There are too many anointments & they are too specific

First off, there are too many anointments.

Secondly. Why do we have anointments about autobear being active when it should just be “while moze’s action skill active”. I say that because now we have mini-cub. Why do need anointments that distinguish amongst all the different action skill variants/situations?

Thirdly. Because of so many anointments, we really need away to alter which anointment is on which item. If items 1 and 2 were corrected, then maybe we wouldn’t need a way to move anointments between items.

Fourth point. Diablo 3 has a similar type of system with incredibly specific boosts, but the main difference here is that you can alter your gear in diablo 3. You can extract legendary powers. You can level up an item. You can reroll a property or a stat. Lots of options. That’s why it works. I’m really hoping that “directors cut dlc” for BL3 will have some sort of gear editor machine.

edit 2:
5th point: When something says “after you use phase slam” or “after you use astral projection” it really needs to work on all variants of those. Amara’s augmented action skills seem to not trigger some of these incredibly specific anointments. Please go and make sure those are all coded correctly.


It has been a problem since they were introduced and they only added more when people wanted less.

You see,… you ask for something and the opposite happens here.

Now GBX will add more since you made this post,…


They actually removed a bunch at some point. But I get what you’re saying.

  1. Yes. A second anointment culling needs to happen. Including the newest anointments they added. All of those anoints can be compressed into two.

  2. Auto Bear and Iron Cub is understandable/expected that they didn’t make them count for said anointment. Is it acceptable? No way. They should have added Iron Cub to that anoint. Auto Bear is technically not an Active Action Skill. It works while AS is on cooldown for that matter. As for action skill variants? It shouldn’t be a thing. We just need one singular Action Skill Damage annointment instead of 8 between all classes.

  3. Anointment rerolling should definitely be a thing.




I’m aware. And yes that’s annoying.

His point still stands. They have removed anointments before. Eventually they’ll do it again. There’s plenty that could be removed.

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If they just rolled all of the Iron bear weapon and Iron iron cub active into one annointment that would help alot. Obviously make sure their is a distinction so Iron cub isn’t double dipping and being uber OP but the point still stands. Also the ASE status chance and damage could probably go as well as just one more example. Their is plenty if fat that could be trimmed that is for sure…


I have this feeling that GBX doesn’t even know what to do anymore :joy:

Hopefully they’ll start focusing on balance and difficulty before going into DLC6

But not really sure if I’m still here when they do… Haven’t played the game for a few weeks (start the game, shoot some crap and end up just playing something else)


Just proves that they are not listening to anyone but themselves.

Yes, they once removed a bunch of anoints. However they did a sweeping removal of slide and airborne anoints instead of removing the worthless ones that no one uses. Like increased accuracy and handling ones and crap like that. They removed some good damage anoints in their sweep. No one asked for that.

Now they’ve added in just as many, if not more than they removed initially. And instead of useful generalized anoints, we got this granular garbage that is impossible to farm for.


Who cares. You don’t even need annoints to destroy every single thing in the entire game with ease

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Man… There a certain number of statistics on an item. I have played advanced RPG’s that exhibit single items boasting some 15 statistics.

Borderlands gear is simple in comparison. To simplify the loot any further turns BL in a sole casual game because minimal stats = minimal brain work. This isn’t f advanced shiv dood.
People asking for a simpler Borderlands<the real Borderlands

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It may be simple to you but for me it a confusing mess and difficult to understand . The last time I had any fun with this game was mayhem 1 .4 now no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find a build for moze without copying you tubers none of it makes sense. Moze is a gunner she should be able to pick up a gun and go balls to the wall without having to depend on teddy bear but no she has to use guns that depend on what teddy does or doesn’t do .

Doesn’t BL3 already have the most complex gear parts system of any Borderlands game? How would changing anoints make it not “the real Borderlands?” Are BL1 and BL2 not real Borderlands? Is there not enough item variability in the game aside from anointments? Does adding 600 more anointments make the game an even better Borderlands game?


Bl2 is dated yo!

Ok yeah I feel you there VH, Moze does bonus incendiary under certain conditions, every time she deals splash she deals bonus incendiary and can increase her splash radius, deals 30% increased spalsh damage - this is Moze in a nutshell, the total of her damage aside from Gun damage boosting stacks… This class maximizes splash and naturally deals fire damage along side having infinite ammo… So when you say the Gunner should be able to pick up a gun and go wild… Like yeah she can but not just any gun, Moze specializes on certain things.

Truthfully tho I only realized her specialist ability upon starting a Zane because most of the guns that were trash for Moze turned out to be perfect for Zane.


Borderlands is not a rpg, it has some elements, but it is not in terms of equipment.
Bl2 used gun parts that was way harder to get the best possible combination and needed a more advanced game knowledge than reading the weapon card (anointment).

Honestly, I really don’t see your point, if anything anointment made the weapon statistics simpler

You only needed to do this really if you were bored and wanted to hunt for the perfect set up. The stat rolls unless DP didn’t add 100% damage(at cost of double ammo) but was closer to the 5% damage difference range which you could make up on your build.

My favorite unkept harold was Hard because of damage per shot instead of damage per second. I didn’t need to farm for a perfect roll until later I decided I wanted the extra 5% damage or a DP to make a quick kill. Heck once I got any DP roll I wouldn’t farm it any more.

Anoints you are farming for 100-200% more damage on a weapon in which the pool, even when I was playing, made it super annoying.

So what did GBX do? MADE IT RAIN LEGENDARIES! And you hardly find anything worth a darn.

BL2, I was happy to find Legendaries/Pearls/Effervescent when they dropped.
BL3 drop rate is stupid and ruined the vanilla game in the process.


In BL2 every purple drop made me happy :joy:

Any legendary made me feel great for weeks hahaha


That is because they were viable sources of damage,… :cry:


I agree way too many legendary so many legendary weapons that the blue and purple weapons were ignored.