eridian health regen relic), Slayer of Terramorphous (Bandit/Maliwan/Dahl/Jakobs class mod)

Legendaries which can spawn in different maps or have an “unknown” drop source

Norfleet (Maliwan rocket launcher): Vermivorous the Invincible, Hyperius the Invincible
Nasty Surprise (Hyperion grenade mod): Vermivorous the Invincible, loot midgets, world drop, chests
Quasar (Hyperion shock grenade mod): Ultimate Badass Varkids, loot midgets, world drop, chests
Shredifier (Vladof assault rifle): loot midgets, world drop, chests
Bunny (Tediore rocket launcher): Tubby enemies, world drop, loot midgets, chests
Bouncing Bonny (Dahl grenade mod): loot midgets, world drop, chests
Fire Bee (Vladof fire grenade mod): loot midgets, world drop, chests
Whisky Tango Foxtrot (Dahl booster shield): Tubby enemies, chests, world drop
Legendary Class mods (first batch, different manufacturers): Vermivorous the Invincible, loot midgets, world drop, chests
Legendary Class mods (second batch, different manufacturers): Tubby enemies (starting level 62)

DLC Legendaries

DLC2: Mr. Torgue Campaign of Carnage

  • All Torgue legendaries (Nukem, Flakker, Unkempt Harold, Kerblaster, Rolling Thunder and Bonus Package) can be bought in Torgue vendors

DLC4: Tiny Tina Attack on Dragon Keep
Murderlin’s Temple

  • King of Orcs: Ogre (Torgue assault rifle)

Hatred’s Shadow, Lair of Infinite Agony and Dragon Keep

  • Badass Fire Mage: Fire Storm (Maliwan fire grenade)
  • Badass Sorcerer: Chain Lightning (Maliwan shock grenade)

Raid boss legendary drops
This section needs research. Here are the confirmed drops:

*Terramorphous the Invincible: Pitchfork, Blood of Terra, Hide of Terra, Slayer of Terra
*Vermivorous the Invincible: Norfleet, Nasty Surprise, Legendary class mods
*Hyperius the Invincible: Norfleet, Hornet, Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Sledge’s Shotgun, Shredifier
*Master Gee the Invincible: ?
*Voracidous the Invincible: Legendary class mods
*Dexidious the Invincible: Legendary class mods
*Pyro Pete the Invincible: Slagga, Quasar, Sham, Shredifier, Legendary class mods
*Ancient Dragons of Destruction: ?

*First gen (Avenger, Bearcat, Storm, Stalker, Tunguska, Unforgiven, Butcher, Sawbar): tubby enemies, chests, world drops, loot midgets, slot machines (in all three modes)
*Second gen (Bekah, Wanderlust, Carnage, Godfinger): tubby enemies starting level 62

In NVHM (first playthrough), great part of the items are availiable at vendors in DLC1, 2 and 3.

DLC1: Captain Scarlet and her Pirate’s Booty

  • Hyperius the Invincible: Actualizer (Hyperion SMG), Tattler (Bandit SMG), Retcher (Tediore shotgun), Evolution (Maliwan shield)
  • Master Gee the Invincible: Devastator (Torgue pistol), Ahab (Torgue rocket launcher), Patriot (Vladof sniper)
  • Oasis vendor: Seraphim (Dahl assault rifle), Blood of Seraphs (Eridian health relic)

DLC2: Mr. Torgue Campaign of Carnage
*Pyro Pete the Invincible: Hoplite (Pangolin turtle shield), Big Boom Blaster (Dahl Torgue booster shield), O-Negative (Maliwan transfusion grenade)
*Badass Crater of Badassitude seraph vendor: Pun-chee (Bandit roid shield), Sponge (Vladof absorb shield), Crossfire (Dahl grenade mod), Meteor Shower (Torgue MIRV grenade), Might of the Seraphs (Eridian melee relic)

DLC3: Sir Hammerlock Big Game Hunt

  • Voracidous the Invincible: Interfacer (Hyperion shotgun), Hawk Eye (Jakobs sniper]
    *Dexidious the Invincible: Interfacer
    *Omnd-Omnd-Ohk: Interfacer and Lead Storm (Vladof assault rifle)
    *Hunter’s Grotto vendor: Lead Storm, Infection (Maliwan corrosive pistol), Breath of the Seraphs (Eridian tenacity relic)

DLC4: Tiny Tina Attack on Dragon Keep

  • Ancient Dragons of Destruction: Omen (Tediore shotgun), Stinger (Vladof pistol), Blockade (Anshin shield)
  • Flamerock Refuge vendor: Florentine (Maliwan dual element SMG), Seeker (Torgue assault rifle), Antagonist (Maliwan slag shield), Shadow of the Seraph (Eridian relic)

##Unique items

Submachine guns
* Bad Touch: Maliwan corrosive SMG, granted by Moxxi when tipped enough. Obtainable only once per character.
* Bane: Hyperion chatty SMG, The Bane quest reward
* Bone Shredder: Bandit SMG, drops from Bone Head 2.0 in Arid Badlands
* Chulainn: Maliwan shock-slag SMG, Clan Wars: Zafords vs Hodunks quest reward (when siding when Zafords)
* Commerce: Hyperion shock SMG, drops from Assasin Wot in Southpaw Steam & Power
* Crit: Maliwan slippery shock SMG, quest reward from Critical Fail DLC4 mission
* Good Touch: Maliwan fire SMG, granted by Moxxi when tipped enough. Farmable and repeatedly obtainable.
* Lascaux: Dahl SMG, spawns in Frostburn Canyon
* Orc: Bandit SMG, Magic Slaughter round 5 quest reward
* Sand Hawk: Dahl OP SMG, DLC1 Whoops mission reward
* Yellow Jacket: Hyperion shock SMG, drops from Jackenstein in DLC3 (one time drop, neither guaranteed, not re-farmable)

Sniper rifles
* Buffalo: Jakobs sniper, Demon Hunter quest reward
* Chére-amie: Maliwan sniper, Hyperion Slaughter round 5 quest reward
* Cobra: Jakobs explosive sniper, extremely rare drop from Pete’s Burners
* Elephant Gun: Jakobs sniper, drops from Arizona in DLC3
* Fremington’s Edge: Hyperion I SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE sniper, drops from Assasin Reeth in Southpaw S&P
* Morningstar: Hyperion chatty sniper, Hyperion Contract 873 quest reward
* Pimpernel: Maliwan OP sniper, DLC1 Don’t Copy that Floppy quest reward
* Sloth : Dahl sniper, Rakkaholics Anonymous quest reward (when turned to Mordecai)
* Trespasser: Jakobs sniper, Animal Rights quest reward

* Jolly Roger: Bandit shotgun, Just Dessert for the Desert Deserters DLC1 quest reward
* Hydra: Jakobs shotgun, drops from Rouge (DLC3)
* Heartbreaker: Hyperion shotgun, Safe and Sound quest reward
* Dog: Bandit shotgun, drops from Assasin Rouf in Southpaw S&P
* Blockhead: Tediore fire shotgun, drops from creepers in Caustic Caverns
* RokSalt: Bandit shotgun, Splinter Group quest reward
* Orphan Maker: Jakobs shotgun, Message in a Bottle (Oasis) quest reward (DLC1)
* Octo: Tediore shotgun, Slap Happy quest reward
* Landscaper: Torgue shotgun, Clan Wars: Zaford vs Hodunk quest reward (when siding with Hodunks)
* SWORDSPLOSION: Torgue shotgun, The Sword in the Stoner DLC4 quest reward.
* Slow Hand: Hyperion shotgun, drops from Badassasaurus or Piston in DLC2
* Shotgun 1340: Hyperion shotgun, Out of Body Experience quest reward (when turned to Marcus)
* Tidal Wave: Jakobs weapon, Uncle Teddy quest reward (when turned to Hyperion)
* Teeth of Terramorphous: Bandit fire shotgun, drops from Terramorphous the Invincible
* Twister: Jakobs shock shotgun, drops from Omnd-Omnd-Ohk in DLC3
* Triquetra: Jakobs shotgun, Clan War: End of the Rainbow quest reward

Rocket launchers
* 12 Pounder: Torgue explosive rocket launcher, drops from Big Sleep (DLC1)
* Creamer: Torgue explosive rocket launcher, Creature Slaughter round 5 quest reward
* Hive: Maliwan corrosive rocket launcher, drops from Saturn
* Roaster: Bandit rocket launcher, Note for Self-Person quest reward

Assault rifle
* Boom Puppy: Torgue explosive assault rifle, Walking the Puppy quest reward (DLC2)
* CHOPPER: Bandit assault rifle, drops from Dexidious the Invincible (DLC3)
* Damned Cowboy: Jakobs assault rifle, drops from Bloodtail (DLC3)
* Evil Smasher: Torgue ■■■■■■ assault rifle, The Chosen One quest reward
* Hail: Vladof elemental assault rifle, Bandit Slaughter round 5 quest reward
* Kitten: Vladof elemental assault rifle, Everyone Wants to be Wanted quest reward (DLC2)
* Rapier: Vladof assault rifle, Message in a Bottle (Hayter’s Folly) quest reward (DLC1)
* Scorpio: Dahl assault rifle, Bearer of Bad News quest reward
* Stinkpot: Jakobs “what the ■■■■■■■ hell were you thinking about Monty” corrosive assault rifle, rare drop from No-Beard (DLC1)(one time drop, neither guaranteed, not re-farmable)
* Stomper: Jakobs assault rifle, Hungry Like the Skag quest reward


  • Basic Repeater: Dahl pistol, My First Gun quest reward
    * Dahlminator: Dahl E-Tech corrosive pistol, The Lost Treasure quest reward
    * Fibber: Hyperion pistol, A Real Boy: Human quest reward
    * Tinderbox: Bandit fire pistol, frequent drop from Captain Flynt, can be found in the Tundra Express snowman during A Train to Catch quest
    * Greed: Jakobs fire revolver, drops from Captain Scarlett
    * Grog Nozzle: Maliwan slag pistol, The Beard makes the Man mission item (DLC4)
    * Gwen’s Head: Dahl pistol, random spawn in The Dust
    * Judge: Jakobs pistol, drops from Assasin Oney
    * Lady Fist: Hyperion pistol, Uncle Teddy quest reward (when turned to Una Baha)
    * Law: Jakobs melee pistol, Won’t Get fooled Again quest reward, rare drop from Nisha, the Sheriff of Lynchwood
    * Little Evie: Maliwan shock pistol, given by Lil’ Sis in Magnys Lighthouse (DLC1)
    * Pocket Rocket: Torgue explosive pistol, spawns in Torgue vendor machines
    * Rex: Jakobs revolver, drops from Bulstoss (DLC3)
    * Rubi: Maliwan pistol, Rakkaholics Anonymous quest reward (when turned to Moxxi)
    * Teapot: Dahl corrosive pistol, You are Cordially Invited: Tea Party quest reward
    * Veritas: Vladof pistol, Clan War: Wakey-Wakey quest reward

Grenade mods
* Breath of Terramorphous: Vladof E-Tech grenade mod, drops from Terramorphous the Invincible
* Contraband Sky Rocket: Bandit grenade mod, limited edition bonus
* Fireball: Maliwan fire grenade, drops from fire mages (DLC4)
* Fuster Cluck: Bandit grenade mod, The Pretty Good Train Robbery quest reward
* Kiss of Death: Maliwan grenade mod, Hell Hath no Fury quest reward and rare drop from Hyperius the Invincible
* Lightning Bolt: Maliwan shock grenade, drops from Wizards (DLC4)
* Midnight Star: Torgue grenade mod, Message in a Bottle (Magnys Lighthouse) quest reward

* 1340 Shield: Vladof absorb shield, Out of Body Experience quest reward (when turned to Zed)
* Aequitas: Vladof shield, Clan War: Wakey Wakey quest reward
* Cracked Sash: Tediore shield, drops from tubby enemies
* Deadly Bloom: Torgue nova shield, The Overlooked: This is only a Test quest reward. This shield is classified internally as a legendary, so has a chance to spawn on every suited loot source
* Love Thumper: Bandit roid shield, Best Mother’s Day Ever quest reward
* Manly Man Shield: Torgue explosive shield, Message in a Bottle (Wurmwater) quest reward
* Order: Bandit roid shield, BFFs quest reward.
* Pot O’ Gold: Bandit booster shield, drops from Bagman in The Holy Spirits (one time drop, neither guaranteed, not re-farmable)
* The Rough Rider Jakobs “shield”, drops from Bulwark in Hunter’s Grotto

Eridian relics
* Captain Blade’s Otto Idol: health relic, Message in a Bottle (Rustyards) quest reward
* Deputy’s Badge: fire rate and weapon damage relic, Showdown quest reward
* Lucrative Opportunity: vendor relic, Safe and Sound quest reward (when turned to Marcus)
* Moxxi’s Endowment: XP relic, The Good, The Bad an the Mordecai quest reward
* Sheriff’s Badge: fire rate and weapon damage relic, drops from The Sheriff of Lynchwood
* The Afterburner: vehicle relic, Positive Self Image quest reward
* Vault Hunter’s Relic: loot rarity relic, pre-order bonus, collector’s edition pack bonsus, included in BL2 GOTY version.

##Useful resources:

Quest rewards worth farming by @Chuck80
Lootology 101 with all the info you need
BL2 O.T.D.H. Loot maps, nice maps showing all maps and their bosses and chests

Here it is. I expect this guide to be useful to everyone, new and not so new people. Anything, let me know please :smiley:


I love the gif you used for the Loot Midget section freaking hilarious


Terramorphous can also drop the Teeth of Terramorphous, a Bandit shotgun.

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Oh, I know. I’m dividing between pearls, seraphs, legendaries and uniques

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I wouldn’t list tubbies as a source for the original Legendary mods. AFAIK, if you get one, it’s just a random drop. I’ve never gotten one of the original mods from a tubby/chubby.

I’m working on droppable uniques.

Yep, fixed that. Thanks.

No problem. Not to get too picky, but, FWIW, the post could really use some proofreading. Just a couple of examples from near the beginning – “the people who is new” and “it’s exactly the same stuff I’ve wrote”. I kind of hate to even bring it up, but I found it fairly distracting at times.

Also, I think the definition of farming could use a tweak. I don’t know the “official” definition (if there is such a thing), but, in my mind, farming involves repeating some action (killing a boss, checking vendors, opening containers, etc.). You can also get helpful items just in the normal process of playing the game, which I don’t consider “farming”.

Criticisms/Suggestions aside, nice list. It could be very helpful to newer players.

Nice post!

[quote=“BTK420247, post:2, topic:1172637, full:true”]I love the gif you used for the Loot Midget section freaking hilarious
[/quote]I’ll second that - hilariously appropriate.

You have the Black Hole listed as corrosive, and the WEP entry doesn’t mention Tubbies in the Legendary section. Considering the intended audience, maybe spell out what a world drop means?

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Actually, they cannot. If they could appear in vendors, you’d be able to get a level 69 version as an Item of the Day. But they only dropped from specific DLC 3 enemies and Lance chests. Any pearl in a vendor is completely fake.

It’s a shock shield.





I remember seeing a screenshot in the old forum showing a pearl in a vendor…
Anyway, fixed that part.

Thanks to all of you guys :smiley:

A few more notes:
You might want to mention that pearls normally only appear in UVHM, although the first gen pearls can be won in the Flamerock slots in Normal and TVHM.

You can win Seraph crystals from the Flamerock slots in any mode.

As I recall, the Crit’s rarity was changed and it’s blue now. Old ones are still purple, but new ones will be blue. I think.

Fixed all of that.

I need to do some banners for this thread, but probably I’ll do that later.

I may be wrong but isn’t the madhouse fire only?

no, can come in all elements plus the non elemental one
the fire locked is the sawbar (pearlescent)

Ok I knew about the saw bar being fire locked it just ever madhouse I’ve ever seen/owned has been fire lol.

I haven’t seen too much Madhous! to be honest, all of them either non elemental or fire

It’s not exactly a great gun. But great guide either way.


Maybe tell which items are one time farms like the bad touch and stinkpot

[quote=“Piemanlee, post:19, topic:1172637, full:true”]Maybe tell which items are one time farms like the bad touch and stinkpot[/quote]I believe the Pot O’ Gold is also a one-time drop? This is good info, as it’ll change the farming method.
For the Deadly Bloom entry, the town is Overlook (although Overlooked is rather apt).
I don’t see the Orc mentioned?