There needs to be a setting between Open and Invite only in Group Privacy On PS4

I don’t like having to send invites to my friends to join. I want my friends to be able to join freely, but I don’t want complete strangers to be able to join my game.


Isn’t there a friends only option?

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Yeah, I don’t why they remove that option. Also they should restore option to invite the whole party (PS4) like in previous games.

No, only Open, Private and Offline.

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Hm on PC there is:

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Not on PS4


I have 3 listed above on PS4. So it’s even weirder now.

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Might just be a PSN limitation. Wonder what the deal is on Xbox.

Destiny 2 is friends only, the only way to get randoms is for me to initiate matchmaking with other people who are also in a matchmaking activity.

Yea PSN got worse with BL3.

WOW So they have LAN option on PC,…

So BL3 on PS4, lost,… vertical splitscreen, LAN, Friends only,…


And Invite Party.

Not a PS4 limitation. Every game I’ve played has that option.

Definitely a PlayStation thing I just doublechecked on Xbone. Xbone has:

  1. Friends only
  2. Invite only
  3. Open to public
  4. Local only

yeah, there’s one on Xbox one. Public, Friend only, Private, Closed and Local only I believe are the xbox settings.