There is a War coming...theories?

Theories on the Watcher’s cryptic endgame statement?


Borderlands 2

That scene takes place after the events of bl2.
I’m guessing/hoping the manufacturers will go all-out for the vaults. Atlas could make cool guns based on eridian tech, eridium let everyone make railguns and splatguns etc, I think by now they realize how much vaults are worth.
Maybe we’ll get to visit various planets with various manufacturer presence on them (Vladof dystopian communes and factories, maliwan hipster cities, western jakobs ranches etc), maybe picking sides, all the while uncovering the true purpose of the vaults and stopping evil from exploiting them.

I believe it mean there’s a war coming.

And the they can use all the VH the can get. :stuck_out_tongue:


With the opening of the Warrior Vault many others have been revealed throughout the galaxy. This will easily lead to a massive conflict to gain what’s inside.
The original Vault was a prison for an alien abomination, the Moon Vault contained wisdom leading to the Warrior Vault containing a powerful weapon. So far, all the Vaults have been extremely dangerous in one way or another. Whoever controls the new Vaults controls power. A war for them will essentially be inevitable.
The Vault Hunters, our so-called “heroes” will probably be the only ones that can prevent this and given the potential conflict at hand a lot will be needed.

At least that’s how I see it.

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Nothing cryptic about it.

The Vault was “messed with” (not just opened) and that somehow led to “war it coming”.

We are only left to speculate with whom. And … oh, yeah … I am all for that … let’s go!!!

Obviously there will be in-fighting among the locals, but it also seems obvious another race is bringing the war.

So just like in Halo or Mass Effect … I would assume some sinister purpose for the vaults and their original builders. In the next few BL series games we may well see a Halo type flow of events, where we fight who we think is the enemy (say the Eridians) only to find that there is a much bigger common enemy (say at the end of BL3 that we will ultimately fight in BL4 :smile: ).

This alien maybe the one who left cryptic messages for the vault hunters while they were on vacation, in the last DLC head hunter thing.

Oh yeah right. That being in TPS, ive completely forgot it happens after bl2. My bad :slight_smile:

Wasn’t that a different friend for each vault hunter? Zero’s was the only crypric one. Don’t know, only saw youtube vids of that mission

Either the eridians will awake, return or something and try to conquer the universe. Or the big companies/manufactures will try to get the power of the Vault. Or a combination of both.

Either way, I guess the Vault hunters will separate in order to find more Vaults and we won’t see all characters, what allows gearbox to focus the the remaining characters and introduce new.

Dr. Ted. I said it before, but don’t feel like re-typing it. The vault hunters cant win without Ted.

I think it was the same person for all the vault hunters, just different messages

I have a feeling that its something to do with the gortys project (see tales from the borderlands) and something BIG is going to happen relating to that

Looks like I’m gonna have to get read-in on TFTB. Assuming that wasn’t canon, here’s my thought…

Long ago, the Eidians and Seraphs were at war. A deadly war that wiped out much of both populations.

They made a truce. They established a demilitarized zone between their regions of space. Pandora, among other planets, lies in that DMZ.

The vaults on Pandora were established in accordance with that truce. The Eridian weapons, in this case great warrior creatures engineered as doomsday weapons to wipe out entire planets’ populations as a last resort, were parked in the vaults on the surface. Another vault was hidden on Elpis, for Eridian eyes only, to give them quick access to the whereabouts of all the weapons caches (vaults) in the DMZ, should the war resume.

The vault key was made to work only once every 200 years, to accommodate compliance inspections. Once every 200 years, for a short period of time, the Seraphs could send an unarmed delegation to accompany Eridians for an inspection of one vault on each planet in the DMZ.

The opening of the first vault on Pandora, back in BL1, was a great failure for the Eridians. Their security detail had seriously underestimated the humans that had come to Pandora. The emergence of the Destroyer from that vault was observed by a Seraph delegation awaiting its inspection tour, and was taken as a possible act of aggression; it was a potential resumption of hostilities.

Soon after, the Eridians reached an agreement to salvage the fragile truce. They would destroy all the vaults on Pandora, perhaps even the planet itself if necessary, to ensure that no other doomsday weapons (like the Warrior) there could be used again. Of course, the Seraphs were very suspicious of them by now.

The Seraphs still didn’t know about the Elpis vault. When Zarpedon and her people stumbled on to it, destroying them would have drawn too much attention from the Seraphs, and would have confirmed that the Eridians weren’t being perfectly transparent. They thus agreed with Zarpedon to let her and her men stay there and secure the vault against humans. Meanwhile, the Eridians transferred the vault whereabouts info to the vault of the Warrior, on Pandora.

Hyperion comes sniffing. What’s more, they’ve recovered part of the Destroyer from the first vault. The Eridians have no more time to act, unless they want the war to resume. Elpis, Pandora, and Helios MUST all be destroyed, if they’re to have any chance of averting war.

But they fail again. The Eridians aren’t exactly a warrior race, in case you never noticed.

With their security contingent on Pandora and on Elpis wiped out, the Eridians are virtually powerless to stop Jack from finding the vault of the Warrior. Once that opens, all hope of averting all-out war with the Seraphs again is lost. In the DLCs for BL2, mind you, we fight Seraph-endowed raid boss, and trade with Seraph vendors for Seraph loot.

The Seraphs are learning to weaponize humans and mobilize them against the Eridians. The Eridians are running out of hope, and the war could resume any day now.

And then, an idea. Those few humans that have found the vaults, fought through the toughest of Seraph and Eridian, destroyed the doomsday weapons, and so on? The Eridians dispatch their guy BACK to Pandora, to reach out to those vault hunters, to help them.

Soon, the vault hunters will be racing world-to-world to find and open Eridian vaults in the Eridian-Seraph DMZ, to prepare to face the Seraph onslaught.

Or something.

It still needs some tuning, and God only knows what TFTB is doing with the story now.


I don’t think that Seraph is a faction, the Seraphs guardians aren’t aliens.

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What ARE they, then? Seriously, I’ve never noticed anything in-game that said otherwise, but I admit that I may have missed something.

“According to Shade, Hyperius was a regular Engineer who grew mad with power. After the Vault opened, dangerous alien creatures awoke from their slumber. Hyperius was altered by them, becoming one of the most powerful entities on Pandora.”

I think Seraph is a faction. The guardians are creatures/humans who were altered by their actions, either as potential soldiers or as guardians against the Eridians.

Do you noticed anything that implied they were a faction? There are only the “Seraph Guardians” as raid bossed and the the existence of “door guards” also doesn’t mean that “door” is a faction. They are simply raid bosses that drop a new currency, do they do anything beside standing there and waiting for an opponent?

And also this :

Might of the Seraphs is a Seraph relic manufactured by the Eridians. The Might of the Seraphs relic can only be obtained from trading with the Seraph Vendor in the Badass Crater of Badassitude.

Doors aren’t living. If you are protecting something doesn’t mean it is a faction.

Also seraphs are 3 winged angels in modern mythology. Seraphs probably look like that.