There is input lag on everything I do

Hello I am having a rather frustrating issue with the game. Basically everything I do (in-game, in-menu, anywhere) suffers from ~0.5s of input lag. For example: If I move my analog stick to the right and then quickly release it, my game won’t register any movement until after the analog stick has clicked back into it’s default position.

Every other game I own works fine. Battleborn is the only thing causing me this problem. It’s unplayable for me.

My PS4 is directly connected to my TV via a 3ft HDMI wire, I am sat less than four metres away from my PS4 and my controller is fully charged (tried with two fully charged controllers, the issue remained). I have 250mb/s fibre optic broadband.

I have tried:
-Two seperate pads
-Restarting my PS4
-Turning aim-assist on/off
-Changing sensitivity settings
-Moving closer to the PS4
-Checked all my TV settings
-Checked connections were secure

I’m honestly at a loss here. Any suggestions?

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Were you part of the open beta or ctt? If so, do you still have those files on your PS4? I’ve seen at least one report of odd behaviour on the other console that was cured by deleting the open beta and re-downloading the game. Otherwise I have no idea - those are really odd symptoms.

It could be your latency since Battleborn is an online game. Online games are reliant on your internet connection so if you’re having lag issues you should insure that your connection isn’t being bogged down by other things (i.e., downloads, streaming, watching videos, too many people using up the bandwidth).

Consider restarting your router and modem if closing down the programs/windows using your bandwidth doesn’t work. To do this just power them down for about 10-15 seconds and reconnect the modem first, and router once the modem is up and running.

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As I said, I am on the fastest consumer connection available to my country; 250Mb/s fibre optic broadband. When I switch to my other ISP (copper wire 16Mb/s) there’s no change whatsoever. I don’t think it’s a latency issue.

No I wasn’t part of the beta and there were no Battleborn related files on my PS4 prior to me playing the game. I bought it on a whim 2 days ago.

No? Just ■■■■ this guy because he’s already paid?


Sorry, I don’t know how to solve your problem. Unless something odd is running in the background on your PS4, or it’s some sort of ports issue, I don’t know what would be causing your symptoms. Also, I’m just a regular forum member, not a GBX employee.

All I can suggest at this point is filing an official support ticket, which you can access starting here:

I had the same issue and it just seem to go away by itself. Whenever it happens, when I open the scoreboard it shows red bars for my connection. At times even on red bar, there is no delay. Happens SOMETIMES… so no idea exactly what’s going on.

Sorry, my frustration wasn’t directed at you. It was to the technical support that obviously browse here.

Yeah it’s a really strange bug and I have no idea how to fix it short of buying a new PS4. At this point I just want to refund my game, but I can’t do that. So that sucks.

Understood. I don’t know how often GBX support actually browse these forums though, which is why I suggested the support ticket. The more “official” data GBX get, the better the chances of a fix.

I seriously doubt it’s your console or your controllers that are the issue. There seem to be connection problems on all platforms, mostly depending on physical location and time of day (but there are more reports currently cropping up for PC and PS4.) Most of these complaints included mention that it’s only Battleborn (but also Handsome Collection on PS4 has the same problems) that is affected. So either the BB servers are getting swamped, or there’s something in the games net-code that is highly intolerant of delays that other games have no problem with.

Out of curiosity more than anything, but what country/time zone are you in?

I agree to VaultHunter101, submitting a ticket gets you a higher chance of getting it sorted out. No idea how they will sort it but at least it’s better than just posting here. Just like how I did not receive my firstborn and pre-order bonuses

The pre order bonuses are pretty ■■■■ anyway. You didn’t miss out on anything!

I’m experiencing the same issue, did you get any feedback on this?

Link to file a support ticket:

They’ll probably ask you to clear your cache (if that’s a thing on PS4?), restart, etc. I’m assuming you’ve already tried those things and it didn’t help. There may be something else that you can do - hopefully this can get resolved!

Thank you!
I’ll get back to this thread if I get the issue solved.

Hi all.

I experience the same problems on my ps4 i already put in a ticket.

150/15 connection - cable
router in a DMZ

No problems with other games just BB

game is unplayable because of lag in mp and sp

and experience regular disconnects from games

I hope gearbox will reply soon to my ticket because i can not play this game in the state it is in.

good weekend all!

So much latency that the game is completely unplayable, all modes. For a week this has been going on and getting worse. A support ticket has been filed. Collected game video to go to next tier after first support reply.

PS4 on open NAT with a DMZ and static IP.
13.5 mbps down
2.1 mbps up
Other online games working fine
Router restarted
PS4 restarted
Nothing helps

Please fix Battleborn. I love it and want to be playing again soon.

Hello im having input lag in any mode even in private bot.matches… This happens and fixes by itself but is killing me and frustrates me a lot

I am having input lag too, and it makes me feel motion sickness and makes the game unplayable. Such a shame the developers put out such a poor product technical wise.