There NEEDS to be consequences for leavers

So I get back from work today and decide to play some Incursion. 3 matches later and I have yet to have one without people quitting. 1 leaver the first game, 3 the second game and 2 the third. The crazy thing is, it doesn’t even matter if your WINNING, let alone losing!! the two who left were playing thorn and marque and probably left because they were feeding so much. I was playing Ambra and even told the thorn to stay by my sunspots. Just about keeping up with our montanna for damage without sacrificing heals, we’re ahead about 100-67 and these guys just completely screw the entire team over because they can’t play the characters THEY chose.

At the moment, the only system in place is a very light slap on the wrist that says you can’t play a different match till that one is over. well hey, 2-3 people leave a match, it’s going to be over rather shortly, isn’t it? that’s almost like saying you’re giving them a 2 minute time out. they’ll go grab a snack and a drink and be playing by the time they get back.


It sounds pretty bizarre and there could be many reasons they left, including losing connection or network issues?
And by fixing matchmaking/incursion, there’ll be less leaves/surrendering

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So much this! Don’t blame the player, blame the game. Everytime someone leaves/surrender there’s a really good reason behind it but it all boils down to not having fun or real life moments. This discussion has happened various times. There’s no need to keep having it until the matchmaking is fixed ( if it ever does get fixed…)


Blame the game? Leavers will always exist, big or small community.

It can happen due internet conection, real life (what ever excuse or problem), they are not having fun, etc, developers cant force you to stay in a match… At this point many players dont even need the credits or exp, so they dont care, they dont even try when is not going their way.

Im gonna ask, would anyone of you join a started match lvl1, 0 shards and probably lost or half death your first sentry? Rejoin is not an option… The way bb is programed dosent let a new player join.

Is hard to balance a leaver, even with a bot that dosent give exp and instante respawn; is going to be usless or exploited. Same with a buff or any kind of advantage to compensate the empty spot.

My suggest is to find a group of players to join :confused:

Btw i hate leavers too, thats why i got a group to join even if we are only 2.




Don’t blame the player OR the game, bring the sadly not quite large enough Playerbase as too many people are not willing to take the time to dig beneath the surface a bit and discover what a beautiful, deep, multifaceted Diamond in the rough this game truly is.


True…leavers and stubborn players that take a non-competitive game too seriously will always exist. If you detest leavers then simply stop playing in a pug group. Make some friends and have a premade team. I know it’s hard in this game because most, if not all of your real life friends don’t play BB anymore but the option is still available. In a premade team where communication and coordination exist, you won’t encounter leavers unless you know… real life happens.

Incursion isn’t broken and matchmaking can’t be fixed unless there’s a larger player base. Besides, this problem has been occurring long before GBX started tinkering with matchmaking so your suggestion won’t do anything to fix the problem.

You said it so it must be true.
Of course, you never asked what I would consider to be fixed in matchmaking with a low population, but I guess in today’s world it’s either one standard solution or none
And you must be joking if incursion isn’t broken.


How is incursion broken? I will give a counter argument so please be detailed.

Don’t do it! It’s a trap! Incursion is broken, ruined, boring, Meltdown variation etc.

If you want to have a discussion/ argument about it, here’s an existing thread for it Incursion ruined

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Already gave my opinion on that thread. It’s at 160 of 191 if you want to read it.

Yes it is.

You never offered any.

No I’m not. I was stating my opinion, same as you.

I have a solution and a real punishment for leavers. If you leave a match and don’t come back before it ends, you can’t use items for 2 hours. Also, not getting credits/xp would be good with me, but I already don’t care about those and I know most people don’t care either.

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What I don’t understand is why people quit in the last few seconds of a match. This has been happening constantly and consistently, and it doesn’t make any sense at all. The loss still goes on your record, there are only a few seconds remaining, and you don’t get anything at all for the match. Why do it? It is just plain stupid.


there is a difference between leaving because something came up and because you (specifically that person, not the whole team) are getting stomped. when you’re going 0-5 during a win and start a surrender vote, then leave when it gets declined, you’re not leaving because your wifi disconnected (and barring an extended disconnection even those people can rejoin) you’re just rage quitting

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While connection issue and IRL things are a serious problem 9/10 times it’s them raging. If they haven’t over for a while then yes they were AFK probably going to the bathroom or something. But when they die after running after someone hitting every ability and then their gone they left on purpose. I report people both to the game if possible and to the system/application owners like steam Microsoft or don’t using the report function for leaving. When some one leaves I see them playing COD or watching Netflix when I view their profile to report them. That’s not Internet issues that’s them being childish and sore losers. They need to be punished. Yes I’ve played games like smite where it crashes and I get penalized when it’s not my fault and yes it infuriates me but I’d rather have to deal with that than those people I described above.

also if you’re 0-10 but have 10 assists your at least helping the team win and You get that win and its benefits so don’t make your team lose by leaving solely bc youre not on a kill streak that would’ve otherwise been a win. Buck up and stop being so selfish and moronic


All I need to treat [content edited out] loser (that’s my call for leaver) is a blacklist. I lead my blacklist outside the game, in a text file, but would prefer to see blacklisted pl…pardon, [content edited out] outlined during matchmaking so I could tell’im to [content edited out]
/warn other teammates about quitter and go before matchmaking ends. And that in my opinion is all we need, systematic, cold blood, meticulous ostracism of perps.

Post edited out of “inappropriate” terms. Hope flaggers are staisfied now.
Word of explanation: in a message about post being flagged I wasn’t informed what was deemed inappropriate in this post, so I did usual potentialy offensive terms cut. If the message itself (that I deeply despise leavers and wish to ostracise them) is being seen as inapproprite then my hands are tied.

Maybe they didn’t notice the match was about to end or just to troll?

So many people leave immediately as the first sentry dies and/or loses its shield.

It’s definitely not on accident.

Troll or selfish is definitely a possibility. Haha

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I was referring to her statement of people leaving at the last few seconds of a match

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