Theoretical GOD ROLL Lyuda for Fl4k

It’s an Annexed Lyuda with radiation element, and a corrosive bonus anointment. I’ll tell you why:

I’ll be using best case scenario for my numbers, and rounding up or down very slightly for the sake of easy math. Also I’m working with maxed out skills, mileage may vary with anything less than optimal.

OVERCLOCKED - flat 10% increase to fire rate, additional 10% after reload for total 20%.

TURN TAIL AND RUN - 12% increase to fire rate when standing still.

HEAD COUNT - 30% chance for -2 seconds off of action skill cool down time for every crit. This is per INDIVIDUAL PELLET that crits, NOT per shot fired.

TWO F4NG - 25% chance to fire an extra projectile per shot fired. The extra projectile has all the same properties as the first shot fired.

MEGAVORE - 20% chance to land a crit on any part of the body. This is useful for enemies with unexposed weak points, and occasionally treats FADE AWAY crits as “true crits”.

This. Thing. Shreds. High ROF at about 8+/sec, solid damage per shot maxing out upwards of 1500, typically a 10-15 bullet mag, and a bullet split mechanic that gets you x3 multiplier at the correct distance. It’s a powerhouse, and easily the most ammo efficient sniper in the game in its own right but we can squeeze a bit more out of it with a few modifications and Fl4k’s mechanics.

There’s a bit of give and take here. First we slash base damage to about 800, but other parts tend to compensate. The mag size roughly doubles to 20-26, and we now consume 2 ammo per shot, but fire x2 projectiles per shot - which splits to 6 pellets total.

Simply for insurance. Radiation receives no penalty on flesh and gets a x1.5 multiplier on shields. A bonus corrosive anointment (when proc’d before firing) will help offset the x0.5 damage penalty on armored targets.

Once again, for the sake of easy-ish math, I’ll be using numbers that round out nicely. They may not be FULLY representative of what you’ll see but I’m often stingy about it so you could just as easily see more OR less bullets/damage/procs depending on your Lyuda or build. Roughly an average.

It’s important to note that with all the abilities mentioned above, you’ll be emptying the clip in 1.5 seconds OR LESS! With a 24 shot mag - that’s 12 shots at a ROF of 8+/sec!

  • Not to touch on a sore topic… but LNT could, in theory, squeeze out one more shot

In plain English, that’s a flat 72 PELLETS down range in less than 2 seconds (12 shots X 6 pellets per shot). Keep that number, 72, in mind because it’s going to get BIGGER!

TWO F4NG’s 25% chance to fire an extra projectile can potentially boost that pellet count to 90 or more (12 shots X 0.25 = 3 shots, at 6 pellets per shot for an additional 18 shots total).

Also, this is still in less than 2 seconds…

I’m using megavore in these calculations because of how the 20% crit chance interacts with damage and skill proc’s. I’m assuming, for the sake of theory, that all you can land is body shots. If you land crits reliably, the following numbers get stupid.

90 pellets. Sure it’s a lot of damage and we’ll get to that, but first I want to talk about what this does for cooldown in combination with head count’s 30% proc chance.

Those 90 pellets can net around 27 proc’s of headcount (90 pellets X 0.3). That’s potentially 54 SECONDS off of cooldown time. This will instantly recharge FADE AWAY and GAMMA BURST. I don’t imagine it meaning much for RAKK ATTACK though…

If you don’t mind, I’d like to point out that this is in less than 2 seconds…

The math gets a bit tricky here because I’m still working in that megavore crit chance (20%). However I won’t be doing elemental calculations, and I’ll assume crits are a x2 damage multiplier

Earlier on I mentioned that 800 base damage on the ANNEXED LYUDA. Also, remember the 90 total pellets if things go reasonably well. We multiply those together to get 72K, that’s 72 THOUSAND!

Now for that 20% crit chance we have to separate the pellets that will/won’t be expected to crit:

90 pellets X 0.8 (pellets that won’t crit) X 800 damage per pellet = 57,600 (57.6K)
90 pellets X 0.2 (pellets that will crit) X 800 damage per pellet X 2.0 crit modifier = 28,800 (28.8K)
57,600 + 28,800 = 86,400 (86.4K) TOTAL DAMAGE PER MAG

…did I mention this is all in less than 2 seconds?

Just scratching the surface on this one, but the radiation element with a corrosive anointment makes it so that you can use this anywhere. Katagawa Ball will go up in flames with all its shielding, and Agonizer will melt with a 50% corrosive bonus tacked on.

Best possible Lyuda variant (IMO anyway…). An 86.4K burst tool in your back pocket even before all the extra damage and crit bonuses Fl4k can add with smart skill point investment.

With all sniper ammo SDU’s purchased you have a total of 144 bullets. With a 24 round mag, that’s an even 6 bursts for a grand total of… 518,400 DAMAGE!

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

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