Theme's for consoles / PC - Possible?



I’m a PS4 user and also use a PC a lot. The theme’s for the PlayStation 4 are a little lacking somewhat. Would it be possible to create an awesome Borderlands 2 theme prior to its shiny new version coming out? When you go into the Borderlands 2 forum there is a great backdrop with some fine concept art that would be brilliant as a PC desktop, and I’m sure you guys must have 87 Gazillion images to play with. I love the pictures of Handsome Jack in Opportunity where you have his history tour, things like that would be great for backdrops. Any chance? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze :smile:

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Agreed even the ps3 got no love for a borderlands themed background hopefully something can be done about this for these games and BL3 when it comes out.

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