Theory: Immortal AFK Moze - Mayhem 2.0 update

With a brimming level 1 stop-gap, and regen on my CM and shield both I get about 2990hp in 5 seconds. My hp is about 6004 or so. There’s only a split second they could kill you when you’re at like 49.9% hp when the 5 second immunity ends, but that’s very rare.

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I just did a M4 Slaughter Shaft run with my full Vladof Immortal Moze using Super Shredifiers and Dictators.

bl3-53-shredifier bl3-53-dictator

I started with this build:

After 3 of 5 rounds my Moze already hit level 53. Health goes up to around 1900+ with Loaded Dice (depending on your Guardian Rank health bonus). But as I’m using a shield with Brimming effect (5% health regen) this was absolutly fine.


I thought damage will go down, as I’m still using Level 50 weapons, but as I also added 3 more points to Phalanx Doctrine overall damage increased quite noticeable. So my final build looks like this:

So for me even on level 53 with level 50 gear everything still works. But if you don’t have optimal gear, you need to farm for a level 53 Bloodletter class mod or Loaded Dice artifact with higher health regen to compensate for the higher base health and shield capacity (if you put extra points into Phalanx Doctrine).

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Thank you, I was curious about the extra health on level 53 and if this was still viable.

Curious why you’re not using “Some for the Road?”

You don’t need 5 sec unlimited ammo when you have unlimited ammo all the time :wink:

I only use Iron Bear to trigger the “next 2 mag” anointments. So for my Slaughter Shaft run I triggered it at the beginning and kept the +125% incendiary damage on my Dictator up for all 5 rounds. But for a Boss killer build doing some cheesy things with torgue launchers “Some for the Road” can be a good addition.

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thanks for the update I ve enjoyed a version of this build for quite a while

On level 53 gear you can find health regeneration of 193 health per second:
So with this your Stop Gap shield can support a max capacity of 193 * 5 = 965 to fully recharge in the 5 sec immunity phase.

Regarding health gating your max health can be: 193 * 5 * 2 = 1930

Without max health bonuses this is not a problem:

If you heavily invested in Max Health Guardian Ranks you need a Stop Gap shield with Brimming or Turtle effect as before the level cap increase. Getting health regen on both artifact and class mod would also work.

If you have only level 50 hp regen of 149, it’s not enough for level 53 base hp with loaded dice. You’ll either need it on your class mod also, or find a level 53.
I found if you have hp regen on the class mod and artifact both, you can take Tenacious Defense and have 5+ in Phalanx Doctrine no problem.

Yes but if you have a shield with the Brimming effect (5% max health regen per second if shield are full) its fine. As your shield regens faster you benefit from the Brimming effect while still immune to damage:

So far I found a level 53 Loaded Dice with health regen:

But as the other stats are not good I’m still sticking to my Level 50 version:

I will replace it when I find a Level 53 version with 193 health regen and +44% mag size.

I also found a Bloodletter class mod with health regen:

But the other stats are not good. I currently use (+damage, +assault damage, + mag size):

Its replacing my Level 50 Bloodletter (+damage, +assault damage, +vladof accuracy):

On the weapon side I tried the Juliet’s Dazzle with +125% incendiary damage:

And a Carrior with +125% incendiary damage:

And a Q-System (sorry no anointment yet):

But they don’t compare with the raw damage of the Dictators:

Both the 125% incendiary damage anointment and the 1% damage per shot anointment are really nice on the Dictator as you can keep up the mag bonus forever and on the other side its hard to miss with the dictator as only one of the bullets needs to hit to keep up the bonus (not sure if you also get +1% for each hit, so up to +7%/14% per shot in bipod mode … feels sometimes like this)

To keep up the Vladof theme the Lyuda with 125% incendiary damage and big mag size is a nice addition:

At the moment I’m still searching for a good method for farming shredifiers and super shredifiers, but the Titan in Shlaughter Shaft never drops one. I got a few as world drop but no good anointments or super shredifier versions so far.

I have yet to get any new loaded dice or bloodletters with hp regen to drop at level 53. Where have you been farming for them? Any chance you’re on PS4? Lol
I have a level 1 stop-gap with brimming, which definitely can help if you don’t have any TRL, or go down to Tenacious Defense. But my other versions have 50% damage anointments so I like them better

I have found a few more, but none that I would want to use long term. Got almost all of them from the Agonizer 3000 that I farmed for the Dictators. Unfortunately I’m playing on PC.

The dedicated drop for Loaded Dice is Pain. So not repeatable unless you reset your playthrough, play the story to this mission and then backup and restore your savefile until you get what you want. Not sure if this is possible on PS4.

The dedicated drop for Bloodletter is Skag of Survival. So you could do the Trial of Survival until you get the right one. I haven’t bothered with this as I’m happy with my class mod (see above).

But in general I’m not sure if going for dedicated drops is a good idea. As for example I got more Shredifiers from world drops than from the Titan in Slaughter Shaft.

I don’t usually farm Agonizer, but may try him out. I got a lot of class mods and artifacts from Graveward and Gigamind.

Pain’s loot was supposed to be added to the Agonizer and I thought the Phoenix was the drop for the bloodletter? Tho I’ve never gotten one from the Phoenix.

The linked list seems up-to-date as it also contains the Broken Heart content. Don’t know how accurate it is. All I can say is that regarding artifacts the White Elephant (listed for Agonizer 9000) droped way more often than the Loaded Dice (listed for Pain).

For PC: there is a savefile on Nexus Mods for farming Pain & Terror. What you have to do there is level the savefile character from level 50 to level 53, switch to Mayhem 3 (on Mayhem 4 Pain can not drop Loaded Dice as you can only get EM-P5 from him), then make the savefile readonly and start farming.

Now that I think about it: Mayhem 4 may be the reason why I don’t get Shredifiers from the Titan in Slaughter Shaft. I got a few Zheitsev’s Eruption and it seems this weapon completely replaces his normal drops. Arghh so much wasted time…

Pointman Immortal Axton Part Deux!

Nice to see it’s still alive after all these years. Good work.

You’re right, I was thinking about the deathless. This list is showing the Loaded Dice in Agonizer’s loot pool as well as Pain’s. Sounds like the drop rate for it is just really low.

So I checked if I needed new gear

Nah I am good… :rofl: :rofl:
Stop gap + blood letter + ION Cannon + overkill = maximum fun
And in this video I did not even set up the overkill correctly, when I did it right a single charged shot one shotted 3 rocket launchers badasses (with 3 full jauges) standing a bit too close to each other, wish I had captured that it was epic
Since the ion cannon is easy to farm I’ll get a better version eventually

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So I finally found a bloodletter with no thin red line, but unfortunately it had +shield so my shields are around 2300. Any tips on getting a bloodletter?

It supposedly drops from skag of survival in eridian proving ground,but we all know how bad so called dedicated drops are. I got mine from world drop, if you are on ps4 I can trade you

I do use PS4, if you have spares I would be so grateful.