The Yellow Icon Problem

As you may know you cannot play Private Faceoff. So the New Modes section cannot be chosen, and the symbol, not cleared. It’s just hanging there. Impossible to get rid of. I’ve ignored it for too long. Can we get rid of it somebody?

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In the immortal words of Wilhelm;



Wait why? Like what’s the downside to that? I’m not saying the new symbol in general, just this one that can’t be rid of by playing the new mode, as you can’t play the new mode

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I want to get rid of it too :sweat:

May it forever set off that OCD tic, you get everytime you log in. Forever. Like for really though it will never ever go away. Can you deal? No? Well I’ll add another 10,000 years to your sentence. Too bad Solus won’t be around long enough for you to experience freedom from such a blight… HAHAHAHAHA

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No reason; I honestly just felt like quoting Wilhelm for no reason. lol

that “new” yellow icon thing also drives me crazy and I hope it dies a fiery death

Oh lol. I was wondering cuz you’re one of the more reasonable and happy people on the forums and hit seemed like an out of character response

Why can’t you play private face/off?

Try inviting a friend and then switch to another team to start private face-off match.

Agree, I want it to go or let me play a private match to remove it.

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Doesn’t even let me get to the team making screen.

Never spent the time to put it in the game. But they still included it as a category for unknown reasons. They might one day add it, but for how it’s simply premature.

Wait… the little yellow icon bothers people?
Why was I not informed of this!?
I need to get a Flavor Flav style medallion with a giant yellow icon on it now! For taunting…


Invite a friend, go to privite matches page and there will be a button to switch team. You and your friend will be in different teams then. Probably it’ll be enough to start the match.

Yep it worked. Thank you!