Theories for borderlands 3 characters

Farsight37 and I spend a fair amount of time each conversation theorizing over borderlands lore and a recurring topic has been the notice of hank reiss the wereskag and corporal reiss in borderlands 2 whom you attempt to rescue. We have speculated that this is an incredibly slow play to have a wereskag playable character in bl3. The second theory which we discussed just yesterday is the thought of zero returning as a playable character in bl3. The reason being I suggested that maybe his suit would get destroyed and expose what he is underneath. Farsightedness pointed out that with 3 fingers he could be an eridian guardian. I have checked all the guardians hands and unfortunately they have the regular 5 digits however their ring finger and middle finger are abnormally close together close enough that they could fit in one of the fingers of zero’s gloves.

His voice is distorted and mechanical to the point that it could be a voice modulator built into the guardian zero or his suit so as to be able to communicate with his fellow vault hunters.

The other thing I noticed whilst doing some paparazzi research was that the cheru guardians had elbow blades the same as zero’s so what we seen in borderlands 2 May be a way of protecting them.

The first flaw we see with our theory is that their posture and the neck shape and length do not match zeros by a rather large margin. We are assuming that the guardians are made of a light flexible metal that could be collapsed into a human form. This is possible due to the quote from Athena in the Holodome which mentions that the eridian guardians are mechanical constructs and not flesh and blood when gaige inquires about their workings.

The second flaw which I brought up as I was typing this is zero mentions many times in audio logs and in quotes that he has a massive drive for challenge. We can’t think why this would be active in a guardian apart from a malfunction.

Farsight and I would be interested in any further comments speculations or desperate theories (upon reading this again autocorrect did not seem impressed with whatever I wrote before and I cannot remember the word I used so we’re sticking with desperate.) anyone reading this has.

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I WANT TINY TINA OR MR. TORGUE. Torgue would be kinda like the psycho with his explosive build and tina would have little diffrent gadgets to help her .


I personally don’t think Zero is, or at least was originally intended to be, a Vault guardian. I could be wrong, I guess we won’t know until we get more story. I’ve always taken the four fingered approach to think Zero is some sort of futuristic space Yakuza. Fits the Haiku motif, and the shurikin skill, etc…

One thing I don’t want to see is the recycling any of the old playable characters. That would feel lazy. I could see them making Tina playable. Lots of explosive centered skills. Her action skill could be summoning one of her crazy missiles. It could be augmented to have extra effects like elemental properties, spanning smaller missiles like child grenades, so and and so forth.

What’d id like to see, but at the same time are worried of how they might try to implement it, are created characters. Like most any other MMO. The ens of TPS, when the Vault guardian tells them they’ll need all the Vault hunters they cant get, coupled with the end of bl2 where they stellar map showed them multiple vaults on multiple planets, the third game could be about Lilith and company raising a Vault Hunter army. Think about it, there are lots and lots of VHs out there. Jack had just been killing them off in bl2 but with him out of the picture, they could be flooding into Pandora now.

They could make a handful (4-6) different “classes”, but then let the player customize much of the appearance of their character. My biggest concern is that they’ll take BorderLands the direction of WOW, and make it too Multiplayer focused at the expense of a terrible single player experience. I personally play BL2 by myself more often then online. One thing I’ve loved about the BL series is that they can be played single player and still be so much fun, at least during the normal play through. Just my two cents.


I can’t wait for Borderlands 3 :bldancing:

Go Tiny Tina. I want explosions haha that’s what Tiny Tina should be about explasions. I want to Fight Timmoty laurence aka Handsaome Jack clone vault hunter in Pre Sequel up at the space staion. Also bring Lilith back has new skill as Firehawk skill can phase blast continuously from mid air

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