Theorycrafting help: Band of Sitorak + Amara +?

Just got this:

So I wanted to try it out since I use TTB and this actually has an anointment that benefits me even though I don’t think this is one of the better anointments. I’m really bad at figuring out synergies between items and skills so I’m curious if anyone has played around with this shield on Amara and has any tips on skills and/or gear that would pair well with this shield.

I’m currently using this in TVHM M4 with pretty good success:

I mostly use TTB + Stillness of Mind + Soulfire but will swap to Phasecast + Soul Sap + Soulfire on some bosses. I primarily use Cash Infused Brainstormer + Firesale Long Musket as my primary weapons so I’m already staying basically in melee range most of the time to take advantage of personal space and the huge damage from the Musket. I then swap in two other weapons depending on what I’m fighting but usually two of the following: Cutsman, ION laser, Moar Linoge, alien barrel Vladof AR and an eviscerating sublime nebula. This is the rest of my gear:

I was thinking of pulling out 4 points from FoE tree and putting them in Root to Rise for added health to make the +35% health more effective but that’s the only points I can spare and still keep both Avatar and TTB . Anyone have any thoughts on things to tweak to make this work or synergize better? Maybe some other configuration without Avatar but with 5/5 in Restless instead? Seems like my shields will be gone almost always so maxing out Helping Hands seems good and I have +2 bonus to that as well.

I really don’t think a Golden rule is the best choice for what you’ve said you have at all.

My Band of Sitorak sits in my PhaseCast Amara and the concept is that, thanks to a couple of perks in Guardian Rank, every kill refills the shield and every moment my shield is full is increased cooldown rate. Of course, if you don’t have those, then maybe it’ll be helpful. I think I’m gonna need to know how much GR you have before I can give any worthwhile suggestions.

You’re stacking a LOT of cooldown rate…to the point where I think the majority of it is definitely diminished to hell. Definitely don’t go Restless on top off all that. For sure.

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The added CD rate was not entirely on purpose. Just what happens to be on those items. I previously had 5/5 Restless but removed all that because I had so much CD stuff already. Not sure why you say the Golden Rule isn’t good for what I have. I mean between the reduced CD from Golden Rule and Avatar I can almost non stop grasp targets and then blast them with my shotguns at close range doing massive damage to multiple targets. It’s nothing fancy or complicated but seems to work.

You mentioned that your GR refills your shield but how is that helping you with this BoS shield? Aren’t you getting the bonuses on the shield when your shield is depleted? I assumed the idea was to boost health so you can sustain damage that way while getting the movement and damage bonuses. If not, what am I missing?

Again, I have Topped Off (which is massive cooldown reduction when shield is full) and the Perk that causes your shield to recharge as soon as you kill an enemy. Since the BoS has a higher rate than capacity, it’s constantly back to full for my cooldown, even though it keeps depleting. I use it with a Phasezerker which also has cooldown bonuses, and avatar. What happens is I double cast, killing things. Then use my accuracy and other buffs and my cooldown stays in the seven second range.

The bonuses from the BoS are secondary to me. I like it because of how it interacts with Topped Off.

I just think that, using a Ties That Bind build, you could get more utility out of any other com. For instance. A driver would make you and your Flamethrower a wrecking ball of sorts. I use a Nimbus in my Ties build. I just see Golden Rule as a Slam com, personally. But that’s more on me than the com.

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Previous to the Golden Rule I was using a Phasezerker. It worked well but the Golden Rule seemed to work just as well if not better but my gear has changed over time so maybe I’ll try the Phasezerker again.

I guess I still don’t understand how you are using this shield to your benefit. The way I read it you get the bonuses when your shield is depleted so why would you want your shield to keep getting topped off? Are you just using it for the recharge rate?

Are there not better shields for doing that with bonuses that aren’t specific to having a depleted shield? You seem to be saying Golden Rule for me is not being utilized fully while admittedly using this shield and ignoring the main benefit of the shield (bonuses when shield is depleted). So I guess I’m still a bit confused.

The shortest explanation is this: any enemy that dies gives me full shield for Topped off to give me cooldown, and enemy that doesn’t die makes me stronger. It does both things. The bonus health is also nice. I chose it for the recharge rate, that’s accurate.

Meanwhile, if you’re running a Ties bind, you don’t wanna get hit. You wanna get enemies off their balance and you wanna be out of the firelane. Also, I am under the impression that laid bare, the true highlight for me of Golden Rule, doesn’t get activated by TTB. That could be incorrect. I’m just trying to help come up with a concept that utilizes what you have to maximum benefit. :slight_smile:


It’s used for Topped Off the guardian rank that makes your action skill come back significantly faster when your shield is full. The Band of Sitorak has the lowest capacity and highest recharge rate in the game the capacity is generally 1kish and the re-charge rate is generally 3kish so that’s an instant fill once the recharge is activated. @sammantixbb is combining this with another guardian skill shield reboot where any time they kill an enemy that recharge is activated thus an instantly full shield thus topped of constantly activated thus significantly more action skills. This all completely outweighs any of those rather small bonuses of depletion. The main benefit of this particular shield is not it’s depletion bonuses it’s that it’s the lowest capacity fastest recharging shield in the game and it also comes with an insanely low delay.


Thanks. That makes sense. This is why I suck at figuring out what gear/skills to use. lol. I had no idea the recharge rate is the primary benefit of this shield. I think I have 50 points in Hunter GR and I’m about 3 points away from 75 in Survivor tree. So maybe I’m benefiting more from topped off than I realized previously. Hard to tell when I have +CD rate on items plus Golden Rule.

I think I will definitely go back to trying my Phasezerker and see how that compares. Beyond that does anyone have any suggestions on other changes that would be good with this shield? Maybe pulling out 4 points from FoE tree and into Root to Rise to boost health? Maybe ditch Avatar and go deeper into FoE for Sustainment? Something else?

I’ve been working on a phasecast build that uses this shield and Golden rule and I’ve actually ended up getting my skill tree close to yours.
I know it sounds ■■■■■■, but you don’t need Avatar, it actually contradicts topped off and Golden rule working together, maybe a phazerker build would need Avatar but the synergy between BoS and those two mods is slightly different. Having two cast is fun but the needed gear and your skills give little benefits to your second cast, unless you’re looking to fill a specific niche with Avatar.
As Sam and Kab stated this shield and Topped off work pretty well with each other. BoS and Golden rule only complement each other if you’re supposed to take alot of damage. This way you still have increased cooldown rate when your shields can’t recharge. The combo works pretty good but you can get some good survivability without putting points in Avatar.

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There’s a lot of reasons to take avatar for cast. That second cast is DEVASTATING with ase elements and Phasezerker


Almost always worth it with phasezerker, but once I stopped the slag girl I started trying to make a more versatile build that stacks debuffs.

That’s been my experience as well. Being able to cast twice in a row enables you to clear an area quickly and with much less risk. Then the other AS CD reducing things just get you back to that point super fast to do it again as more things spawn or you keep moving forward. Adding on top of that the benefits of ASE bonuses just multiplies the effectiveness.

That being said I’m wondering if the Golden Rule + Topped off + this Sitorak shield would allow me to drop Avatar and just go down the FoE tree instead…also grabbing some additional Brawl stuff for survivability. Something like this:

So now that I’m home and messing around with my build I see that I have both Topped Off and Shield Reboot. The question I have about Shield Reboot is how effective is this on M4? Does it happen consistently enough to keep the shield filling back up quickly? I mean sometimes I kill things pretty fast but other times things don’t die as fast which seems like it would be bad for survival and the premise of gaining AS in this manner. Also, how much of a rate “increase” is Topped Off exactly? Has anyone tested this?

This was an early version of what I’m doing. To put it in perspective, you’ll see a Lifesteal Brainstormer I no longer use. I switched to running Samsara, and it’s been a dangerous and fun game ever since. But you’ll see the band return to full and be able tk see my cooldowns.

Shoulders point out. The Amara grasp novas on your shield should be radiation. Downside is they’re short radius

I must have been doing something right with my previous setup. I respec’d to the build I linked above (out of Avatar), switched to the Sitorak shield and away from the Golden Rule but I’m not doing more damage (maybe less) and my survivability has dropped (have now died a couple times when I wasn’t dying at all before) and my AS takes ages to come back up. I tried a Nimbus and Elementalist but neither worked well. I also tried a Phasezerker which worked better but still not as well as the Phasezerker with my Avatar build.

In my previously posted build I would get 2 AS casts from Avatar and then only have to wait about 5 seconds for my AS to reset. Now I’m waiting like 10 seconds between every AS cast and with such a small capacity shield that is scary (even though my ability to take damage is greatly increased from Helping Hands, Sustainment etc…).

Not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong with this new setup or just something about the way I play but seems like a big step down from what I had before. It also worked well with both the Transformer shield as well as a Re-charger shield. Is there something I’m missing about Shield Reboot or Topped Off that makes them work better? Feels like a catch 22. I’m getting less AS so I can’t kill enemies fast enough to trigger shield reboot and without reboot triggering enough topped off isn’t working well.