There are two things left to patch

one thing is one click eject to bear. not keydown
adds this option to ‘Security bear’ or ‘Dakka bear’ or whatever.

second thing is ‘auto bear’ invincibility.

Why would this be an option on a completely independent skill?
It should just be a setting or a change to the action skill in general

What do you mean by invincibility?

Auto Bear gets blasted early sometimes.

Just as we get blased, I guess^^
He also just has a healthbar and enemies have launchers

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I don’t agree he should be invincible. There is punishment for the player if they drop auto bear in a bad position.
This is true to aesthetics

The whole spaced out timing of the Bear deployment demands a more tactical approach then Amara’s grasp. IB is an advanced action skill, I say this and Ive been shot down by forum users that say it isn’t tactical but here’s the thing; I’m a Krieg mainer and you can just hit your action skill and go nuts as the Psycho.
Apply this COA to Moze and you get hammered. Preemptive thinking is required for Moze which is why I believe GB won’t adhere to single press deploy or eject.
Timing and positioning are at the forefront of the Gunner class

IMO :slight_smile:

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Another thing that has to be patched
The shield recharge debuff of the blood letter
And we still got the wcicatg skill being completely useless

Not sure if you were around for the launch of the game, but the BL was broken before they added the debuffs.

Probably parallel to vampyr being able to use Tesla grenades
Now, it’s just weak and everyone is using the blastmaster or mindsweeper

I think some people are back to using 1hp bloodletter builds to take advantage of the 150% radiation annointment

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Yea, i guess
I use it until now
But I’m not playing a rad only moze so I’m not taking advantage of that new anoint
But I’m trying to use the shield trigger anoint

The beam nade change happened a little later, but it did depress interest in the BL until they amped up Moze’s splash damage anoint.

I think the changes that they’ve made to RO and Redistribution have opened up more possibilities for the BL. It is still your strongest option for anything other than a pure splash-optimized build.

The rad anoint makes building for bullet multiplication really easy now.

I’ve got 900 hours on Moze and i agree with this in principal. I think if IB did more damage in M10, this would be even more true. As it sits, sadly, I’ve temporarily given up on him being anything more than a pull-out tactic in heavy situations where I’ve been cryo-ed.

I used bear to fight Joey M10, but killed him with the O.P.Q

There are times I feel Moze is surrounded in a bad position (it happens to the best of us) and so I deploy, carrying a Metabolizing Re-Charger means when my shield breaks it comes back instantly. This feature has a 20second cool down thats when I hide Moze in the Bear, he can sustain a faster than she can and his jump dash bails Moze out fast, recollects her self and comes back head on.

I still use Bear in M10, minesweeper vanquisher rockets are handy, so is Rail gun to bolster your sheild breaking prowess

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Maybe I just need a new legendary com with desperate measures
I am currently trying to play without vampyr so the bloodletter is actually just for it’s skill boni and HP drops. Well and redistribution now but that is really a smaaaaallll bonus. Hardly noticeable on 100k shield

I will probably try out a low life but that always leaves behind that bitter taste of less stat boni

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Do you have a 57 Frozen Snowshoe? It’s a Maliwan Takedown drop, but you can run at any mayhem level for it. It’s really good for some Bloodletter style Moze builds and probably does well with blast builds, depending on your splash damage.

It’s great for helping you escape bad positioning when you might, ehem, accidentally find yourself there :slight_smile:

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Never seen it in my life but I wrote the name down. Will keep an eye out

@Felixthecoach dude Joey’s men corner you, that whole arena is “You’re surrounded” you can tell I had fun in there (phucking hectic)

Redistribution is surprisingly weak regen, honestly. I’m glad it’s there, but it still feels kinda like it’s intended for early game builds and not really meaningful in end game.

Yea, should be buffed to 5% maybe
Together with all life steal weapons -.-

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I bet gbx did 2.5% because they realized most meta players are running BlastMaster/Mindsweeper - both give an extra point in redistribution

Aaaah. Good point
Well, most sustain options are kinda useless on blood letter builds
Which is kinda paradox since it’s the reason they nerfed the shield recharge, to get your sustain elsewhere

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