Theme Songs for Lilith The Siren!

I have previously done a topic on the BL2 for theme songs for Maya the Siren.

This time it’s theme songs for Lilith.

Here it is:

Sabrina Carpenter - Smoke and Fire
Obviously because Lilith is “The Firehawk”.

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Hmm… interesting!

This lady also has something similar to Lilith in a face, eg the shape of the zygomatic bone, and her eyebrows looks just like Lilith’s on the background picture of this forum section.
But IMHO Lilith much better versed in boys than this lady! Rockin’ and Roland! :grin:

And I would probably associate Lilith with this song

Brother Dege – The Girl Who Wept Stones

And by the way I have done ‘way of the hunter’ thread with a lot of theme songs for Mordecai and his marvelous adventures :slight_smile:

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