The X's badass Weapons Name guide

By people’s request. I’ll be updating the OP as I finish the infographs as always.

Assault rifles


Rocket launchers



Sniper rifles

10/16/2015: Added SMG and Pistol guides
10/17/2015: posted in a new thread.
10/17/2015: added RL and shotgun guides
10/18/2015: added AR and SR guides, tidied pistol, SMG and RL guides
10/23/2015: uploaded to the GBX servers


I am surprised how many guns share the same title. Nice work so far! Will you add Elemental Maliwan Barrel SMG titles (can they really be non-elemental?) next?

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Glad you have asked. Yes, I will. And I’ll probably add all the elemental prefixes for all weapons as well.
And asking of non-elemental SMG’s, they can spawn with non elemental Maliwan barrel (excepting Maliwan, yet has the Technetronic prefix, not pretty legit)

OOps, figured there is a error on the pistol chart. Fixable though.

Great! I’ll bookmark this for future reference. :dukeaffirmative:

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You’re a BA fr doing this, X!


So excellent. Thank you @xmngr

I will add this to Lootology later!

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I wish E-Tech were at the bottom everywhere, it ruins the aesthetics of the diagonal :confused: Besides that, great work!

Finished xD

Awesome, but would it be too much trouble to change the colour of the font on the sniper rifles table? I’m having a hard time reading the names due to the clashing colours.

In the SMGs, the title changes with Maliwan barrels depending on the element. That is missing OMGWTFBBQ LOL!

Do you think you can make some of the images larger? Like the shotguns table, that one is nice and big and I can easily read the text.


Click man each image. All of the images are over 2000*2000 in resolution.
About the Elemental prefixes, yeah, I have to do that one.

I know, but clicking is boring lol.

Sorry man.

You should upload 'em here, man.

THESE LOOK AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

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yeah, i can do that :slight_smile:

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