Theorycrafting - Battleborn Capstone Helixes

I don’t have anything against most level 10 helixes, but I think that having your final reward for good play in BB being a tweak to how awesome you are once a minute is kind of underwhelming. Therefore, I’m offering a set of ideas for consideration - when a BB hits 10, they can instead choose a passive tweak to fundamentally alter how their character plays. Feel free to discuss, offer suggestions, or call me an idiot, though I’ll respond in like fashion if you do.

Gelid Transfusion: Using Wellspring consumes only half of your acquired stacks, but gives full healing.
Distill: Using Wellspring to heal yourself no longer incurs a penalty to heal power.

Starflare: Sunspots detonate when they expire, healing allies for 133 and damaging nearby enemies for the same amount.
Denying Entropy: When Ambra recieves healing from a Sunspot, it generates Heat.

Brutal Momentum: When fully charged and with full stacks, Attikus’s left hook causes knockback. Consumes a stack.
Thrall Spurs: When fully charged, Attikus’s passive trait changes from 20% shield penetration to 30% CC reduction.

Communal Transmission: Infection deals 1 more damage per tick for each other infected ally in a radius.
Deathbed: When Beatrix falls below 20% health, she gives Patient Zero to each allied BB in small radius.

Bringin’ the Boom: Benedict’s AoEs no longer have falloff damage.
Explosive Propulsion: Benedict’s mechanized wing malfunctions magnificently, dealing 40 damage in a small AoE beneath him each time he jumps. Liftoff deals 120 damage in a larger radius.

Stonewall: DoT effects do not penetrate Boldur’s shield.
Repel Fate: Boldur can use his offhand melee without dropping his shield at the cost of 20% block.

Aerial Dominance: Caldarius deals +20% damage to airborne enemies.
Overcharged Booster: The air dash no longer has a cooldown.

Holographic Kinetics: Dropkick no longer breaks stealth. Stealth lasts four seconds longer.
Fanflare: Thrown fans split into two. Clones detonate into a spread of eight fans.

El Dragon
Grudge Match: When Dragon dies, he can regain all lost stacks by killing the foe that finished him off.
Main Attraction: Dragon deals 8% more damage and moves 8% faster for 2 seconds when pinged.

Called Artillery: Ernest deals 20% more damage to enemies not in his line of sight.
Trench Warfare: Once every twenty seconds, Ernest’s quick melee will set off a Charge in his palm automatically at point blank range.

Last Hour: When fully Corrupted, Galilea is immune to CC.
Futility: Taking damage increases Corruption, at a rate of one stack per 100 damage.

Captain’s Orders: Ghalt can ping cloaked Battleborn, and pinged Battleborn have their health bar revealed. They take +8% damage and +8% healing recieved from other allied Battleborn.
Unlucky Punk: The last shot of Ghalt’s clip deals +30% damage.

Hate Furnace: Overcharging a skill engages ISIC’s hate furnace, causing him to shout insults with every charged shot and take 10% less damage for 2 seconds by the target damaged by that shot.
Binary Drive: ISIC’s Aegis pushes back enemies that strike it once every five seconds.

Jagged Ice: Kelvin reflects 5% of melee damage.
Thaw: When Permafrost expires, Kelvin gains 20% movement speed for 2 seconds.

Kid Ultra
GOING ULTRA: Assists double the strength of KU’s Aura for 10 seconds.
POWER OF TEAMWORK: For each allied Battleborn being healed by a drone, KU gains 6 health regeneration per second.

Quantum Burst: When Kleese depletes his chair energy, he becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds.
Shield Leech: Damage dealt to enemy shields with Kleese’s taser is restored to him as shield energy.

Panopticon: Enemies marked with Einz Zwei Drei are revealed until it expires.
Turbine Rifling: Marquis’s bullets penetrate through enemies.

Acidity: Reapplying poison damage causes the remaining DoT to deal its full damage immediately, once per five seconds.
Compressed Canisters: Venom canisters now leave a Parting Gift pool, once per ten seconds.

Sanctuary Pheromone: Enemies deal 30% less damage to Miko when affected by Molecular Mycology.
Parasitic Strain: All damage dealt by Molecular Mycology is restored as healing to Miko.

Burnin’ Up: At max Heat, Montana creates an AoE Aura that deals 48 damage a second to all nearby enemies.
Shrug It Off: Using any skill drops Heat by 50%.

DIE HARDER: Enemies damaged by both Nullify and Shadowfire Pillar within 3 seconds of each other explode for 133 damage in a small AoE.
FIREFLIES OF DEATH: Orendi’s altenate fire doubles in effective range and projectile speed.

Oscar Mike
Super Suit: Oscar Mike’s jump height doubles and his offhand melee pushes back twice as far.
Never Look at Explosions: Oscar Mike’s cloak has no cooldown if he uses it inside one of his AoE skills.

Slippery Stealth: Pendles gains an additional 50% CC resistance while cloaked.
Contract Killer: Pendles deals +20% damage to a target an allied Battleborn has pinged.

Vector Controls: Pheobe can True Strike in the air, and True Strike up off the ground.
Blade Flurry: Pheobe can hold the Blade Rush button to send a stream of up to twelve rapiers.

Blood Calls Blood: A counter tracks how much lifesteal Rath has accumulated, up to 500. It is reset upon Smash, and half that number is added to its damage.
Undeniable Master: Rath deals 2% more damage to a foe for each melee strike he has landed in the last three seconds.

Death Denied: Reyna heals 20% more to allies in critical condition.
The Middle Finger: Overshields granted by Reyna explode for 160 damage when they expire or are broken.

Shayne & Aurox
Buddy System: When Fleet Foot expires, Shayne deals 30% more damage on her next melee strike.
Frag Rangs: Thrown boomerangs split into two when they reflect off a surface.

Kreshek’s Rage: Cursed enemies take +16% damage from non-Battleborn allies and buildables.
Hell’s Heart: While zoomed in, Thorn has no health regeneration, but deals +30% critical damage.

Gauss Reactors: Railgun projectile velocity increases. Normal projectiles match Force Field speeds, and shots fired through Force Field are now hitscan.
Jet Fuel: Booster charges recover twice as fast.

Whiskey Foxtrot
Taking Trophies: Whiskey deals +30% damage with his offhand melee to enemies at critical health.
Tetanus: Enemies wounded by Scrap Cannon are also weakened.


I take full credit for all my assistance in this thread. 10/10


I actually think this is a rather good idea, and how you (and @Nemosis327 too, i guess, haha) mostly chose an offensive and defensive option for applicable characters. However, i ALSO think that hitscan railgun shots in the hands of a Toby main would be too powerful; power-crits for DAYS…


Let me dream.


Our dreams are other’s nightmares… :smirk:


Thaw: Make it 30% more Movement Speed for 2 seconds and we have a deal!

I agree on the overall idea of the thread that Level 10 is so hard to reach and for most non-Orendi characters nothing interesting comes from it.


If that stacked with Quick Chomp it would be ridiculous and you know it.

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1 second is worthless though. Also compare that to Boldur’s innate almost-constant 30% Movement speed boost. Also stacking shouldn’t really be an issue considering permafrost itself probably won’t break in 1 second AND if it does, it means you’re sustaining focused fire and 10% movement speed for 1 second won’t save you anyways. lol

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Vagrant, i feel like i need to go to church and be absolved for even just THINKING of what you, I, or any of the other Toby mains could do with hitscan crits; what would our counters be able to do? Go ahead and fire at me, Marquis, you are dead in two shots…

Let others dream too…


Excellent thread @vagrantsun !

Ummm you are missing a Rath heading, just by the way.

As of now, it looks like Phoebe gets 4 bonuses.

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Defensive option:
While Wards are active, Damaging Aegis adds to max shield capacity until Wards refresh from cooldown.

Offensive Option:
Every critical attack you land on enemy BB while in turret mode increases your movement speed by 5%. Max 10 stacks

Trying not to be too ridiculous

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To be fair, landing crits with Toby is stupidly hard thanks to the size of his projectile. But yeah I see what you mean.

@Rabid_Explosions, I’ll say 20% for 2 seconds, if only because unlike Chomp it can proc off multiple skills.


Also on Galilea:

That second one would be a godsend for her in her current state. That first one would be so inconsistent with how she currently is. lol

Also can we give Kelvin something more?

CryoTherapy: Passing over Allied Battleborn while Sublimated removes all debuffs from them.


Deal. I’ll take 10.


I’m drawing a blank for what would be a suitable replacement for these but I’m drawing a blank sadly,

The first one seems solid, but the second feels off. Inferior even but there’s not much you can do for Kleese to really make a “game changer” without being too powerful

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there are some consistencies with helix choices - the options at level 5 are always a change to the character’s passive or talent, and the options at level 10 are always a change to a character’s ult.

I do like some of the ideas you’ve got here, though. Gotta say.


Montana: At level ten, your head size increases, but you get this sick looking lumberjack hat and your beard is made of pure fire and pecs, reducing crit damage by 33%. On top of this, your leg strength and size is doubled, increasing Lumberjack Dash distance by 25% as well as Dash and Mansformation damage by 50%.

“Sounds fair to me” - Gearbox


The things I could do with this…

I like it.


Despite some of these potentially being game breaking, I like the general theory that a character gets a permanent boon to their natural play style.

Also love your names for them, very gearbox.


I have noticed. I just take the position that most games don’t get to 10, and if they do, it’s a boost to an option you’ll probably get to use two or three times before game end. If you max your level, I think you should get something undeniably epic.