There are a lot of things this game can have to keep old members still interested, here are some of them

I think they could let us prestige at rank either 50 or 100, so we can get more rewards for leveling up quicker and so it’s not too hard to level up and should get a reward depending on the level, the higher the level the more the reward, we should get credits for leveling up again or a small amount of Platinum. I also think we should be able to prestige our characters as I think the character max level is pretty low, and for prestige I think we should get an exclusive pack for that character or it’s class. I think we should be able to design our own characters and send them in somewhere, where the winner’s design(s) could be used and then let the public choose the abilities, this would give a chance for Battleborn to spread the variety of different characters, fighting styles and looks. I think the new characters could represent a new class that joins the Battleborn newly, to help them defeat the objectives in new potential story mode (not an operation). I know many Battleborn players that would love newly designed characters and free playable story levels. Another one of my ideas are that we should either get more quests more frequently, more Platinum for them, or another slightly easier way to get Platinum. I also think having certain active titles should give a slight advantage in battle. I also think we should be able to submit our ideas for new taunts and skins. Another think I would like to add would be another lore for each character that contains a near enough life like cutscene that may be a life story or a scene. These are only ideas.


People have been asking for this since the very first people hit the 100 cap. It used to come up once in a while but requests finally seemed to die out when Gearbox unequivocally stated they wouldn’t even consider it until Season 2.

Which at this point is the moon as far as requests go.


So what if we started to request again for all the people who still play the game

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And also how do we directly request to them

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i doubt they care. they just don’t listen to feedback or requests

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We should try to get some petitions going. One for draft. One for playable nova. Just to show them that there are still a shitton of players who still care and who thoroughly enjoy the game they crafted.

Just a thought. Because posting in the forums seems to help only to a certain degree.


I believe in Gearbox.
I do NOT believe in 2k.
Sadly, I think Battleborn has seen its last updat/patch/support.


a lot of people have expressed their love and desires for nova(they talk about it like twice in the story too) if they had any plans i feel like they would have at least teased by now.

this was in march so its really hard for me to be optimistic that they would be planning any more heros at this point, or anything besides skins and taunts to sell for platinum. Which they already have confirmed i believe to have been making another magnus set for all battleborn.

posted at the end of march about the CC meta changes that still never came.

theyll conitnue to tinker with que’s and such, but patches will most likely dwindle until massive things pile up and once the player base is low enough, pull the plug IMO.