Theorycrafting: Galilea Rework

(Not That Handsome Jack) #1

Long story short, I think many people’ll agree that Galilea is a game design mess, as she is too good (or should I say… God?) at too many things at once, and she has too damn much CC too damn early in the game. Even after being continiously nerfed after so many patched, she keeps overperforming.

So, I was bored and decided to theorycraft a little about how I would consider reworking her skills and helix tree to bring her back to senses. Keep in mind that I didn’t bothered much with the numbers, and most of them should be level-scaling anyways. These are mostly proof of concept. Fair warning: loads of text.


Can have up to 10 stacks. Attacking and using skills generates 1 stack of Corruption. 1 stack of Corruption is lost each second while out of combat or affected by crowd control. For each stack of Corruption, Galilea deals 3 damage per second in the area around her, up to 30 damage per second. For each enemy damaged by Corruption, Galilea regenerates 3 health, up to 15 health per second.

Shield Throw
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Deals 100 damage and stuns for 1 second. Stun duration is increased by 0.1 second for each stack of Corruption.

Cooldown: 24 seconds
Creates an area on the ground around Galilea for 8 seconds. Each enemy within the area takes 15% increased damage and is affected by the Corruption, taking damage and healing Galilela based on her current Corruption stacks.

Abyssal Form
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Galilea dissolves into the dark puddle, becoming invulnerable for 4 seconds. She immediately gains 10 stacks of Corruption, and for the duration of Abyssal Form the effects of Corruption are multiplied by 3 (does not affects Corruption applied by Desecrate).



Defender’s Dare
Hitting a target with Shield Throw increases Galilea’s health regeneration by 20 health per second for 5 seconds.

Mark of the Feeble
Hitting a target with Shield Throw applies Wound for 5 seconds.

Forsaking Others
Shield Throw damage is increased by 100%, and by additional 10% for each Corruption stack.


Chaotic Infusion
Desecrate heals 60 health on activation and 20 health per second to all allies within.

Forsaken Grounds
Desecrate deals 90 damage on activation and 30 damage per second to all enemies within.

Sentinel Stance
Galilea’s Greatshield now blocks up to +500 additional damage, and generates 1 stack of Corruption for each 150 damage blocked.

Hungering Blade
Galilea’s Greatsword now returns 10% of the damage dealt as health.

Galilea’s Greatsword now deals additional +18% damage.


Gashing Bash
Shield Throw and off-hand Shield Bash now apply a 3 second Bleeding effect that deals 40 damage per second.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone
For 5 seconds after using a skill or emerging from the Abyssal Form, Galilea’s Greatsword becomes a ranged weapon, unleashing ranged blasts of energy.


Last Light
Galilea gains +2.5 health regeneration for each stack of Corruption.

Galilea’s attack speed with the Greatsword is increased by 10%, and additionally by 1% for each stack of Corruption.

The Pact
Galilea gains +360 health, and generates 1 stack of Corruption each time she loses 10% of her maximum health.


Dark Age
Desecrate duration is increased by 4 seconds.

Blight Town
Descerate area of effect is increased by 50%.

Enemies affected by Desecrate are Wounded.


Inescapable Fate
Attacking an enemy affected by Desecrate slows them by 30% for 3 seconds.

Hitting a target with Shield Throw increases Galilea’s movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.


Herald’s Return
Hitting a target with Shield Throw returns the Greatshield to Galilea’s hand and reduces Shield Throw’s cooldown by 5 seconds.

Bleak Quiet
Enemies around Galilea are Silenced for 3 seconds on Desecrate activation.

Enemies are pulled towards Galilea on Desecrate activation. Pull grows stronger with each Corruption stack.


Mirror Knight
When Galilea’s Greatshield blocks a projectile while at 75% of shield health or higher, that projectile is reflected. Greatshield still takes that projectile’s damage.

The Black Wind Howls
Galilea gains -20% CC Duration, and additional -2% CC Duration for each Corruption stack.


Deeper Than Doubt
Enemies affected by the Abyssal Form are slowed by 30%.

Pitch Black
Effects of Corruption are multiplied by 5 while in the Abyssal Form, instead of 3.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #2

I think that one of the issues that doesn’t get addressed is that you can still have Blight Town and Vortex at the same time. It’s one of the major issues that turns Galilea into a late game monster.

I do like a lot of the suggestions you’ve made here. Especially how corruption interacts her skills and helixes now. [quote=“true_xardas, post:1, topic:1555723”]
Pull grows stronger with each Corruption stack.
Can you define what you mean by stronger?

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(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #4

The only major change I’d do to gali is make her have to choose between having a silence or a pull and have the choice be available at lvl 8. IMO she shouldn’t have the best AOE in the game until late game.

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(Neb) #5

I like a lot of your ideas, basing things around Corruption, and putting the some problem helixs against each other, but I find that this Galilea has no real unique-ness to it. Feels like helixs are just numbers and bonus effects. But for a rework idea, I like it.
P.S Thanks for heavily nerfing TDTGA. It would be nice.

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(Not That Handsome Jack) #6

Well, I did want to get into too much details because it could make it a bothersome read.
How it works: first of all, Vortex has no interaction with the Desecrate’s aoe, it just pulls people in the fixed aoe around Galilea when Desecrate is cast.
Second, new Vortex is like 2 times weaker than old one by default, and each Corruption stack makes it stronger, making it equal to the current live Vortex in the pull strength. Pull strength = how far victim gets pulled towards Galilela.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #7

Ok then, I withdraw my complaint about Blight Town and Vortex being available at the same time then.

I like this rework. It gives opportunity to play Galilea as either a tank or an offense character.

(the one person that likes capture ) #8

i do like my galilea so changing her completely does worry me a bit. in my opinion there is a lot variety when it comes to your helix options compared to the current. Not many would choose the others over vortex, the silence, TDTGA etc, but in yours the options are spread out well and worth giving some thought.
i like the lv 9 helix’s a lot :ok_hand:

(Desimoneprime) #9

Nice effort, and there are certainly some good things in here. I have one question and one critique:

Q: You have Corruption damaging “enemies around her” and Desecrate creating an area that applies Corruption to all enemies inside. How are these different effects?

Critique: The basic problem with Gally is her base skill combination. You’ve done nothing to change the interaction between the Desecrate pull, the Shield Throw stun, the Abyssal Form elude and the Greatsword ranged attack that allows Gally to run straight through a defence and hunt squishies all day. Changing the numbers a bit won’t change the fact that Gally is a Defender who never defends, because she’s a better sniper/healer hunter than the best assassins.

The devs have said that they’re trying to figure out a way to make Gally an actual defender. I, for one, hope they can do it. She should be on perm-ban in pvp, but it seems that too many people enjoy abusing her to vote for the ban…

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(Not That Handsome Jack) #10

To answer your question: Welp, you described exactly how they are different. Desecrate applies Corruption’s damage and heal inside it’s aoe, even if Galilela is not there. Corruption by default is affects enemies around Galilea. So, if Galilela and Descerate in two different places, her Corruption will be applied both within Desecrate and around Galilea. They will obviously not stack if Glalilea is inside Desecrate.

To answer your critique: Oh, did I? How about you get to pull on level 8 instead of level 1 now (and can no longer pull and silence at the same time)? And to stun for full duration you need 10 stacks of Corruption, which means you need to already be in a fight, otherwise you’ll stun just for half of what she currently stuns on live? Greatsword ranged attack now requires commitment, as it only activates for the short time after using a skill (both of which feature tremendous cooldown), so no more endless spamming of projectiles from the back.
My intention was to provide two distinct ways to play her: tank and fighter. Current Galilea’s problem is that her fighter helixes outclass tank helixes too much. I made an effort to actualize and bring life to her tank helixes, while stabilizing her fighter helixes, I never intended to kill her fighter side.

(The Title Master) #11

I like some of these ideas, especially utilising corruption to make her skills better.

Me personally I just want to see some of her helices moved around, such as moving her pull to level 8, and see how that goes before any big rework.

(Desimoneprime) #12

It’s clear that my feedback came off as an attack on your intelligence. I apologise. I’m writing this in the spaces at my work desk, and I didn’t have or take the time to proofread it for tone. I respect what you’re trying to do, and would like to help you iron out the kinks. Mea culpa.

On your first point: Now I understand. You’re buffing Desecrate at the expense of Gally’s body. But, doesn’t this make Gally even more powerful? I can generate a full corruption, drop desecrate, pop ult and generate a new full corruption, move through the line and break my ult. I’m fully corrupt and have my shield stun ready to go, a HoT active, and I’m shooting. The foes I left behind are now potentially silenced, slowed, DoT-ed and they’re meat for my team. Sure, I’ve given up my pull, but now I can do damage in two places at once. Maybe the Desecrate effects could drop if she left the field?

Second point: It would help if you specified if the slow from attacking an enemy inside Desecrate applies only to Gally, or to all attacks. I assume that the silence helix is a burst the size of the Desecrate when you plant it, and not a field around her. What happens if someone charges Gally one second after Desecrate goes up? No silence, or silence? If they leave the field? GBX has stated they want Gally to be a lane-clogging defender, not a fighter. If you tied everything into the Desecrate field, it’d be more in keeping with the goal.

Third point: moving the pull deeper into the helix is clearly the right move, but I would suggest L4. This seems to be the point at which most BB get their first big jump in effectiveness. Since Gally’s big problem is that she’s too good at penetrating the line, give her the helix that pulls enemies to her spot first, and the ranged helix later (or never).

Final point: parsing everything through corruption is thematic, but puts her in danger of being a paper tiger. If someone like Orendi or WF catches her at 0 stacks, she’ll be dead before she can generate a full 10. You haven’t specified how many attacks it takes to generate one stack, or whether her sword beam counts, so there’s no way to judge how long it takes her to go from 0 to 10.

I hope this reads more like constructive criticism, and less like insults… :sweat_smile:

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(Not That Handsome Jack) #13

On first point:
It feels to me like you think Corruption is consumed on casting skills - it’s not, the effects are scaled based on current corruption instead. The thing you described sounds spectacular, but I don’t think the damage from Corruption is that relevant. Have you ever felt damage from Gal’s corruption while playing as her or against her? I barely ever felt it. Also, the slowing effect on Desecrate now requires you to attack your foes within Desecrate to slow them.

On second point:
Only Galilea slows her enemies by attacking them within Desecrate. Silence is a burst, yes, I believe I worder it properly (on activation part). Desecrate lasts too long to make silence inside it a constant, especially given how she can keep you inside if she wants.

On third point:
There is a big problem with moving the pull to level 4: it means silence must travel to level 4 too, and that means too much CC too early in the game.

On final point:
It’s simple: one attack = one stack. One skill = one stack (though I’m still dwelling on that, thinking that it can generate more, or add additional corruption to some skill helixes).

(XRagingxDemonX) #14

I’ve replied to a thread you have made before and I am returning for another.
The first thing I want to say is.

If Bear box took this helix route and went with it completely I would be totally fine with it and would back it up 100%

Sometimes I feel like the only way I win certain matches against teams that have good amounts of cc and a Benedict (as he is literally the only damage dealer you need on your team, top it n off with orendi and that’s guaranteed high damage with easy followup) is by being Galilea myself. Not because I think she’s op, because we sometimes have galilea on our team already, but they go the assassin route usually and I’m tired of babysitting with alani. (Seriously grow up and stop fully relying on your healers… Granted I’ve met smarter ones)

Galilea literally only has 2 options in her kit that make her a tank. Even the reflect on her shield is simply by chance without any increase to the amount it can take like bouldr. Her health regen on lvl 5 and her crap heal on level 4. Everything else is damage and utility and there is pretty much only one helix path with slight variations earlier depending on person or badass level of galilea. Vortex, wound/bounce, Link, silence/heal, regen/attackspeed. Everything else is pretty much mandatory to pick the same helix as the other options don’t really help her much.
I still think the offhand bleed is bad as you can’t combo it into your normal swing. It should be Her shield throw that causes a bleeding effect. I mean the launch is obviously stronger as it can bounce between foes (which I love because it turns a 2v1 into a Capt. America scene as beats people down as his shield is flying around knocking around skulls.) P.s. why did you not include that skill??

The only thing I’d say is to swap around her lvl 6 and 8 options as duration and size aren’t really Helix options available so early in the game for anyone and vortex would be needed earlier as when I hit level 5 with her the tone of the match is already decided which normally sticks for a while unless ults are wasted then the opposing team has a chance of turning the tide, but even then having to wait it out much longer for a good option to stop Benedict and orendi is easily a high nerf. I am not joking at all about that.

The only thing I’d say about the vortex pull is it doesn’t really need that type of change if it’s going to start off not being able to pull from outside arms reach (not even swords length by your calculations) as it is a lot later in the game. I’d understand that if it was available at start like it is currently, but not later.

Many are saying TDTGA is a complete nerf. It’s not. It’s quality of life change. Galilea is galilea, amused by the Link to Zelda games but the exact criterias don’t make any sense for several reasons. Zelda is nintendo. Galilea is supposed to be seen as someone who grows stronger the longer she is in a fight. Which is why I like your buff to corruption. So the fact that it only activates briefly when activating a skill means it doesn’t completely go to waste if someone has shield penetration and hits you once. Let alone while you’re still fighting and you’re not at full health. Yes she can be healed and Rayna is a thing to help keep her shield up so her health won’t get touched in the middle of a fight, but she obviously shouldn’t be relying on others for that.
Her lore itself also backs this up as those millions of Jennerit would agree that she doesn’t need anyone else to wipe hundreds out at once.

4 buff on her health regen is nice and the quality of life that it isn’t instant makes perfect sense. As you can get ganked to near death and ult out which activates 21 HR instantly. Which I exploit.

I am SO freaking happy you removed the extremely stupid helix that makes her corruption grow faster. Why does it even exist. She only steals 4 health per second from enemies and deals 12 as damage. Idk if it increases with the more enemies are around you but I highly doubt that as standing inside enemies with it activated feels like you just turned into vanilla bouldr with his poor 4 HR back then.
Ontop of that her level 10 helix options are actually options… before with her moving faster it was great because you could follow enemies for round 2 or escape and become a bit harder to be CC out of it. With the slow it makes more sense and is comparable to other level 10 helix options. Also I’ve been thinking myself she needed a helix to make her ult heal more but the HR increase is perfectly fine as Galilea shouldn’t really be investing into heal power incase someone wants to buff the options that heal her/allies.

The instant heal cast on that level 2 option is great as sometimes in fights it feels like you still take too much dot and damage for that heal over time to be effective. Even for me who ends up having 40HR with damage reduction, but its funny if someone dares to do a high damaging ult and not kill me as I’ll regen back to a similar health threshold at the end of the duration.

Early game without a healer always feel like a suicide mission. Level 1 helix seems fun.

Lifesteal without her legendary gear?!?!?! It’s a dream come true.
Also the fact that she gets her damage without having to lose her shield is greatly preferred. As it puts her as a whole rather than (do you want to tank/have utility or do more damage)
And the cc reduction is nice as well as I can’t really think of anything else except maybe to change it to increase the buff and debuffs that desecrate provides. As that level only provides Tank vs Tank options. You don’t need her running around with all of her other high helix options then instantly become harder to lock down. As great as that helix looks I fear that might end up giving players a more unique but harder to counter option for Galilea.

You already gave her more base health and the fact that she doesn’t need to be max health for her beams makes that a viable option. Though increased great shield block is great but maybe a trade off of 100 - 200 “body” shield would instead of 500 all on the great shield as she doesn’t need to be a second bouldr. Plus when she has it on her body and is swinging on her feet in reality I’m sure it would block a lot of damage without her holding it up.

The lifesteal of her corruption really made no sense in how it was working as nothing buffed it not even her desecrate and the debuffs on desecrate on live seems low imo. So I can’t wait to see what 15% looks like.

Again even if this wasn’t changed at all this would be pretty fine of a rebalance.
Simply her other options didn’t make sense for her role or gameplay wise even. Nothing in the game warranted picking outside what everyone else picks. They are so bad I don’t ever second guess it. It’s not like phoebe with her damage reduction or damage increase and etc.
This is a great change that takes away the frustration she brings and allows even more counter play but allows people who actually want more tanky options with her because they want to be their teams brick wall rather than pseudo warrior assassin.
Great job man really great job

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #15

How long do these last? They sound kinda strong

I like this a lot (Numbers are mostly placeholders or generalized for the sake of the concept yes?)

Seems a bit strong, but otherwise a good level. Again, probably just placeholders

I’d switch this to scale inversely with her health but be stronger, where it can be a boost when nabbing a kill or a help to get topped off

I like this a great deal

Can we just make this 2.0 perhaps?

I really like all of this. But I feel she has too many damage options, and her CC comes too late. She sounds like a character with a different intent. Love the more tanky ideas though

I’d love if the pull was a slow steady one. Not a jerky one off. Like an uh, actual Vortex.

Again, I love this. But I can’t help but attempt to critique

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(XRagingxDemonX) #16

There are vortex’s that increase in strength when it’s about to end. So rather than making it a long drawn out pull that needs to have some sort of strength that is above running speeds, or prevents running, then do you want to replace her slow effect?? As those two combined and you don’t even need your shield stun to keep them inside. They just made it so she focuses her energy for one quick implosion style vortex instead of gradual.

(XRagingxDemonX) #17

Please don’t make the HR gained 2.0 that’s less than what it already is. We have people like bouldr who have strong numbers like this and can build ontop of it with items to literally be unkillable. Can soak up all the damage and just annoy the enemy to be healed to half health and regen+block back to nearly full

(Not That Handsome Jack) #18

I don’t know what do you mean by not including Shield Throw into bleeding effect, my Gashing Bash rework clearly reads that both off-hand attack and Shield Throw apply bleed effect. There is even a person in this thread arguing that this is one of the talents which might make Shield Throw too strong.

Pull range is static, the strength of pull is increased by Corruption.

I kinda reworked the helix which increased corruption generation. Now it increases the max health and generates corruption when you take damage, if I’m not mistaken.

The helix that gave her attack damage while shield is out was stupid because shield was almost never out. Most (if not all) other melee characters have unconditional +18% base attack helixes.

(Not That Handsome Jack) #19

Just as the Corruption description reads, 1 stack is lost each second while out of combat or under the crowd control.

Numbers are generalized, I have no actual way to apply them or test them, obivously, so they are purely hypothetical.

Last Light works only while corrupted and scales with the current corruption, so it won’t last for long and won’t always be at max, so 2.5 can be even a bit weak.

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #20

By 1 regen. It was just a general number, we could easily make it 2.1

Now you seem to be arguing for less survivability?

She used to have silence and such be a constant. It made her very territorial. Now she just runs up and CCs everything, and doesn’t have to care about Desecrate’s lasting effect. Most would do just fine if it was a single cast skill with no duration. I’d want a very slow pull that you can still run out of but it takes some time. This effect would compound with her slow and make you think about entering her territory without an escape, but you could still get out

But how fast do they decay? One second out of combat? One per every 3 seconds? One every second CCd?

Edit: I am a fool. Apologies to all for being a fool. Ignore the above

(XRagingxDemonX) #21

I meant the shield throw bouncing around between targets her level 2 left helix in her current time state.
Reworked or removed it served no purpose in a fight as even you say her corruption damage goes unnoticed.

Strength of pull I’m assuming then means it can’t pull from infront of galilea to behind her with no stacks. Then that’s fine as is.