There are too many anointments & they are too specific

there should be only be few anoints

ASS 30% gun damage during duration
ASE 30% gun dmg 12 secs
ASS 15% crit
ASE 15% crit
ASE 5% life steal
ASE/ASS shield starts recharging
ASS/ASE nade damage 10%

call it a day


Makes WAAAYYYYY too much sense,… won’t happen. :upside_down_face:

Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

If they did that they would have to scale back mayhem scaling some I think.

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You should hear his Ted Talk

In that case you could zjusy remove them and just add a bonus to all weapons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anointments need a really big overhaul :wink: but with that, mayhem needs an overhaul and the whole weapon system needs an overhaul too then :joy:

Anointments are just a part of the bigger problem :wink:

But there’s people on the forums who think this will turn the game into something horrible (but if one would actually think about it would know that nothing fundamental really changes)

People said OP was crap and GBX listened… But now we have a dumbed down OP system (now you just increase the difficulty instead of doing Digistruct peak) and they hated slag… So they gave us anointments…

Then there’s mayhem health scaling and weaponscaling… Why? If they didn’t scale mayhem into oblivion there wouldn’t be any need to balance everything to every mayhem level.

And so on :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Personally I hate that idea. I love how anointments create tons of build variety, but I hate that these anointments are basically impossible to get.

For example, right now I’m playing the super fun and surprisingly strong “Fat Zer0” build, which uses Fl4k and the psychostabber with 300%/90% anointment. Without that anointment, the build flat out couldn’t exist. However, because the boss only has a 10% drop chance and the anointment is roughly 1/20, it would take roughly 200 kills with a 3 minute loading screen for me to get it legit.

If Gearbox instead upped the drop rate on boss kills, and merged the terrible anoints, I would be much happier.

Another potential option is for gearbox to basically double weapon damage and half anointment effectiveness, along with the above idea.


I disagree with that general statement. There were a lot of trssh legendaries.
And the overall chance to get want you needed for your build (from raid bosses) wasn’t any higher or lower than what it takes now to get what you need.
That’s based on feeling across several hundreds of hours in all BL games, not on math.

I read a lot of fond memories of BL2 but tbh that game was exclusive as it excluded me from loot over years. Norfleet? 94% sham, anyone? Farmed those bastards for months to no avail.
No one is gonna tell me that BL3s loot system, while truly far from perfect, is worse than BL3.

yes that is very easy to do

At least they finally gave Moze some annointments usable in IB form.

I still play BL2 and still prefer it over BL3 after M2.0.

Don’t have to agree with me, but I do like the variety of viable weapons across the board, that just don’t ruin the vanilla game. To me BL3 is just full of literal garbage loot and most the time I stopped looking at loot. In BL2 I still check through blue/purple/gold+ constantly even on OP levels.


I prefer BL3’s weapon systems to BL2s. I do feel like there are a bunch of useful weapons at the endgame - at least 10 to 20. In BL2, I felt like all I could use was like 3 or 4 weapons in the endgame.

I have some sets of mayhem 10 modifiers I can tolerate. And I enjoy mayhem 11. I do wish I could just set what modifiers instead of rerolling them! But thankfully mayhem 11 exists now.


Agreed. Some of these anointments create fun extreme builds. I don’t want to dumb them all down to be boring.

I just think we have so many that we need a way to tweak our items.


Don’t know if I played the same game as other people but I managed to get to OP8 using the Infinity as my only legendary :sweat_smile:

BL3 loot is just crap…

Atm I only use a Maggie or Clairvoyance… (storm or AAA for shields) and nothing else… And I’m just blasting everything to kingdom come… Everything is just overturned AF

BL2 stuff actually was challenging even with legendary guns… I didn’t get the feeling I needed legendaries to play OP8 and just went with guns that felt comfortable to use.

BL3 either it’s OP as f… Or it’s straight up vendor trash…

And anointments make the whole thing even worse


I agree about them being too specific. I was playing M11 Moze last night just testing some stuff for Iron Cub and
-Iron Cub railguns
-Iron Cub launchers
-Iron Cub grenades
-Iron Cub fists
(Couldn’t these just be whatever Iron Cub weapon is? Why split them up like this. Not only do you have to farm it for the specific weapon you want THEN get annoint option THEN get which weapon for iron cub you use THEN farm the rest anyway since this is borderlands and changing weapons is the name of the game. That’s 20 hours down the drain just for 1 weapon annointment type)

Then you have stuff like
-Flak Gravity Snare 100% dmg
-Amara Phasegrasp 100% dmg
-Action Skill Duration 200% dmg
so why the need for the previous two?
And in regards to Amara she has so many differences. 100%. 150%. 250%. Obviously I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but it seems to me like all of these differences can just be consolidated.


Yeah and I really don’t get the IB anointments :joy:

It doesn’t actually matter what it’s on… It could be a trash white gun, just have it in your inventory and equip it before you start IB?

I think it was better of as a grenade anointment…

But hey… Again something proving that they’re throwing crap at the wall and see what sticks…

Anointments really feel like they just have no clue what they’re doing with the (bad) idea


I agree 100%, I’m not defending anointments, just saying that bl2 had a more complex system than bl3 legendary anointments just by using the gun parts, and that guy above was saying that removing anointments would make the game less complex

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At this point removing anointments would be to drastic haha

But keeping them the way they are now is boring (again, they should remove weapon scaling, tune down mayhem scaling and tune down anointments to something fun and not a meta damage boost)

Lol the stat could be in the card list instead of beneath it labeled “annointed” and the whole item just isn’t anointed lol

The anoint is a statistic, 1 stat, like all the other stats. Except its singled out and described at the base of the card.

Amusing :slight_smile: what’s the difference?
There isn’t any bar the cosmetic-ness of it all.

Either a player finds the Legendary with
the “part/parts” or they don’t… Sounds like a loot game to me. What, isn’t an anointment a part? Answer me

My solution is always the same:

  • Buff every weapon’s damage by 200%
  • Transform damage anointments from “adds x% elemental damage” to “convert 50% of damage to elemental”

Voila, damage numbers are the same so they don’t need to balance but values are under control and equalised among all players. Then we can concentrate on more gimmicky and funny anointments.
Buffs to action skill damage can stay.