Theorycrafting COV Moze

Up front, I am going to say that Moze does not synergize well with COV guns (with the possible exception of the Zooka) because their heat mechanic does not interact with many of her ammo regen and mag size skills. Matched Set’s heat reduction bonus is good, but I can’t help but feel that Click Click’s damage bonus is better suited for 0 or low ammo builds where you can stay at or near max bonus continuously. That said, there some very strong COV guns out there, so with the right skills and anoints, we should be able to put together a good COV Moze build.


I tested COV weapons against the skills in the Bottomless Mags tree to see which were actually beneficial. On the positive side are Matched Set, which reduces heat per shot, and Click Click, which gives you a damage boost based on weapon heat. There is some tension between the two skill because while Matched Set helps to prevent/slow weapon break, it also slows the ramp up of Click Click. It also takes a little practice and skill to stay at optimal heat while not breaking your gun. Scrappy gets an honorable mention here because it appears to speed up COV guns’ start-up animation.

Cloud of Lead is effectively neutral for COV guns. It will give you that 11% damage bonus every fourth shot, but instead of not consuming ammo, it adds a round back to your mag – so no heat reduction. I’d also put Scorching RPMS in the neutral category – the faster fire rate increases your time to break, but it also increases your DPS and crit damage, which I think is a fair trade-off.

In the counterproductive category is Iron Bank, which appears to reduce your shots to break. As of the time of this post, we do not know why this is.

Redistribution and Forge are in their own category of “It Depends.” Both skills scale off the ‘shots to break’ number on your weapon’s card, not your total ammo reserves, so their effects are marginal unless you are holding something with a huge (100+ round) clip. Personally, I would recommend taking one of the two skills if you are using primarily COV pistols, as you can regen your entire ammo reserves in seconds while holding the Hangin’ Chadd. I would probably also put Some for the Road in this category as well because while it prevents gun breaks, it also inhibits heat build up – making it good for bossing, but not necessarily for mobbing.


I’ve also done some extensive testing on this and I think the +125% incendiary damage anoint is your best option for most weapons. No, wait – hear me out! Since you can’t hold the trigger forever like you can with other manufacturers, you need to focus on anoints that help deliver burst damage. This means that, on net, the bonus elemental damage on ASE anoints are going to perform better than the consecutive hits or kill stacking anoints.

I would make two caveats to this advice: (1) On the handful of weapons you can roll +160% splash damage, go with that – this is mainly the Zooka, Shredda and Blastphemy. (2) A Consecutive Hits SkeSkil is generally better for bossing because it shoots multiple pellets and has large mag with low ammo consumption.


CLASS MODS: I tend to favor Lemniscate and Low-Life class mods with as many points into Click Click as you can manage. The Sapper is an okay option too – you just can’t facetank with it like you can with other manufacturers because weapons breaks will happen. The Mind Sweeper and Bloodletter go with anything, so they are fine as well, but I don’t feel like either offers substantially better performance over the purple mods. The Blast Master is obviously not a good choice because weapon breaks count as reloads and you generally can’t hold the trigger down long enough on the Green Monster’s corrosive damage to ramp up all the way.

ARTIFACTS: I tend to favor the Pearl because it does not take a lot of hits to ramp up to full bonus. A Cutpurse Launchpad can also be good for refilling your ammo reserves.

SHIELDS: This will depend on how you build you character. One feature that can be useful is anything with the “adrenaline” part, which will boost reload speed when your shields are broken.

WEAPONS: This is also up to personal preference, but I tend to go with a pistol build that relies heavily on the Hydrafrost and SkeSkil. When it comes to multi-pellet guns, my preference is for low-count, high damage guns over the opposite, since this will reduce ammo consumption and lower the chance of weapon breaks.


I am mathing-out an optimal build – I will add one to this space once I’ve figured it out.


Some of the information is out of date, but the same theory applies from my old build. Use it for theory crafting. I want to like a CoV Moze, but I think we need a few tweaks or a new gun/item.

That’s what speeds that up… someone told me charge rate (like Maliwan) sped that up, and I couldn’t get it to work. FL4K doesn’t have any swap speed buffs, and it takes long enough to swap/start that I sometimes work around it in my tactics.

Which character has the best swap speed? I just want to see a CoV weapon animation go fast for once. :laughing:

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Yeah, that was a helpful post. I am starting come around the Linoage and SftR as a bossing tool.

Also, you don’t necessarily need Forge and the Chadd – one jump from the Cutpurse Launch returns a LOT of ammo.

That’s why I mentioned it was very out dated.

No, that was my own realization – not based on your post.

I did a quick test in the TTD; cleared it, but it was messy.

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Wow, that’s one way to do it… I’m always tip toeing around each enemy one at a time. :flushed:

Also, I’m not used to seeing CoV reload animations going fast. :laughing:

Reload roll on the relic and an adrenaline shield. Very nice…

I’m thinking of doing a COV build using the Hydrafrost, Skeksil, Seeryul Killur and poss the Zheitsev’s Eruption. How’s yours coming along? Interesting seeing your judgment on the skills, seems many of them work differently to how I’d expect.

Isn’t it supposed to only be 5% dmg and reload speed? Another buggy anointment?

The Iron Bear buffs from last week totally mixed things up on that build. CapArm rails are just too good to ignore, especially since Drowning in Brass synergizes well with COV guns. This is my current skill set up, though I’m still not totally sure about the value of Some for the Road outside of boss melting.

In terms of guns/anointments, I think the kill stack anoint takes too long to build up. If you want more reload speed, I’d recommend rolling it on your artifact and class mod instead. Consecutive hits works really well on the SkeSkil because of its unlisted projectiles and low firing speed. I think 125% incendiary is still the best anoint for the Hydrafrost because its base damage is so high. I played around with the Seeryul Killur a little; the damage stack mechanic is good when it gets going, but I don’t like that it is limited to incendiary only.

If you’re doing the TTD, I’d also recommend using a Linoage for the Kraken, Valks, and Wotan – it does a LOT of work when combined with Some for the Road.

I like that skill allocation, especially nice that Drowning in Brass can go with it. How well does the build handle? I’m guessing you’re putting this with the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge and Mindsweeper. What rolls are you aiming for?

Looking over the other COV legendaries, it strikes me that the Stauros Burn could be an excellent choice. Its perk would give an endless mag of pure crits that would trigger Mindsweeper grenades (+ Vampyr), Redistribution and Experimental Munitions with every hit. If it works out as planned, I’m thinking the Hydrafrost, Linoge, Skeksil and S.Burn could be a pretty sweet set up.

Haven’t tried the SBurn, but that was my thinking too – as long as you don’t overheat, you get a continuous stream of free micronades.

I’ve actually been working with a purple Lemniscate class mod that has +3 Click Click; the performance has been great, but I’m not sure it is on par with the legendary class mods.

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This is why for any of the builds I’ve been playing around with and making, I’ve put them on hold until Mayhem 2.0 is out. Stuff dies too fast from just about any build in M4.

I tried that AR and the dmg seemed lacking, even when you proc the 100% buff, hydrafrost is a much better CoV weapon for mobbing

Wouldn’t it be nice if they fixed GM and let it roll with +3 Click, Click.

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Its “5% damage and reload speed on kill for 25 seconds. This effect stacks.”

Nothing buggy about it.

I don’t have your build set up yet, but if you try it let me know. @Fritimes may not have found it so impressive but if we add Experimental Munitions, Click, Click, micronades, good rolls and a decent anointment I wonder if it may well go the distance.

Im pretty sure its “Killing an enemy grants 5% Weapon Damage and Reload Speed for 25 seconds, this effect stacks.”

it is. the lack of “weapon” was just a typo.