There is a thing about content after dlc 5

so basically
we know there are in general 2 teams for big dlcs
1 for example did dlc 1----- dlc team 1,
while another did dlc 2 ---- dlc team 2

dlc team 1 did after that --------dlc 3
and dlc team 2 did then --------dlc 4

so assuming other teams helped with the skilltrees and dlc team 1 did ( maybe )---- dlc 5 arms race

dlc team 2 started with --------dlc 6

now what is dlc team 1 doing? did they move on or help with dlc 6
because as it is right now they dont seem to have a plan after dlc 6
and dlc 6 MUST be massiv in content to justify no story content, no skilltree and so on for 15 bucks

do you think dlc team 1 is already gone and has moved on to other things,
do you think team 1 started new content after dlc 6
or do you think they started helping out dlc 6

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I don’t think there’s 2 teams :rofl:

And just a lot of smaller teams… Art, game balance, coding, debugging, etc.

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actually they did say during at least 2 events where i remember,
1 borderlands show and during that pax where they showed dlc 2 trailer that there are indeed ( at least, and at least for the big dlcs ) 2 teams
1 works each on a dlc

and they did say one team has moved on to dlc 3 ( which was team 1) and krieg dlc only has concept art because the other team hasnt moved there yet, since dlc 2 wasnt released yet

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Yeah but they should still work together I think :wink:

There’s also the director to manage how things are going :innocent:

So the 2 teams just focus on their respective part while other teams are doing all round work (having to many people work on the same thing works counter productive)

DLC4 probably ended up like that due to the pandemic (still not a great excuse)

But it all boils down to the man in charge :wink:

For example, ever played dragon age 2? It wasn’t a bad game but bioware got rushed by EA to finish the game (and so ended up as a sub par game)

I feel the same is true for BL3… Somebody is more focused on getting money then wanting a quality product (probably why there’s so little or no testing)


im fairly sure there are multiple teams helping the main teams,
but well,
i kinda rly. RLY hope they have one swing of new content for free and new content for events
because if they rly lazy cycle through old events im like… rly? i found this years halloween sad

also i rly rly hope they will make a MASSIV dlc 6, dlc 3-4-5 got less and less and less per dlc and its like… wtf
if dlc 6 isnt like dlc 1-2 an 8 hour thing at least i call it a day
dlc 1-2 could take hours to finish for the first time
and had alot of side stuff you could do

we rly need this back

Again, it’s all about money :pensive:

There’s people who do their jobs because they like doing it and profit isn’t that much of a priority.

But there’s also people who don’t care for anything but money and start cutting corners.

So the people who love creating this game get pressured by the people who want to see money.

It’s just a vicious circle, people wanting to create games need money such they get from people who want more money…

We can all agree that BL3 isn’t all bad… But the cut corners are sharp and obvious.

Problem is we can’t point fingers as we do not know (for sure) who is forcing the devs to deliver such a sub-par product


GBX is also working on other projects, so there may not be any additional DLC released after the Director’s Cut.


One of the teams is GBX Quebec, the other GBX Texas. I’m not entirely sure which team did what though - memory on that is a little fuzzy. One way to tell would be to just watch the end credits. The Quebec crew have a distinctive set of names compared to the Texas crew.


i stopped playing after 5th dlc…as end game content isnt really there i think and arms race isnt good enough to keep me hooked on playing as get bored of game fast hopefully dlc 6 is like dungeons game in bl2 as that was was long quest and good story to go with it , basically all im asking for is decent dlc 6 with decent story and is actual long story and more area’s as past 5 dlc wasnt bad but story and area’s was too small for my liking.


here is hoping director’s cut is somthing which bring people back though i dont got high hopes they do brilliant enough to bring people back into game as feels like beating dead horse at moment.

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I can ask, but I know one team worked on DLC 1 & 3, while the other 2 & 4.

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It is already known what director’s cut is about from a webpage on the 2k website, and I am not sure it’ll bring anyone who left back just for that.


who knows what content they have , but not got high hopes on being gold content as they still need better endgame content, and at this point yeah i get you as most people are probly bored of main story it had because it did suck some somewhat.

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The page is deleted.

kinda glad i didnt buy season 2 instead i been playing and enjoying cyberpunk more myself as prefer cyberpunk alot more to bl3 anyday myself and creator’s of that game actually value people more i think then money.


If I had gotten my refund I would have used it to get cyberpunk. I bought the ultimate edition last week and the stuttering is terrible. Bummed me out because that was it for my holiday game of choice.


also cyberpunk is on 3rd update on ps4 now (to fix main game issues) as there working on some things though its nice to see them fixing issues faster then expected on older console as creator’s are mostly pc game based but nice again to see they fix game on all device’s not just pc but think pc updates ae ahead more.


I think all we can expect coming up, is one last cheaply built and designed cash grab. I would love to be wrong, but the sign’s aren’t good.


It’s wild to me that people are still bringing up Cyberpunk as an alternative to BL3 when that game is so broken I can’t even progress the main story missions. CDPR released a game that was in no way ready to be played and you guys are praising them for applying a few band-aids.

The game was so bad it got delisted from the PS Store. Not even Life of Black Tiger got that treatment!


you can progress in story missions on cyber punk as i done main quest fine and now doing side ones still…also im on ps4 the older console where most cry over it apparently and game runs fine minus very small crashing issue which has been partly fixed in latest update , also dont read to deep into people complaining over it as they blow it out of portion per say as its not as bad as people make it out to be otherwise if it was as bad people said it was i woulnt be enjoying game still would i as others do also.

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