Theory: Immortal AFK Moze - Mayhem 2.0 update

Just for info, the new nerf for Bloodletter class mod has no impact on the build as it not relies on the actual shield recharging mechanism:

Just thought I’d mention for any wanting a low level stop gap during rare spawn week Demoskaggen can drop shields (lvl4-6). He currently seems be gauranteed to spawn twice.


Thank you, if you do it like in glitch queens video for lvl.1 infinity they drop lvl.1 shields.
Ps: have 2 lvl 1 infinity one is also anointed. If someone who’s playing in xbox and has gear for that amazing build please contact me.

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I did some farming using the method mentioned above and found some nice (but not flawless) shields:

This Stop-Gap shield fulfills the role in this build perfectly. But the 30% reflect bullets doesn’t work. When the immunity from Stop-Gap is active you can not reflect bullets and when the immunity wears off, the first hit breaks your shield which also disqualifies you for the reflect effect as it only works when your shield is not depleted.

This Stop-Gap shield also works perfectly fine, but its movement speed bonus is glitched in combination with Phalanx Doctrine. You gain more and more speed as you play. Thats fun for some time, but quickly gets unplayable because you are just too fast.

Speed Glitch Example Video

A level 1 Re-Router in combination with the Bloodletter class mod and static health regeneration is basically The Bee shield from Borderlands 2. You get the AMP-damage on every single shot (even on the Shredifier) as long as you don’t get hit as the health regeneration immediately resets your shield to full. It could work for a health based Moze … but why would you do that? A shield based 1 HP Moze with Desperate Measures 6/3 can achieve almost the same. But ifyou combine both its a nice gimmick for some crazy DPS experiments. Such a Moze build may go down in 1 hit … but man, can she dish out a lot of damage :wink: Thanks @steinimaster for the idea.

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Love your build, I haven’t had a chance to try it out as I don’t have the artifact yet. Do you miss having the bottomless mag skill in your latest skill tree or does it not matter too much?

What do you think of these shields I have farmed? Go for lowest shield or the turtle?

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Would say the lowest synergicest best, the helth regen put’s you absolutely over health-gap and the ammo-absorption is an nice to have

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I constantly switch between builds depending on the weapon I currently test. Here my most used builds:

Gun damage stacking build - works best with low mag weapons that you often reload (for Selfless Vengeance)

Gun damage stacking splash build - works best with splash damage weapons, can throw grenades to increase ammo regen

Bottomless Mags build - works best with Shredifier + Lyuda (Vladof) or Blister/Lasersploder (Torgue) or Butcher + Crossroad (Hyperion)

Bottomless Mags splash build - works best with splash damage weapons like the Ogre

More fun are the Bottomless Mags builds as it feels so good to have never to reload … works also better for Anointed Weapon effects that give +50% element damage for next 2 magazines on action skill end. With the Shredifier you can keep that up almost forever.

It depends on how much +x% max health from guardian ranks you have. The one with +5% max health regen or the one with -10% max health would work best if you have problems triggering health gating. But if you can get to 50% health with the third shield, I would use this as the other ones would overheal you in this scenario, which would lower the damage bonus from Desperate Measures.

I’m not sure if ammo absorption works while you are immune to damage … I assume its the same as with my reflect shield, but I haven’t tested a absoption Stop-Gap shield

Good point, I allways look not close enough. But it’s because I can only emagine how it works and can’t test it myselfe, because of missing the bloodletter

At what level do artifacts start to spawn with health regen?

I’m pretty sure they can always spawn with health regen as it’s just one of many rolls that class mods and artifacts can get… Though it starts off at below 50 health per second and slowly scales up to 149 hps at level 50.

I don’t know what the lowest level is you can unlock artifacts at but I believe it’s early-mid twenties.

I’d like to try out this build, though I am struggling to get a low-leveled Stop Gap. Where’d you find yours? Which area can you recommend for me to look through?

This will require a friend:

Clear out your lost loot box then use your favorite level 50 farming character to farm your favorite farming spot (Graveward, Katagawa Ball, etc) until it drops a Stop Gap. DO NOT TOUCH THE STOP-GAP. Save and quit then load into the game of a friend who is in Sanctuary. Instead of picking one of your existing characters, pick ‘create new character’. This will spawn you in as a level 1 character; now when you use the lost loot machine, everything that drops out should be level 1.

You will need to periodically clear out the lost loot machine. I think it has 20 slots total and legendaries always get priority.


Can this method work with splitscreen?

Yes, as long as you are not the host (player one / Top split screen) when you load back in with the lvl 1 character to claim the lost loot. Otherwise you have to run through story mode until you get to Sanctuary.

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So I’ve tried that method, with some success. I was able to get a level 6 anointed Evolutionary Stop Gap. I can’t get it any lower, so I’ll stick with this. I don’t know how, but my Moze still has around 1886 shield despite me not putting any points in Thin Red Line or Vladof Ingenuity. Are guardian ranks that good?

You’ve likely got a +shield capacity stat on either your com or artifact. Guardian ranks will not add 20-30 capactiy to a shield with a base near 200.

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I just checked and no. My bloodletter did put one point into Thin Red Line, and I didn’t think it’d make my shield that high. The capacity is just 259 yet it somehow got to 1886.

Okay, Thin Red Line is your problem. Try save quitting, as the Load Dice should offset the issue, however there’s weird issues where applying gear in different orders can lead to incorrect values.

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I’m not using a loaded dice ATM, since mine didn’t have a health regen. I’m farming for one now.

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Okay that explains it. Thin Red Line’s boost is based on your Max Health not Shields, so you get around 1300 capacity from Thin Red Line that is added to your 259. The result then benefits from Guardian Rank.

The full math of it is detailed here if you’re curious.