There needs to be a complete rework of anointments, class mods, and artifacts!

I’ve been playing borderlands since 2010. I’ve loved the series. I loved hunting for pearlescents in borderlands 1. I remember them being so rare that there were a few I never got. When u did finally get one though it was extremely powerful and impactful. I’m looking at u Bessie :wink:. I loved that in bl2, legendaries were actually that, legendary. They were rare.

I understand why in this game the drop rates have increased so much and that’s because of anointments. U can get a perfect part level 53 Maggie 17 straight runs, but it will only do HALF of the damage of another Maggie that’s anointed with 100% ase and that brings me to my next point…


I don’t feel like it’s healthy for the game to go forward with what we have now. I’LL START with class mods. It’s RNG on top of more RNG. U have up to 3 skills being boosted and 3 random passive stats that get added. Nothing better than getting torgue accuracy, Maliwan firerate, and vladof reload speed on a com with the points distributed the way u wanted in the skills that u wanted. Also how is it that general weapon damage on a class mod is 26% but a specific manufacturer weapon damage is 11%. Is that not backwards? Shouldn’t I get a bigger boost from having an “allegiance” with a manufacturer? I think class mods should just boost skills(more than just 5 combined points for legendary coms) and have predetermined passive stats kind of like borderlands 2. Where’s my sniper com for flak that adds sniper damage? I know some change is good but that’s too much rng there for everything on a com. It would take years to get exactly what you wanted on a class mod. Also action skill cooldown in this game means next to nothing with topped off being a perk in guardian rank.

NEXT up is artifacts. If class mods were RNG on top of RNG, artifacts take it a step further. There are so many trash artifacts in this game with slam bonuses and slide bonuses it BLOWS MY MIND. Also three more passive stats on the bottom again that select from a huge group. Best of luck getting the one you want.

There are some good ideas amongst artifacts like getting health back per kill, becoming invulnerable for 5 sec when dropping below half health, and getting a damage boost after killing a badass. The three stats on the bottom however should be removed. Maybe make an allegiance prefix on artifacts where it boosts two or three stats for one manufacturer. Something like jakobs damage, jakobs reload speed, and Jakob’s magazine size.

I think getting a magazine size +44% for all of your weapons on an artifact right now is too strong. That’s basically Moze’s one skill with 5/5 pts. I’d rather class mods and artifacts be more rare but have more impact when u get them and have less RNG tied with them.

LAST up anointments. I don’t think anointments should ever just add damage. They should add utility, either to the class ur playing, or a specific action skill. Add an extra shot in fadeaway, add an extra charge to rakk attack, maybe giving amara bonuses when shooting a phasegrasped target so people actually phasegrasp enemies instead of the ground.

ASE anointments are boring, benefit some classes more than others, and ruin the game. Damage is so bloated in this game, no wonder they have a tough time balancing stuff. They added mayhem 4 with 1000% health shield and armor because u have Jane Doe over here getting damage from her weapon, skills, guardian rank, class mod, artifacts, 100% ase anointment on the weapon, 50% radiation anointment on the shield, 50% fire anointment on the grenade. Somehow that 3400 damage wedding invitation is hitting for over 1,000,000. That math is insane. Don’t get me started on the extra projectiles created when you use those anointments on your grenade and shield making projectile chaining/reflecting guns that were already broken even more so. I’m looking at you recursion, redistributer and several others.

I think gearbox would have an easier time balancing the game if the numbers weren’t so bloated and the damage formula wasn’t all multiplicative which I haven’t tested but it seems like it is.

IN CLOSING, maybe I’m just an old cranky gamer that’s going crazy. I just feel like if they take away ase anointments and do like +100% health per mayhem level, so 500% at mayhem 4, the game would feel better and be easier to balance. I know there’s countless bugs and class problems but I think they’d be easier to solve if they make the artifacts and class mods simple again. Too many class mods are complete garbage and others are stupidly OP, put in the game as an overreaction to people calling their class too weak. Class mods need to boost playstyles.

I’m a Jakobs allegiance diehard fan. I’ve done it every borderlands game. Love hunting down unforgivens and purple high damage muckamucks. They just don’t seem to do a lot of damage in this borderlands. If u somehow got through this entire article I just wrote, i’d love to hear your opinion. I don’t post on the forums too often so if I put this in the wrong spot, I apologize.


I’m sorry to be that guy, but please format this better. Paragraphs would help immensely. This is a legitimate block of text, and it’s asking a lot of people to read it as it is right now.


I will agree that some stat rolls on class mods/artifacts need a rework. Getting a stat boost to a single stat for a specific manufacturer is a little dumb. I would condense stuff a bit. Make specific stats universal and not tied to mfc (eg. Increased Reload Speed, Increased Handling, etc.) then make mfc bonuses smaller but a blanket boost to ALL stats (eg. Increase all Maliwan stats by 7%, etc). That would cut down on a lot of the useless clutter and make each bonus stat more meaningful overall.

I would reply to the rest but I could only get about a 1/4 of the way through. I agree with @boombumr format is important.

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Oh no, a wall of text. Jokes aside, it was a bit hard to read without paragraphs lol.

On topic.
Class mods: Yeah, it’s a big deal that class mods are really powerful and have a lot of layers of RNG on top. Getting the one you need is a big problem. BUT I think that helps with build diversity, since 1 class mod can be used in a ton of ways. If my build lacks survival, I’ll try to get a com with points in that survival skill, with the passives I like or the guns I’m using. The problem is finding it.
They need to add a way to reroll skills or pasives or something, searching for the exact one you need is a nightmare.

I also hate the fact that the manufacturer damage is so small, it should have the same value as Weapon specific damage (Pistol, AR, etc.)

You can disable the Guardian Skill if you don’t like it.

For relics, I read an awesome idea today here, the slam/slide/melee augments should have their own equip slot, so you can equip your Ice breaker Otto Idol and have a relic to augment slam equipped too.

And on the topic of annointments, yeah, the fact that you can get one with 300% weapon damage is huge and really breaks the game balance, forcing you to get one to be impactful at higher difficulties. Maybe reduce the bonus of all damage annointments so when you get a non annointed legendary it isn’t the end of the world. And balance around that.
I know you can play without annointments at all, but it’s a lot slower and the enemies turn into bullet sponges.

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Done and done. Thanks for the suggestion. Don’t post very often so my bad

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Although there are other threads with this grievance, I’m just glad more players are realizing this.

This is exactly what happened with the division 2.


They just need to finally add a mechanism for re-rolling items - which every other looter allows you to do. This would solve the majority of the issues.

I agree though that the stats on class mods specifically need to be narrowed down a bit. Even with a re-roll system in place, there are way too many possible variations IMO.


i am sorry but common sense is not allowed in general discussion OP.

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BL3 is full of experimentation. I think most people have thought it at this point. BL3 has a bunch of under cooked ideas that have a ton of potential.

In terms of Class mods I think GBX found COMs in previous games fairly uninteresting. In reality most of them where fairly flat in terms of what they did. They wanted COMs to have more influence on how a person plays rather then a flat power boost like most COMs in BL1, BL2 and BL TPS. I wonder why special effect weren’t the main focus for all COMs with extra skill points being a secondary and bonus stars being a 3rd. That definitely would have made leveling more interesting for experimenting with different builds.

Anointments have a slightly different problem. Solid idea lazily implemented. Being able to unlock them and then equip them to a weapon/ equipment slot would have been cool! More player agency and less RNG.
I mean if Anointments had been less powerful it would be such an issue but consequently players wouldn’t have cared about them. I like the power they give me but I have no control over what gun they come on or what anointment I get. This makes me feel like it’s not supposed to be a big factor in my player power but a nice little bonus. Little isn’t exactly the word I would normally use to describe the benefits they impart. This makes me question what they though process was behind there balance and acquisition.

Based on my history playing the franchises and watching how GBX has changed Borderlands I think there thought process gose something like this.
Player fights enemies, the players to come across cool items and then want more, they use the new item to kill more stuff, for the more dedicated players we have some stuff on spicific enemies and for casuals we have stuff that is just every where how do we make farming and random drops more interesting, add cool extra effects to some items to make drops more interesting.

I think both where vain attempts at both extending the end game gameplay loop, and adding some more engagement to farming at end game. While it did accomplish these things it did so in a way that has and will keep hurting some players continued enjoyment of the end game.


@maxeastwood I couldn’t agree more. My “article” was already too long so I didn’t include it. I was gonna suggest that we should be able to equip anointments on our weapons and shields, Lvl 30+. Again I would say anointments should be utility only for our class or action skill. No or low damage anointments

Lets say I want to change my build up. Do I have to go farm all those skills that I want and hope for RNG? No, I Re-spec and it takes 2 sec to change up my build. Whoops accidentally picked up the wrong skill, Re-spec. In this “meta” though if I changed from rakk attack to gamma burst for example, I would lose so much damage and I would need all new gear for my new build. Can’t Re-spec that easily because of these bloated anointments. They should be equipped and easily swapped for eridium at earls or something.


As a PC player I quite enjoy doing casual playthroughs of all the characters. But once I reach max level, and I don’t feel like farming for 3 months (and however many hours) to get acceptable rolls of the gear I want, I just opt out of the grind.

Because when I’m doing things like read-only farming, or abusing Claptrap’s stash, or pressing a button on the Grinder, or watching a loading screen just to insta-gibb Mick Zaford; I might as well circumvent it.

It makes all this RNG and frustration turn into nothing but heavy customization with no drawback. And allows me to have competitive speed kills, make interesting content, discover new mechanics, etc…

To me the only enjoyable parts of Borderlands is in the leveling, and in the endgame. Whatever satisfaction grinding brings can’t make up for the time spent (when the RNG gets this high). Leave it for those that enjoy it, but know that the playing field isn’t level.

Not to mention that the grind isn’t even near well optimized like it is in Warframe for example.


Can you explain this point a bit further? As someone that has been tempted to give Warframe a go, I’m curious by what you mean.

u know they mess things up when u see overkill being a thing lmao

pretty much salvador but even better , sal only capped to 500% but bl3 is uncapped and unconditional

while i agree with you on some points: artifacts are useless, anointments are inbalanced
i dont have a problem with farming the right stats on my COMs and artifacts
thats the whole point of the game
when you get everything that you wanted in 2 days, the game is over dude xD

  • Most things are very reasonable grinds.
    • But more-so until recently 99% of all items had fixed stats. You farmed for a short or long time because of RNG, but when you get an item it essentially has perfect rolls/parts. You just combine these items in different ways to get unique builds.
  • Once you invest in an item it is universally invested in across your arsenal. And there is almost no reason to farm another one, or do something like create more then 1 of each play-able character.
  • Always online means there’s no temptation for a save editor, and that means no one else will have access to one either.
  • Very active player driven economy with even 3rd party sources dedicated to it. So you can buy from or trade with other players if RNG hates you.
    • And the third party sources tell you how much the item is currently worth, so your trades are fair.
  • Before it was added to more loot pools and made less powerful, “Condition Overload” was a very rare and pricey mod that took a long time to farm. But you can take 4 mods you don’t want and some credits to “transmute” them to roll for a chance to get CO. And it was actually quite easy to get it this way. And still is.
  • There are places where you can grind for an item but RNG screws you, so a token system is in place to buy the item you want from a vendor instead.
  • Now that RNG stats are being added, there have never been more than 4 on one item so far.
    • So there is a new variant of weapons called “Kuva” weapons that have 1 RNG stat, but they take a pretty long time to farm. But if you don’t get a max roll one, you can take 2 of the same weapons and fuse them together to make a stronger one until you do have a max stat one.
      • And there is more RNG in this system, but you can manipulate it before it’s a problem. There are 16 weapons in the loot pool, but you can “pick” the weapon. There are 7 RNG stats, but you can pick the stat. The only thing you cant pick is how high the stat roll is.
  • Etc…
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I have to agree with your overall theory here. I have hit for 25 mil on ricochet with the Wedding Invitation on Fl4k. This shouldn’t be possible at level 53 IMO.

I like the idea of annointments not adding damage in favor of QOL like movement/reload speed etc. However in the games current state M4 would be nearly impossible unless you played Zane. Maybe Mayhem 2.0 will be a nice direction, but with all of these new weapon buffs I’m a little anxious. I would not side with nerfs 99% of the time, but if the highest damage bonus possible was 50% for character specific annoints i.e. enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 50% more damage. General/ASE annoinments should be less powerful. A change like this would reduce the necessity for specific annointments and make refarming gear much less daunting. Successful M4 builds aren’t really even based on gear/builds as much as annointments in the games current state.

Manufacturers bonus on COM’s should be 50% higher than overall bonuses. You are cornering your build to a specific manufacturer so why is the bonus less? On the other hand passive critical damage bonuses are appropriate.

As a contrasting point, I really disliked this about bl2. I hardly ever saw a legendary drop throughout all my playtime leveling and going through the DLC. It kinda sucked and the ones I did get were gimmicky rather than feeling powerful or impactful. That’s still true in BL3 but they’re way easier to access so that’s not such a big problem.

There was a huge uproar over lowered drop rates, rare spawns, designated drops to consider as well.

I agree that Slam and Slide type artifacts should be more useful than they are but I can’t really get behind much else here. Removing bonus stats on class mods and artifacts just further limits options and build diversity imo. I may still be looking for that perfect g-roll mod but I can make do with one that has matching skills until I get it. I like the bonus stats on artifacts as it can turn a ‘meh’ one into a decent one that I might use for a good amount of time while I keep playing to find a better combination. Replacing them with something like allegiance only prefixes feels like it would only narrow the niche some of them already inhabit. Especially for people who don’t like allegiance builds and prefer general stats that apply to multiple weapon types.

It’s a fine line with anointments. If they affect too little, there’s no point in caring about them. As they are now, it’s a necessity to pick them up on m4 for an effective character. I don’t necessarily disagree with the notion of being able to modify or re-roll them given how ‘make or break’ they are for farming.

A bigger issue is that perceived nerfs are hardly ever well received after what happened during the early launch period. A straight up removal of damage anointments would be difficult to implement realistically. Ideal balance is difficult to identify when big parts of the community disagree on what Borderlands’ core gameplay is, what makes it fun, and how strong characters ‘should’ be in the first place.

OP has a point, but I believe some depth is required to keep us playing. That being said, I dislike the all or nothing drop system we have in this game. You have no idea if you’re going to get your desired com/whatever in the next 10 runs or the next 10000. So I come up with this suggestion:

Allow us to reroll a set of stats on com or artifact, meaning we should be able to reroll all of the secondary stats or all of the primary stats on artifacts. On coms, we should be able to reroll all skill bonuses or all secondary stats the com provides. This way, drops are still valuable if they have a good stat set. You could take this even further and allow players to only reroll the set of stats that they have rerolled the first time, so we wouldn’t be able to reroll everything on a com/artifact (e.g. if you reroll skills on a com, allow only skill rerolls in the future and ‘lock’ the secondary stats).

Allow us to reroll a part on a gun or the anointment. Similarly, you could lock the parts if you reroll the anointment and viceversa.

I believe those suggestions would keep players interested through incremental upgrades for their gear. When I realized I had to farm again a protuberance with the right parts and anointments after they raised the level cap, I pretty much gave up on it, considering it took me since the release of the game to get a good one and even then I traded for it rather than obtaining it myself. The level 50 one is good enough for now, but after a few more level cap raises, it will become useless.