Theory: How many pets?

Just a little enquiry: what weapons, shields, or other items produce independent bots?

So far, I can think of:
Messy breakup
The boo
(And other Tediore guns?)

I just don’t want Zane to be lonely. I want a one-man gang.

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Ten Gallon SMG


hunter-seeker grenade.


I feel like there’s potential in the Ten Gallon and we just haven’t found it yet.

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Edit: Apparently, Clone reload does not get the Tediore effects, so ignore this.

I am actively hunting for a Ten Gallon to do exactly this. Also for the sake of the OP, potential numbers, assuming 1 of each weapon type (no multiple SMGs);

Messy Breakup +2 (including bonus drone on shield break)
Digi Clone with Breakup +2 (including bonus drone)
Baby Maker pistol +4
Ten Gallon SMG +1
Clone using Baby Maker +4
Hunter Seeker +1
Clone Throwing Hunter Seeker +1

So in theory, you could somewhat consistently have 16 pets active at the same time.


the clone does not spawn any projectiles on tediore reload

reasonably you can have 5(-7)

while 5 are actually something like a pet

  • sntnl
  • clone
  • messy breakup on you
  • messy break up on the clone
  • ten gallon

and then conditional pet like things

  • messy break up shield break on you
  • messy break up shield break on your clone
  • 2 hunter seeker with cloning from your clone and sntnl and firing for 2-6 more at a time
  • switching to other tediores after reloading ten gallon (a lot of work though)

Hunh, did not know that.