There needs to be a loadout system

Borderlands should really adopt the Division’s Loadout system with all these newly possible builds I can’t keep track of anymore. It allows you to ‘save’ your currently equipped gear and then when you pick that loadout again, it will equip everything that is there from your current inventory. Anything not there will leave the slot empty. Its easy to update by just saving with the gear u want for that loadout.

So much possibilities yet so hard to organize your gear smh

P.S. Let us save Skill Trees too (even if its at the New-U station instead)


The gear can be easily changed between battles, but having at least 3 slots for different builds would be great.

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It’s difficult to manage if your build changes drastically. Also considering BL3’s inventory UI isn’t the most efficient in terms of design.

Give it a few, someone will come in and point out there’s already a “loadout system”, and miss your point.

I don’t feel like the game does very much to help us manage anything. So almost any tools to help players, I’ll support. Though I think a skill tree manager might be “most” effective, so we could at least swap between builds. But it’d be super nice if it were a little more developed than that. Maybe changing class mods, shields, artifacts, and possibly more.

lol inventory ui is total trash when it compare to bl2 and remastered bl1 ui is also trash compare to og bl1

gbx always take something backward

For aall it’s problems, I think destiny 2 has better inventory management systemcompared to the borderlands series.

The api is avialbe to third party develoers as well, so there are many apps for mobile or third party websites to manage inventory outside the game.

In-game inventory management could be better but haveing an option in form of the app makes things much better

Not to be disrespectful of any possible help, but at this point I’m not aware of addons or third party solutions that present any utility a spread sheet won’t provide for people on consoles like myself. I’m rather fond of staying within a game environment and having solutions immediately available inside the game.

Second this, it would be so great. Even if it just gave us the ability to save and switch between certain skill allocations, it would be extremely welcome.

Destiny can only make use of DIM (Destiny Item Manager) because the character and inventory information is on Bungie’s servers, not stored locally on PC or Console.

Borderlands cannot be managed in the same way.

I agree, especially about having the skills you have currently be saved as well. It’s such a pain to “reset” every time I decide to switch my main skill. The first few times it was an interesting activity but that got old quick.

I guess GB’s thinking is with a quadrillion items in the game we’re constantly using new ones. Not the case once one hits the level cap and has most of the gear one wants.

That’s why Borderlands is a clusterfuck of modded weapons and duped items.