Theme Songs for Maya the Siren!

There are theme song share threads for Krieg, Zer0, and Gaige.
But why not Maya?

I think that her theme song should be Up Up and Away by Blush

(Referring to her action skill “Phaselock”)

Or Sirens by Cher Lloyd

(The reason is obvious.)


Massive Attack - Angel…

Or is that more so for, you know, the actual Angel?

Guess I’ll hold off on that.

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I think there’s only one song for the prettiest Siren in the borderlands:

eh? EH? ok, I’ll show myself out…


That made me laugh a bit good job wings

But what about


Converge on this:

Beastie Boys/Q-Tip Get it Together ( remix)

And just because I can

Lady of Rage Big Bad Lady

Don’t even get me started w/ bands like Bratmobile and Bikini Kill "D

I’ve shared at least one Motörhead song in each of these threads. Now that Lemmy has passed away I feel it’s my duty to keep it up. Here’s my choice for Maya:

The one that you fear is so close
The woman tattooed with the rose
Claws that are sharp, she’ll tear you apart
Make you into food for the crows
Revenge is her aim, she’ll make you pay
She talks a mean game and she’ll blow you away

Get out of town as soon as you can
You don’t want to face the queen of the damned

The one that you know oh so well
The woman to send you to hell
She’s coming here now, coming and how
She’ll make you wriggle and yell
Payback is mean but you might be due
Like nothing you’ve seen, here after you

Get out of town as soon as you can
Don’t want to face the queen of the damned

So what will you do now?
You know the woman is waiting below
She’s coming up here
Let’s make it quite clear
I think you should shut up and go

Don’t try to talk, she ain’t in the mood
It looks like she oughta be locked in a zoo

Get out of this place, take it on the lam
Don’t want to face the queen of the damned


There are only a few bands that make music cool enough for Maya and this is one of them

This would be the other

Maybe this for Blight Phoenix

Not really a song to play action games to but a rare song worth the beauty of maya


[quote=“Wingsday, post:3, topic:1216065”]I think there’s only one song for the prettiest Siren in the borderlands:[/quote]Ha HA! Heck yeah!

For when she’s rockin’ Blight Phoenix, Backdraft, and Helios 'cause it’s fun:

For when I let her run loose and don’t hold back the combat, like steamrolling the fifth wave of the Hyperion Circle of Slaughter or something, making Salvador look like an amateur type of playing:

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This one would also be pretty fitting IMO

lol, I own this vinyl.

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We should be friends because there are 2 types of people in this world people who know and love Dorothy Ashby and then there are those who don’t

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She can rock a koto too. :wink:

…and yes, she’s amazing.

I will always owe it to hip-hop for introducing me to the world of jazz.
( I would crawl through the cassette liners to find out who they sampled and
then go buy the original artists…and so my diggerdom began) ;D

I got into jazz from punk rock, different paths

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Because this seems to be the inevitable place this thread is headed for (and I think it’s a good place):

I wanna call attention to this particular line in the lyrics: “Satisfaction came in a chain reaction”.


Yeah, we have sort of talked a little punk in that other place. :smiley:
We have that in common.

I say the runner skin…True Turquoise=Bikini Kill. lol

I only now realize how much phaselocked enemies look like a disco ball that converges enemies below it, making them dance to their death.


What is up with you lot today?

This late in to it and neither of these have been put up?!

Killer Queen;

Black Magic Woman;


Black Magic Woman is a pretty good one - his movement in the latter half of the song (starting at 3:40) has good combat cadence. This is easily my favorite Santana song.

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The best (nerdy) thing about the second vid is that the channel has an ad for Marvel Long Sleeve T’-shirts on it- and the T they show sports the Superman logo :sunglasses: