There are some "knowable" things we can assume with Borderlands 3

I understand people are thirsty for any BL3 information so allow me to at least say a few words that might take the weight of just a tad.

So the GDC presentation showcased a “Borderlands” game in UE4. I will take that as a confirmation Gearbox has moved onto UnrealEngine 4. This means a few possible changes in BL3, which I believe is highly likely to happen.

  • No Scaleform: This is infamous for creating a lot of little UI exploits in the game (fast swapping of weapons to modify mid air projectile’s damage, and well…gunzerking). You see, Scaleform was integrated into UE3, even though it was a third party tool, it’s inclusion within UE3 meant it was the go to solution for most UE3 developers. This is no longer the case, with UE4 you need to buy the Scaleform license separately and integrated within UE4 manually. The reason for this is UE4 has a internal UI (UMG) and I bet Gearbox will use this instead. It’s cheaper and probably easier to work with. No telling what new bugs UMG might create, or probably even repeating the Scaleform exploits all over again (lets hope not).

  • Multicore Phyx: Yes friends, Physx won’t be ■■■■ anymore. UE3 (the version Borderlands 2 used) had a much older (pre 3.0) Single Core Nvidia’s Phyx Plugin. That is no longer the case for UE4.

  • Full VR Support: I mean come on, that one is obvious.

I have more but these are the two big once. Hope this helps.


Pls no :sob:

It’s a conglomerate of a bunch of stuff, but sadly this is one of the biggest reasons I love Borderlands.

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I’ve always known bl3 would be UE4. which I’m super excited for. UE3 is ancient. not as bad as blizzard with their 20 year engine, but still.


Atoned for their sins imo.



What about the known unknowns?

And the unknown knowns?

And the unknown unknowns, of course!

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The engine for World of Warcraft has been updated several times. It is now DirectX 12 capable - far from a “20-year old engine”.