Therapeutic Booster Question

This skill is straight up clutch… Started using it a lot and looking on forums not many others use it. Besides that… Isn’t this supposed to remove melka’s venom? I used it in a match and the venom was still applied to my teammate unless Melka was flying and re applied venom. So just wondering, anyone know?

From my experience it doesn’t remove the venom dot. Her venom doesn’t fall under the definition of cc in this game, otherwise it would be broken. Negating thorns blight or OM’s napalm would have people screaming for nerfs! I think people avoid it because the overshield beam is quite slow, especially at a distance, and a lot of cc in the game is only 1-3 seconds long. You might save one or two team mates but it’s under very strict circumstances. Being close enough to get the shield on immediately, facing the right direction to begin with, noticing your team mate has been cc’d… I pick it sometimes when I feel like having that ace up my sleeve, but I don’t think it’s a “must have” helix choice like something like OM’s napalm

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I remember that it was considered a must-have helix for PvP the first few days after the launch.
But I agree with @Shield_Biter: It is very situational, whereas Vigilance offers increased strength on every Shield Boost. That’s simply a more consistent benefit. It also helps with your own survivability.

Thanks, that’s true… Some really good valid points and thank you for clarifying the venom question :slight_smile:

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