There NEEDS to be consequences for leavers

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Well, no it doesn’t matter as forum “is not a real life”, remember? As you see your reasoning can be applied to this forum as well. If prematurely leaving match is juftified by game not being a real life, cursing and name calling on forum is justified as well. So either match quitting and forum cursing are both bad, or both equally not bad. And that is all.

Did you understand why I stated a game is not real life? It was towards your link of players leaving a match to be associated to a loser “attitude, state of mind”. A forum has rules while Battleborn doesn’t have one for players leaving a match; The option is even available. That’s the difference.

Again this game is not competitive so there"s no need to play it like one: I can understand your frustration specially if you waited for so long for a match (ps4, pc) but just like you want to enjoy the game, the players that leave:surrender are seeking for the same enjoyment.

That’s why I always recommend to play under a premade group if you detest players that leave so much. In such a team, you won’t encounter leavers because there’s communication and coordination. Always expect it on pug groups in every multiplayer pvp game.

Why wouldn’t I:
I attribute all bad to quitters. They seem be quick to harm ppl when see little to no consequences (game), but real life has these so they may “seem” to be more hesistant in doing so. But subdued beast is still a beast so I have no basis to think that quitters would actually treat the same ppl differently in real life and in game.

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Well, aparently leaving is against game’s rules as it can even be reported.

The “option” is always available, everywhere, in every game and app, such standard you know. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be abused. And breaking a team -coz that’s what leaving early is- is the abuse.
Now, just like I can abuse post to call names on other posters, one can abuse emergency “Quit” to ruin other players’ game, both for our own advantage. Clean and simple.

“This forum is not a public spot, so there is no need for me to recpect other users.”
Same approach: there are rules, someone doesn’t like them, made up his own rules and follow them.
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BTW No, you don’t understand my frustration, if you did, you would never quit nor defend quitters.

PS Again, stop pretending like we were ever talking about Surrenderers too, it’ll do you no good.

This is a great one. I highly support this. @Jythri idk why but this is the best idea I’ve ever heard

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People forget that late game characters exist. Especially Orendi, the all game all the time your eyes are gonna explode gal

We really need to differentiate between surrenderers and leavers as rn there’s too much confusion and meddling topics

Tbh i had certain players leave on meltdown maps , because the team picked thr wrong characters for meltdown so they quited

Another team quited because they was aegueing that they wanted to play the new character kid ultra

Another team quited in a match because they got killed repeatively for going gun ho left me an a friend left standing

Had a person keep trying to throw the match with submit … Even when our sentry took 3 points of damage and we was all just coming to level 3 … So instead of playing the game they afk so we are a player down

I agree there need to be punishment for these type of players … Its already hard enough getting people to even get into a match… So why do we have these kind of players quiting because they instantly think the team is crap or wrong choices etc

Some characters dont get good until they get high enough level… But these players quit before even reaching level 2-3

I love battleborn to pieces i really do :heart_eyes:

But i dislike the players in it and how they treat others, or better yet give up soo easily or rage quit sigh

Btw i wish i had an orendi or phoebe statue would be awsome :heartbeat:

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Players that surrender or leave a game share the same motive. Both types don’t want to be part of the current match. The difference is one type votes and have to rely on 2 others to agree while the other type could do the same but even without agreement he/she will leave.

There’s also a category of players that refuse to surrender because they believe in the 0.01% of comeback or for selfish purposes like exp, lore etc. From my experience, it is usually the case that the ones that refuse to surrender on a devastating boring match are the players that are performing the least… For example:

  • dying the most,
  • killing and assisting the least,
  • not going for objective,
  • not initiating or supporting a push
  • saving shards for their legendary gears instead of using them for buildables when the team needs them

These type of players are the worst. They will make your gaming experience to go down as low as their skill level.

Premade groups are the way to go to avoid “leavers” but also potentially the other types because of the communication and coordination it is developed in such a team.

This is the reason why I support players that leave/surrender on a boring match in this non-competitive game. All players are mainly playing to have fun. The approach each type of player take to obtain it, is always different and could/could not be related to how they are in real life.

Edit: deleted the label I place on some type of players.

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"Premade groups are the way to go to avoid “leavers.”

I disagree completely. Sure, no one on the PREMADE is likely going to leave, but said premade pub-stomping is no doubt going to result in players on the OPPOSITE team leaving; at least, such has been my experience.

Also, it’s INCREDIBLY hypocritical to call people who refuse to surrender “stubborn” or “amateur”, while also claiming that calling people who surrender or leave “losers”, is wrong.

We’re all adults here, people… I assume.


That’s what I meant. Players on the premade group. Most of the complains come from people that had members leaving their team and not from the opponent’s side.

Players that leave or surrender are being labeled as “quitters”, “losers” “players that ruin the game/fun” etc then what about players that refuse to surrender on a clear lost battle? They don’t deserve to be labeled as such?

Stubborn amateur is not meant to be offensive compared to the titles for the other type of players. They are being stubborn for refusing to change their own attitude, perspective on a clear outmatched encounter and amateur is due to their beginner player’s skill.

Same motivation, one is rude enough to ruin the game for 9 others while one is seeing if anybody else wants out

There are other reasons to play and sometimes people only have time for one game. If someone surrenders ten minutes in, I may want to continue playing because I don’t have time to re-que.

It all comes down to a vote. The five players on the other team are happy and the three people not surrendering with me are happy also. That leaves 2 sad people against 8 happy people. Not surrendering is not the problem.


I don’t know from your experience but I can tell you from my friends and mine. When a player surrender and it was refused, they normally do one of the following

  • leaves anyway
  • goes away at the spawn point/base
  • starts dying on purpose
  • starts playing like whatever and thus underperforming

How does that not ruin the fun for you? I would perfer someone that leaves instead of staying and ending up doing one of the other scenarios.

A very valid point. There’s always 2 side of a story even on a game. Not surrendering also contribute to ruining the fun for those 2 players that lost interest too. Everyone 's way of having fun was terminated.

That’s a leaver. Mentally or physically, they left. A surrenderer continues fighting but doesn’t want to, but they’re still gonna help their team

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Good for those then. Some players do tend keep doing stuffs they don’t enjoy even when it comes to a simple video game.

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Okay, first off, what you MEAN to be offensive, and what IS offensive, is subjective. Also, i’ve only seen one person labeling and insulting leavers and surrenders on this thread, and hiding behind “if they can do it, so can I” is usually viewed as an immature way of handing such a situation; all it tends to do is cause others to not take your view seriously, and possibly get you banned, and the thread closed. I speak from experience, and have grown since then.

We all have opinions, and sometimes other’s opinions don’t coincide with our own. Sometimes people insult others because of this, but the mature thing to do is ignore it or, if you feel you can’t, report it.


You’re right with some points. All the labels I’ve listed above were accumulated from not just this thread but from others of similar topics as well. It is only human to categorize everything we see/do. I don’t expect everyone to agree/disagree with me. I’m open minded to everyone opinions. If you took the term “stubborn amateur” as offensive then I apologize. I didn’t mean it that way. Like you said, it’s subjective.

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