Theory about shloot gun

I have a theory:
What if the Eridian Fabricator… is actually Butt Stallion? It would make sense for Handsome Jack to come across it, he seemed to have done a lot of research on eridians. Maybe Jack created the pony and installed the fabricator inside it. Then it somehow ended up with Typhon in the intervening years.
Or maybe… it has some kind of sentience and is able to take on different forms. It wants to keep a close eye on the events of the universe, and so during the events of BL2, it turned into a diamond pony to get close to Handsome Jack. After his fall, it sought out a new master.

There is absolutely no basis for this theory other than the fact that in Tiny Tina’s DLC, butt stallion also pooped out guns when you fed it eridium.

Good point. But that was in Tina’s imagination. When you actually meet Butt Stallion for real, in the commander Lilith DLC of BL2, she also produces items when fed eridium. Which supports the idea that she could be connected.
Makes me wonder if there’s some way to get the fabricator to make a legendary, like the mysterious amulet that produced the unicornsplosion.

I actually wonder if all of the guns are somehow Eridian influenced from their time.

There are two options:

  1. The shloot gun is just there as a fun weird thing put into the game because game design.

  2. If we believe it is there for story reasons, it means that eridians could make all of the types of guns that come out of it (as they were its creators). THAT would mean that Eridians originally made all of the guns out there (at least the originals). So all of the corporations would have discovered a variety of vaults on different planets and humans would have reverse-engineered/copied eridian tech over time.

That would also make sense with the Eridian “ammo chests” on Nekrotafeo (sp). Why would Eridians have ammo chests for human guns? Answer: because human guns are actually based on Eridian gun tech, and that’s why all e.g. pistols use the same ammo, but are different from different corps. because they discovered slightly different Eridian tech in different vaults.

Tis a bit of a silly conspiracy theory, and I honestly believe 1 is the answer and 2 is not…but if you wanna spitball possibilities, that sorta kinda fits with the world and history.

interesting conspiracy theory, although it might also be possible that the eridian fabricator produces guns that exist in the universe through some sort of time distortion or that the fabricator can see into the mind of the person using it to produce something they’ve seen before


Not unreasonable at all.