There is something wrong with the double bezoomy

Longtime player first time posting. Big fan. I noticed something about the double bezoomy, my favorite gun in the game, that bothers me to such a degree i wanted to reach out and talk about it on the forums. I noticed when using both barrels the bullets only come out from the left barrel. I noticed this when looking down a 5x scope. Every bullet was coming from the bittom left of the screen rather than the center. Not a big deal but it really breaks immersion for me when there are ni bullets coming from the bottom right of the screen. Like it means the second barrel isnt actually firing rather the firing rate on the first barrel is increased. Its much more noticable when playing Moze since tracers light up the bullet trajectories.I was hoping if someone else noticed this or is it just me. I know gearbox is doing a TON of work making the game as great as it can be. But if someone could pass this irksome problem along to them or if they take notice of it, well i would thrilled.


I will throw in a like for the sake of aesthetics!

Attention to detail is always a good thing, but I’m afraid they have too much on their plate for this to be a priority unfortunately.

I also noticed that when holding a gun at the hip, if it has a scope that you can see through it doesn’t line up with your center on aim.

Edit : so apparently now you cant see through the scope at all? Was gonna screenshot it for proof and it just shows black in the scope when held at the hip now.


I figure that it is low on the list of priorities for gearbox right now. But it was something i wanted to bring up none the less. I think the game and weapons are so fantastic. Little details matter. I feel like i looked to close at the magicians hat so to speak. But it wasnt hard to find. I love the game and appreciate all the hard work Gearbox has and continues to put into this epic game. So while im here I sincerely thank all the people who worked and work on this game.

Anyone elae notice similiar issues with a gun like the one mentioned above. All feedback is allreciated

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Someone commented on this several months ago so I did a little investigating. You can only see the image on scopes that have a ‘TV’ image ie a screen; purely optical ones don’t show anything until you ADS.

I was looking through a Carrier scope, arent those supposed to be “state of the art”??

I think I deleted the screenshots. What you see on the telescopic optical sights is actually a reflection of the room behind/above you - which is why the glass often looks black.

And while Atlas is indeed ‘state of the art’ it appears that after-market scopes are very much a thing! I’ve got a weird collection of sights on my OPQs, including screens and wire frames.

Edit: Found the thread where I posted a couple of screen shots. See the outside one for an example of the reflection on the optical scope.

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A response from tech support is awesome. Any commentary on my initial thoughts on double bazoomy vladof barrels only firing from one barrel? If feels like when designong the game it was easier to simply rotate the barrel to the left and then increase fire rate rather than what they did with lucien’s call where you can tell the bullets are being shot from each barrel. I appreciate the feedback.

Not technically tech support - I just saw the question and knew I’d seen a few different things, so I poked around in my inventory.

On the shots - no idea. How many double-barrelled Vladof weapons are there, anyway? If there aren’t that many (or even only the one) then it would be easier to leave the mechanic firing from a single barrel. :man_shrugging:

This is my dilemma, you can see through the scope now and the scope picture is entirely away from my crosshair.

I’ll have to check and see what my OPQs with actual scopes do next time I have the game running.

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