The XP bar has stopped working again


At last I have reached Level 72 as a Siren with the vast majority being played solo. When I skilled-up to Level 72 the XP bar has stopped working. A few weeks ago the same happened at Level 61 and I found I had not installed the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2. Currently as no XP was being recorded I went to Destruct Peak to check that everything was loaded ok. I got through the first simple test with Tannis at Destruct Peak so I assume the Upgrade Pack 2 is working OK. So is there another Upgrade Pack or is this as far as the main game goes? I assumed that as the game has moved to Level 72 you would be allowed to finish that Level, or is this what the OP Levels do?

Your help would be appreciated


72 is the maximum level achievable in Borderlands 2. The OP levels increase the level of the enemies you fight across Pandora, not your characters.