Theorycraft The Perfect Map For Each Mode?

As it stands, each of the 9 PVP maps in Battleborn excel in some ways but suffer in others.

What do you knowledgeable people think would be in a perfect map for each PVP mode?

My favourites:

Capture: Temples
Incursion: Overgrowth and Monuments
Meltdown: Paradise

Capture and Meltdowns issues don’t really deal with the map. Well Paradise and outskirts kinda do.

Incursion on the other hand almost gets all of its problems from the way the map is made entirely. The only way to actually fix this is make the map bigger and make objectives a little more important.

Let’s see here
I’ll be using the word playstyle alot, which to me means the role a character can fufill on the map (Long Range, Mid Range, Melee, Support)

Capture: Outback or the New one - Mainly for the fact they cater to each type of character so all kinds of options are open. Outback, however, has a low amount of shards so building anything kinda defeats the purpose of the map. I don’t play much capture so I really can’t elaborate on this.

Meltdown: Outskirts - This is a no-brainer, as like the two capture maps it caters to every type of play style. The difference is each character can counter said play style, and depending on the one you choose will have to sacrifice something in order to do so (A Gali going for a Perched Bene, Benedict losing his ability to fly or having to engage a closed area when going for 250 minion pushes etc. I give second place to Snowblind due to the fact that you can counter all play styles but some just do not benefit much from the map (Snipers for example) it’s mainly a melee job’s heaven, as all routes are easily accessible to them.

Paradise, while cool to look at and fun, is the least balanced of the three, forcing you to choose hard counters for certain characters taking away (in my opinion) the core aspect of the game. 9/10 if you are playing with a premade of high levels or even possibly drafting teams you will have a Bene/Isic (Mainly Benedict) perched up top where no one can reach them and rain death on every bot and player. If they feel their life is in danger they just fly to another location of a map or hover to their healing station and fly back up when healing is good. This forces you to use characters like Ghalt, S&A that can pull him down for an attempted burst damage (alpha strike or whatever) or take shots at him with snipers and other longer ranged charactes in an attempt to get him down. It’s not fun and majority of the time you have to ignore him so you can get objectives done.

Incursion: Monuments/Echelon - This one is kinda dicey, but ultimately I’d give it to Monuments slightly over Echelon. I use to think that they were not around the same playing field but playing more and more Echeleon I can see that this is one of the most balanced stages in PvP Echelon favors melee a bit more than Monuments and I like that, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not as balanced. Monuments gives you enough to where all types of characters can engage the sentry/players in different ways, and no character is safe from tactics which avoids exploit. You geting back doored? You can back door them back. Their Marquis is staying perched uptop taking shots at you, get a member to jump up there, go around the back and flank, or engage the sentry from a different angle. It adds life.

Overgrowth, like Paradise, forces hard counters. I hate that God Forsaken jungle as if you’re not battling for the shock turret, you are worrying if their Benedict will back door you. I wouldn’t mind the back dooring if I didn’t have to choose a character specifically that could follow him back to his sentry as he flies safely to where you can’t reach him. Or an Isic that just popped his ult and is laying into all your structures and when you try to chase him out he safely teleport back to his base where you can’t reach him. This forces you to use characters to counter act that.

Thanks for the great replies, guys, but I guess I meant more DESIGN a perfect map for each mode, taking into account the strengths and flaws of each existing map.

Like - “a perfect Incursion map would have this and such from Overgrowth, these aspects of Monuments, and these things from Echelon.”

Does that make sense?

Honestly my only issue, yes this is slightly off topic, is that there are only two points. If they’re going to play it as a moba, there should be three as is tradition.

On topic… My idea for a perfect map is one that is good for all three game modes :slight_smile: like if overgrowth was tweaked so that the big thrall camp was instead a very hilly lane. And so that the big shard was a capture point. So that you could literally have one map play any game mode. Think Summoner’s Rift a la LoL.

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Most of my issues with Incursion stem from the sentries themselves, though I’m not a big fan of Overgrowth’s shard economy being focused heavily in the center of the map (which makes it so that people who get an early push have an extreme advantage over the other team).

Step 1: Take Outskirts.
Step 2: Fix performance
Step 3: Congratulations, you now have the best meltdown map (competitively anyways).

Haven’t played enough capture matches to get a good idea of my problems with the maps. Though I wasn’t a big fan of The Varelsi during the few matches I played. While I understand their purpose in the mode, and I think it’s overall a good idea and interesting mechanic, I feel that it’s become the number 1 cause for massive snowballing in capture. Because the winning team is likely to A. have less deaths, and therefore spend less time respawning, and B. not as worried about capturing points as quickly as possible, they have more spare time to farm Varelsi for free level ups. This will not only hinder the losing team the ability to make a comeback, but it will also further the winning team’s lead and result in an absolute snowballing mess. Perhaps they could change the system so that it won’t reward players who are a lower level than their peers with greater xp, while giving whoever’s the highest level in the game very little xp to work with. For example, let’s say that there was a level 8 Thorn who was miles ahead of the other 9 players. If she were to kill a Varelsi, she would receive only a quarter of her xp bar per Varelsi kill. Meanwhile, a level 4 Miko who’s fallen behind the rest of the cast would get two levels for a Varelsi kill to make up for the difference.

Though that’s all based of somewhere around 15 capture matches, maybe someone who’s played the mode more could give a more educated opinion on the mode.

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