Announced for Jan. 2nd-9th.



First heard on @Ganza Stream and then here:


Streaming required? Screw that noise.


Yeah, I’m out. It does keep people honest (as there are prizes, this makes a difference, although I’m not sure how much of an issue it was during other hunts)? Anyway, it should be fun for people who do stream.

I wish they would have a new hunt for everyone without the prizes.

I personally didn’t care about the prizes during the first hunt. I was in it for the loot and for the overall fun of it.


Why not have a hunt for us forum guys and gals? We can just follow the same rules as they post them and just use screen shots as proof. Anyone interested?


Am I alone in geeking out that these things will be dropping from different enemies for a week?! I would looooooove to be able to pull Twisters, Interfacer, Norfleets, and Grogs without the usual required hurdles*!

*for a limited time

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Damn, though… Only a week to get a brand new character up to scratch and grind out a bunch of legendaries, and with mandatory streaming? I’d be down, but that’s a crapload of time needed.

Or you ignore the contest and go to hog heaven with your OP8s! :blush:

I don’t think the loot pool will change. From what I gather, from the video, it will be the normal drops. The only difference from past hunts are starting with a fresh playthrough. Either farm the listed gear as you go or wait to open all areas after finishing nvhm.

That’s why we, as a community, could start our own hunt and tweak the time frame. We could set it up as a post similar to the Item Finds of the Day Post

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I may have missed something. I’ve occasionally seen notes such as “item X dropped from bad guy Y during the Z loot hunt”, such as the tradable Grogs. I got excited and thought this type of scenario may be coming back.

From what I can gather, this isn’t an official Gearbox event and it has nothing to do with the previous loot hunts. It seems to me it’s just something that a bunch of streamers decided to get together and do by themselves. Am I missing something here?

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TheHunt is not the same as the Loot Hunt

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Sounds gud

Thank you for clarifying.

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Things and stuff are happening. More information will be posted on the forums as soon as it is available. Thanks!


Looking forward to it.

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So this is for Streamers only? Bummer. 
I caught wind of this from one of Ki11er Six's live streams.
Extremely pumped, being a fairly new Borderlands fan. Now I'm a little disappointed.

It would be nice if there was another Loot Hunt. 
It would bring some life back into Borderlands and give the new players a chance to live in their own BL glory days. 
Add TPS in a loot hunt as well.

The Hunt thread is live in Borderlands 2 > Gameplay Discussions (Spoilers!).

The thread is currently a work in progress, but will be completed soon, once we have everything squared away from all parties.