There are only 6 sirens in the universe because... (FIGURED... possibly...)

There are only 6 sirens in the universe because there are only 6 living Eridians in the universe.

I hope that sentence made a lot of sense.
The Eridians could have the power to transit their own powers into other beings. Seems they prefer humans since, all sirens are human(ish) as far as we’ve seen.

So, 6 Eridians, 6 sirens.

OR… let’s say there are more than 6 living Eridians at this moment. Maybe this is the power of a more powerful type of Eridian. Tannis did say they lived under a hierarchy. Perhaps an elite force tasked with maintaining a steady amount of god-like human counterparts.

Also in BLTP, it’s hinted that Eridians are crazy advanced. It’s possible.

I’m just fascinated by sirens right now, and, this is the most plausible theory I’ve ever come across on the internet. Created by myself, no less.

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I always assumed that, given their crazy powers, if there were more than six sirens in the universe, the universe would simply give up and annihilate itself.

I like your theory better!

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Perhaps the writer of BL3 is here taking notes. hehe. “he’s like, yes! that’s a great idea!”

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Or maybe we now know to much and must be silenced.

I cannot help but feel @Greatkibble may have opened a “Pandora’s Box”

I will get my coat


Seems to me like each Siren is only able to tap into their unique ‘one-sixth’ of the total power pool that they all draw from.

  1. Lilith = phaseWALK
  2. Maya = phaseLOCK
  3. Angel = phaseSHIFT
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???
    I’m not up on my lore, but it seems there can be less than 6 (until a new one is born), but not more as there are no more available seats at the table, so to speak.

I wonder if Commandant Steele was confirmed Siren, she had blue tatoos after all… But I like your theory! Number of Sirens is dependant on number of Eridians alive… But how would Jack now about it?

She was

There’s currently 5 confirmed sirens.
Lilith: Given
Maya: Given
Angel: Given
Steele: Confirmed (also cited on borderlands wiki)
Asha: Character in the Borderlands comics that has been confirmed to be cannon

Who is this Asha you speak of? Tell me more!

Also, to add to the theory, I don’t think that the Eridians chose humans for preferential reasons. They were looking for another race to share their power with.
Allow me to explain: The reason why sirens are human is because humans are the latest species of high sentience to have come into contact with Eridian technology. Eridians were just waiting for another race they felt fit to share their gifts with. Maybe it happened automatically. Who knows.

She’s a siren without tattoos. Quoting directly from the wiki “A fifth siren, Asha, was depicted in the comics.” There’s pictures of her all around google images, here’s one I took directly from the canon comics:

Asha = PhaseSHOUT?

A siren without tattoos… sounds suspicious. Are you sure she’s a natural siren? i.e - born with her powers.

I can’t confirm that her powers are natural, but the comics are confirmed to be canon. The information about her is really vague, before a few days ago I didn’t even know borderlands had comics, I guess I’ll read up on them some time…

I think I know who the sixth Siren is!

This is from the cancelled “Borderlands Online” game in China. And this is one of the characters.
(If you’re wondering where I got this from I got it from Facebook somewhere.)

I looked that up, and it seems to be a fan concept. Looks good though. A few BL Online things seem to show a white haired lady as siren.

That’s how I Imagined it. It’s probable that there is only one Eridian left which is projecting its powers on certain humans. It’s also probably female which is why only female humans have been known to have siren powers; they need to ‘match up’ in some way to receive the gift.

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Just curious - why do you think it’s only one Eridian behind 6 siren powers?

Eridians probably have all the powers, and several more too. It would probably be too much for a human to have all the powers at the same time so it splits them up between several recipients. I don’t know what killed off the Eridians but it was probably very good at it. The survivors likely spread out to the point where there were only one Eridian per galaxy; making it statistically unlikely to find them. They are also probably female or Asexual; so that they can undergo parthenogenesis to produce a breeding population and recover their species; which is why only female humans are known to have siren powers.

Its all complete and total speculation though.

As is this thread. : )
Thanks for sharing!

Nah nah nah you’re all overthinking this and what the eridians are - The eridians are completely masterful at technology: they built the vaults, they built the guardians; they built the warrior and the traveller and the sentinel.

Sirens aren’t mystical, ad the Eridians aren’t magickal.

Sirens are the ultimate weapon built by the Eridians - Biological weapons that can transfer from host to host and give that host unimaginable power. That’s why Sirens become stronger with eridium - that’s a great power source that it can feed from.

That’s why Sirens are only 6 - Only 6 of the weapons were created (Or maybe, only six of those weapons weren’t trapped in a vault with the rest of the army of sirens? The watcher did warn of a war after all. What would be more terrifying than a vault filled to the brim with ancient sirens) and the technology isn’t self replicating.

/My theory atleast


I believe there are only 6 sirens, because they represent the 6 circles of Dr. Ted. When Ted dissappeared, he taught the Eridians how to make sirens, so that the Eridians could use them to keep peace in the borderlands universe.