There are still issues in mayhem 2.0

i am happy for GBX and all the people finally having some fun in this game after the mayhem 2.0 update
but GBX please dont forget that these horrible modifiers still exist and many people want to play without them (on highest difficulty)
and also the weapon scaling doesnt really make any sense so i would still suggest to return to the mayhem 1.0 system

you had your moment, people are celebrating, but the game is not fixed yet^^


yup, DLC is top notch like allways… but the main game is STILL a hot mess…

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all i want is remove any modifier associate with element and ffyl ,they simply remove a mechanics from a game lol

also reduce farming, atleast let us respawn a boss without save quit or maybe guaranteed drop , console takes like 1 2 minutes to load

For players that have the DLC the game is quite perfect (for me M10 is really easy right now).
But the players that only have the base game and need to farm for the Monarch, Backburner or Sand Hawk with the right anointment, they are in a real bad spot.

I agree 100%, as happy as I am with this latest patch I’m not changing my mind about the M2.0 modifiers and just want to turn them off

they just buffed stuff they did not change anything about mayhem all the issues stand as it was

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I agree, especially on making modifiers optional. It also plays a part in exacerbating issues from weapon scaling: when I get a high mayhem level gun for whatever reason (mayhem 6 exclusives, co-op, trying out higher difficulty), and want to use it, the choice is between modifiers I normally avoid, or braindead easy mode.

weapon scaling also divides the playerbase and makes it impossible to simply go and have some “relax time” in a lower difficulty because the scaling simply makes the game a joke when you play on low mayhem with a mh10 weapon
pre mayhem 2 everyone had the same gear level and depending on how good your build was and how much challenge you personally prefered, you could go up and down the mayhem levels as you liked
but with this system you are pretty much bound to your weapon level

and i dont suggest auto downscaling!
just return to mayhem 1.0

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Love a lot about the DLC. It reminds though how much I hate the Mayhem modifiers. Farming minimizes the pain but actually playing show the full terrible that is M2.0.

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I’ve spent 10 minutes trying to get the most neutral modifiers I could but I couldn’t. They tainted my first experience of the DLC a bit. Prople are talking about how beautiful it is but I couldn’t feel it as much bc of the modifiers.

Hard to enjoy the beautiful maps with enemies glowing with every single color on the color wheel. I just want an option to not have them and enjoy how the game looks normally, and save frames. They’re in the way, idc if it has to lower my world drop quality.