Theories: Where Do You See Battleborn In X Amount Of Time?

Ok, first of all, I would like to preface this post by ssying let’s keep this classy, do not let this degenerate into a “why I am disappointed with BB and rage quitting” as there are already enough of those threads.

I am honestly curious as to where you guys see Battleborn in, say, by the New Year?

Next summer?



Personally, from what I have experienced (PS4 almost daily since Beta), wait times have never been extravagant unless I am playing at times I know to be sketchy.

As much complaining as there is about discrepancy in skill levels between players on teams that get matched up, doesn’t the large amount of experienced players getting matched with / against inexperienced players (and how it has never stopped happening) just mean that there are cinsistently a lot of new people getting into the game?

If it was only a hardcore cadre of players remaining on each console, wouldn’t every single match be tough as nails with new / inexperienced players being in the vast minority of those available for matches?

I see tons of low to mid level players mixed in with the vets and seeing the same person or people in any given session is very rare.

People complain about the unfairness of match making but, often times, I think they are really complaining about not liking getting put on the same team as this large number of new players, and we were all new and unskilled once.

I believe Battleborn willl be around for a loooong time, and, while it may never receive the new gigantic “incursion” of players that it deserves, I think it will maintain a steady base and actually even grow some as A - it drops in price / releases the free trial, tutorial / dojo / training mode / etc, B - the other “flash in the pan” games with their immense marketing budgets and widespread market saturation games fade (as apparently is starting to happen with Overwatch) and discerning gamers start taking the time to find the real gems, the games like Battleborn that contain true depth, beauty, variety, and fun that reward determination, patience and practice.

So, again…what do you guys theorize will happen with Battleborn as time goes on?

Thanks in advance!


Honestly, I expect it’s image to slowly change into something that actually matches the games.

A game with tons of depth and complex game mechanics. It’s a hardcore game, not something you pick up and master in one play session.

Battleborn is the first game that I ever found myself enjoying competitive multiplayer. There’s always something to learn, some other way to get better.

Battleborn might not pull in big crowds, but it attracts a very niche, very hardcore audience that enjoys arena shooters and MOBAs (although it’s more of a MOBA-like).

It’ll slowly grow, bringing a few more people every now and again. It won’t become the next big thing, but it’s hands down the best competitive multiplayer game on the market.


Wherever it is, Flames, I’LL be there…


Dead by early 2017. GBX can’t afford to support this game much longer, me thinks. Not when they could devote resources to Borderlands 3, which barring major idiotic decisions, will sell like hotcakes.


Once DLC 5 hits, 2K will pull the plug sooner or later.

This also depends on how good the game could keep the user retention after DLC 5. But if it’s anything like DLC 1, then the death sentence would come earlier than later.



You’re sooooo right about it being the first Competitve multiplayer “shooter-Esque” game that I’ve enjoyed.

While I did have a lot of experience with PVP in Demon’s / Dark Souls 1 2 3 / Battleborn, that was mainly Melee based and 1 on 1 (mostly) quick fights.

I had tried games like CoD, Modern Warfare, etc in online PVP and just got constantly and immediately blown away.

However, the slower, more strategic pace and alternate ways to win in Battleborn, as well as the vast amount of characters abd ways to play them, drew me in and hooked me!


Me too, my friend, me too…


This exactly. This is not a game for casual play. At least not until you’ve solidified your knowledge-base. The people it draws who stick around are going to be pretty loyal imo.

The game really goes against the mainstream grain of modern game design in that the gameplay is insanely diverse and deep, and it doesn’t hold your hand at all. I feel this is why we have a relatively small but ultimately healthy, non-toxic, respectful community here.

Playing the game I get the impression the devs are passionate about it too, so I hope to see them stick with it and maybe even deliver at least a season two. The cost of the game is an issue right now, especially after the F2P rumour: those interested will hold out until they feel they’ll get the most bang for their buck.


Idk why but I expect after all the DLC drops a small team to remain behind to continue working on the game. And I’m more focused on Battleborn 2s potential tbh


Battleborn 2 will not exist if this game doesn’t have a decent enough method of retaining its players.

The opportunity to attract a significantly large new crowd is pretty much over, so I’m not suddenly going to hope a massive influx of players is going to arrive. As you can see with the new DLC and new patch, it has failed to get people to come back.

I already stated in other posts that I felt the DLC was boring and got progressively worse the more I play it. I’m sure plenty of others feel the same way or else they would be playing it with me instead of playing other games.

From the PvE perspective, a lot of areas of the story and operation are boring and uninteresting. This has nothing to do with the fact that I completed it close to a 1000 times, but they are fundamentally boring and it makes people apprehensive to even play it when they anticipate the amount of dread and boredom to go through those parts. There is no way you can win the battle of retaining a crowd when the content can get that boring.

And always online is always a bad idea. People are not going to stick around in a game when connection issues wipes their progress over and over again. Again, it’s crap like this make people nervous to even play the game.


I’m not too sure, to be honest. If development retains support and new content keeps coming, it could certainly grow to something like a cross between Dark Souls and LoL. A competitive game with a large-ish fanbase divided into a large group of casuals and a small group of hardcore fans. Perhaps even becoming an e-sport like some other MOBAs did.

It’s steep learning curve means it possibly may be difficult to increase player retention but I’d like to think that it would become renowned for this difficulty, much like Dark Souls was. Overwatch I can see dying off in a year or so, as repetitive shoot-all-the-things gameplay gets boring after a while. However, if new content is not released past the 5 DLCs and characters, then it’s likely Battleborn will not last much longer after that. There’ll still be a few fans who stick with it, but ya know.

What it needs? More maps, modes, and characters. Offline singleplayer, with more missions and loot. A training dojo, a free trial, and a new marketing campaign. Get all this, and it could certainly still be a regular thing in 2018.

Hell yeah.


Eep wrong topic!

I’m basically hoping for a Battleborn with a better made campaign (clearly not the goal here), ranked from day 1, better skins (somewhat unnecessary), better matchmaking, and a better way to addict people to the game. That likely is too much to ask, but if they did that all that this game could be nearly perfect

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Let’s start with not having an excessive amount of the content to be boring and OFFLINE singleplayer. There is a good reason why any of the 3 Borderlands games play so much better than Battleborn.

Because I’m starting to want to play The Pre-Sequel again; and I hated that game because I found it to be trash.

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The advantage of online is it offers more opportunity to prevent cheating and save file manipulation, which is rampant in Borderlands and regularly spoils multiplayer games to the point where most vets don’t use matchmaking at all. As you’ve said none of your own circle are interested in the game, then I’d guess you see the benefit of trying to keep matchmaking clean? Steam Tuesdays are always a problem and I sympathise with your frustration. My main concern with online is for the game’s long term future. But I have no crystal ball to see how long it will be supported and I’m wary of making predictions.


i see it running to the end of the season pass content, maintaining the same 50-300 online playercount, and then possibly dropping off a bit until they shut down the servers

they may never shut it off if they have the servers managed properly


I dont see what benefits can come from no one in my circle are interested in this game. These people used to play Battleborn actively, but now refusing to come back because the new content is dull and boring.

When I don’t have a group of people to play with, then my experience plummets to the abyss.

So please tell me what benefits there are in clean matchmaking when the population is always in the dumps.

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What I don’t understand is this:

On every platform, but mainly on PC, there are 2 groups of players who post here:

Those who say the online population is super low (like not even triple digits) and that it takes them super long times to find matches, and then another group who say that the player base isn’t THAT small and that their matchmaking times are never that bad.

Who is correct?

Can they both be?


Yes, they can be. Because experience is relative. What is true for one person may not be the same for others. Time zones, region, day of the week, game mode, whether they queue with others or solo, and if they happen to queue at that right time to catch a group coming out of a game all affect someone’s perception of how matchmaking is.

Still doesn’t mean our population isn’t abysmally low.


I hope to see this game hit the 5th dlc with a ranked mode and most other quirks worked out.
I think once all that happens they could do a re-release of sorts (bundle discount/heavy marketing) to announce that the game is improved.

With all the additions it will feel like a totally different game from on the original release so I’d see it as justifiable.

Maybe with some more positive media posted from players, reviewers, and streamers alike we could see healthy growth for a while.


Just last weekend I spent literally an entire day playing online with a couple of mates. In that time we saw (keeping watch with steamcharts) the player base go from 200 ish in the morning, to peak at around 450 near mid-morning and drop as low as 86 late in the evening. Bear in mind this is New Zealand time, however. Both are technically correct, shortest we waited for a match that wasn’t the same team was about 2 minutes, longest was 45 minutes before we gave up and called it quits.