Theorycrafting AR's Moze, come join

Im thinking of thematic ways to build an real gunner Moze:

Here im going to share a few builds i came up with, feel free to critizice and share your own ways, just keep in mind im not looking for min maxing, just thematic builds that are somewhat viable and can do mayhem 3 even if its a bit harder.

Another note, i hate cloud of lead effect and i think its overrated, the dmg is almost non existent, the virtual magazine increase is not but i can deal with that if it means avoiding that annoying red line that comes from my guns. So im not using it if i dont have to.

Fire soldier: no mech

Using fire assault rifles, fire repeater pistols, fire dhal smg’s, etc, fast firing weapons mostly. Going shield AND health to benefit from the SoR capstone and to avoid vampyr shenanigans i think are broken af.

Variation of "Fire Soldier"

Taking away scorching RPM’s for some other utility from demo woman and force feedback, this is the best option if you cant aim for crits all the time. Same weapons, all fire arsenal including grenades.

The heavy soldier: with mech

Uses big weapons, big damage ones mostly, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, some good heavy damage assault rifle, maybe using jackobs if you feel like it. Uses grenades for some added power and help regaining heavy weapons ammunition. Iron bear with dual machine guns or rockets.

Mech soldier: with mech

We go for health too to increase the mech sturdiness, then we go for a rain of bullets build, both with Moze and Iron Bear, both using machineguns and high magazine sized weapons to spray and pray. This build avoids the annoyance of kill skills, you are allways at your max from the get go. This build can benefit from annointed gear pretty well, you can switch a few perks to reach “some for the road” if you want to farm bosses faster.

Please if you like theorycrafting and thematic builds that are far from min maxing, even ways to play, anything of the likes, post is, share your ideas, i love roleplaying and playing outside the box, non meta builds, challenges, etc.

This is the build I’m going for. I don’t have a point in Force Feedback because it’s going to be made useless once I get Shield Reboot from Guardian skill. No points in Experimental Muntions because of COM.

Here’s a question, I’ve got 2 epic coms-- a Low-Life with +2 Thin Red Line and +3 Desperate Measures which nets me about 5k extra shields and 50% more gun damage with my Deathless artifact and Marksman with +3 Scorching RPMS, +1 Redistribution, +1 Experimental Muntions, which saves me a point in EM because it can’t go about one rank, gives me an extra 5% ammo regen on crits and nets an extra 9% fire rate and 12% crit damage.

I’d have to believe that +50% gun damage from Desperate Measures is just too OP to pass up, but I like firing my guns as fast as possible and never worrying about ammo. Lol.

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I think trying to forcefully avoid something like Vampyr is a bit silly, other VHs have similar powers. I mean, Amara literally has Vampyr, but off gun damage, which is like even more insane really (which they don’t use because they got even better stuff like Knife Edge synergy with melee and melee-like weapons).

IMO, infinite ammo is a bit pointless if you end up running around hiding because you can’t keep up the shield.

I’d do something like this if you want guns: build

Used with Bloodletter and Deathless of course. You will still have decent shield and will be able to still top it up with Vampyr and still have some key stuff from green tree.

Or this: build

This one is really almost what grenade Moze does, but it has Redistibution to support more automatic guns. You get a ton of gun damage, big shield and still have some sustain with Vampyr.

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Except people like trying different builds. I’m going through Mayhem 3 TVHM right now without Vampyr and not really having any issues. I go down occasionally, but being able to aim down sights and kill a target to get back up is fairly simple.

My problem with Vampyr is that it’s way too far down the tree. In other games, healing skills were up much higher. Being forced to go so heavily into splash damage just for a sustainable skill limits build choice, especially when all you want to do is run around with things like Rowan’s Call or a Shreddifier. I’m not forcefully avoiding Vampyr. I’m just not a fan of the tree compared to the other two and I don’t feel it compliments my playstyle.

And I’m still running through the game and having fun.


Its allways going to be more powerfull with desperate measures, but im not a big fan of the skill, not because its overpowered or whatever, but because it breaks the health gate and you cant even benefit from SoR capstone wich for me is a flaw in the game design or at least in the tree design.

Depending on the weapon that fire rate and crit dmg can be quite powerfull too, mostly because the ammo regen you get frmo the extra redistribution can almost keep you firing forever, thats a big plus in dps.

I dont think i can sustain permanent fire with just 1 in redistribution tho, so hiding for shield regen can be a thing, but thats not important, im going for thematic builds, not min max, i know vampyr is powerfull, i also know desperate measures is broken, but if i have to avoid something to achieve immersion for my roleplaying character, i will, of course all inside the circle of viability, i even play hardcore so i have only 1 life, and i had more success without desperate measures for example, simply because of the shield gate.

What im going with this ? if i have to do 30% or even 50% less damage i dont mind, after all some guns can melt bosses anyways, and even if you dont go for top tier weapons, the game right now will forgive your choices and allow you to still do enough damage.

The case of vampyr is a complicated one for me, not because of how overpowered it is but because it ends up forcing me to sustain via grenades, so i end up playing the nade moze all over again and also kinda asks for a specific class mod im trying to avoid, so the whole point is to avoid the meta so we can achieve viable builds without min maxing.

The reason I started to deviate from a standard Vampyr build is because I noticed I was starting to develop very bad awareness and survival habits playing that way, for me, at least.

I started to suck at aiming grenade throws and just the general awareness of where enemies are coming from and where to position myself. Things I’m generally decent at when playing other FPS games.


I just got the Superball… I have to wonder how well it would work in a fire-based Moze build with Selfless Vengeance, Fire in the Skag Den, Cloud of Lead and Stoke the Embers. Can dress yourself up as Mario or Luigi and go to town. XD I’ll have to test it after I get out of work tomorrow morning.

I’m probably speaking the heresy here, but I hate 1hp builds; maybe I suck, but I hate getting downed when my shield breaks and specing all the way into Vampyr feels really inefficient. I’d much rather just double my damage with the Blaster Master com.

This is my go-to build using a Blaster Master com with AR and heavy weapon damage rolls. My shield of choice is the Transformer, mainly because I run a shock hex nade to strip enemy shields. I’m currently running an Ice Breaker Otto Idol with good rolls (cyro damage and mag size), but my goal is to upgrade that to a Ice Breaker or Atom Balm Victory Rush.

My guns of choice are a Faisor (used for the shotgun setting), Ogre, Lazersploder, and a radiation Hive (which is great, but I think I will ultimately replace with a rapid-fire Vladof heavy gun).


I’ve got a couple Blast Master coms myself… now that I have a few good splash weapons (Annointed Laser-Sploder and Flakker), I may break it out again. I’ve got a build idea.

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Ok, here’s a fun one… I call it the “Blow Up All the Things” build. Heavy focus on Bottomless Mags and Demolition Woman, ignoring the SoR tree all together, so it’s a bit of a glass cannon.

Blow Up All the Things

Weapons: Primary weapons are Laser-Sploder for general mobbing and Flakker for boss. Personal preference for other two (I use a Cutsman for shooting through walls when being bombarded by rocket badasses and a Jericho for heavy weapons destruction).

Shield: Stop-gap shield to give breathing room for when shields inevitably drop so you can to safety and toss out a grenade for heals. Mendel’s Multivitamin for extra health also works (though I accidentally sold mine).

Artifact: There’s a few choices here. Electric Banjo for more mobbing damage, Rocket Boots or Launch Pad if you want even more boom, Otto Idol for sustainability, Victory Rush for damage. Those are probably your best choices. I don’t have any of those, so I’m using a Moxxi’s Endowment with +30% grenade damage, health regen and extra health. A Safeguard can also be decent for helping to escape due to the large amount of DR it gives after a slam, especially when combined with Stop-gap, it can give you a lot of breathing room to get to safetly.

Grenade: Something that hits a lot and reliably to trigger regen, like a Hex. I haven’t been lucky on the grenade front, so I’ve been using an Epicenter that works decently as well. A generator grenade like the Tran-fusion may also provide a bit more survivability if the enemies have shields, which many do.

Class Mod: Blastmaster. Preferably with +1 Redistribution.

General strat is to make use the extra magazine size and ammo regen to never have to reload, thus providing a constant +100% damage bonus to all your splash damage weapons and watching enemies melt under you onslaught. Oh and you don’t have to worry about 1hp health gate issues.

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I hate the flakker but i can try that with the ogre… maybe the dmg is enough

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Yeah, the Flakker I got is just too good not to use. Mine is basically a god roll- annointed with an extra 120% splash damage for 18 seconds after I get out of Iron Bear. Melts pretty much anything.

And… they killed my flakker. Lol.

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I feel you. I’m pissed myself. I’m all for balancing but not making weapons garbage.

Don’t hate but I think the flakker is still op… Still, it’s time to try other guns, my moze is doing fine with ARs, and some got buffed. I’m kinda sad that they really aren’t looking into iron bear after a month of release, 50% hp is not at all what we needed, the damage is still absurdly low and 50% hp isn’t going to make a difference, maybe 2 more seconds alive?

Everybody’s welcome to join me on the Faisor train. That bad boy is doing over 500 per shot now. Shotgun mode still shreds.