There NEEDS to be consequences for leavers

That’s what I meant. Players on the premade group. Most of the complains come from people that had members leaving their team and not from the opponent’s side.

Players that leave or surrender are being labeled as “quitters”, “losers” “players that ruin the game/fun” etc then what about players that refuse to surrender on a clear lost battle? They don’t deserve to be labeled as such?

Stubborn amateur is not meant to be offensive compared to the titles for the other type of players. They are being stubborn for refusing to change their own attitude, perspective on a clear outmatched encounter and amateur is due to their beginner player’s skill.

Same motivation, one is rude enough to ruin the game for 9 others while one is seeing if anybody else wants out

There are other reasons to play and sometimes people only have time for one game. If someone surrenders ten minutes in, I may want to continue playing because I don’t have time to re-que.

It all comes down to a vote. The five players on the other team are happy and the three people not surrendering with me are happy also. That leaves 2 sad people against 8 happy people. Not surrendering is not the problem.


I don’t know from your experience but I can tell you from my friends and mine. When a player surrender and it was refused, they normally do one of the following

  • leaves anyway
  • goes away at the spawn point/base
  • starts dying on purpose
  • starts playing like whatever and thus underperforming

How does that not ruin the fun for you? I would perfer someone that leaves instead of staying and ending up doing one of the other scenarios.

A very valid point. There’s always 2 side of a story even on a game. Not surrendering also contribute to ruining the fun for those 2 players that lost interest too. Everyone 's way of having fun was terminated.

That’s a leaver. Mentally or physically, they left. A surrenderer continues fighting but doesn’t want to, but they’re still gonna help their team

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Good for those then. Some players do tend keep doing stuffs they don’t enjoy even when it comes to a simple video game.

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Okay, first off, what you MEAN to be offensive, and what IS offensive, is subjective. Also, i’ve only seen one person labeling and insulting leavers and surrenders on this thread, and hiding behind “if they can do it, so can I” is usually viewed as an immature way of handing such a situation; all it tends to do is cause others to not take your view seriously, and possibly get you banned, and the thread closed. I speak from experience, and have grown since then.

We all have opinions, and sometimes other’s opinions don’t coincide with our own. Sometimes people insult others because of this, but the mature thing to do is ignore it or, if you feel you can’t, report it.


You’re right with some points. All the labels I’ve listed above were accumulated from not just this thread but from others of similar topics as well. It is only human to categorize everything we see/do. I don’t expect everyone to agree/disagree with me. I’m open minded to everyone opinions. If you took the term “stubborn amateur” as offensive then I apologize. I didn’t mean it that way. Like you said, it’s subjective.

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Good, crisis averted. I don’t know if you’ve seen a certain mod’s pictures of a certain barbed-wire covered bat, but you don’t want to…

I haven’t so far and I don’t see the reason why. I don’t think my posts violate any forum rules unless that label is taken as offensive. I’ll let you if I ever do.

Don’t i know it…

If it’s about me.

  1. I didn’t label Surrenderers. As a matter of fact I loudly abstained from my rant being about Surrender option.
  2. Nor was I trying to justify myself. Just pointed some similarities/discrepancies in someones value system…
  3. Yes pls, treat me as immature if you want. As long as I voice my disapproval for kindergarden tactics in gaming and some [right] ppl get offended by it, I’m OK with that.
    End of transmission.

Lets all just focus on being kind and respectful to each other, lets all avoid offending others. If you think something could be offensive, please find a better way to phrase it.

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No more talking about others here, talk about the game. Calling others immature is an insult.

Also go read my previous post.

Does anyone else feel like allowing players (not forcing them, but allowing them) to join matches in progress would solve the leaving problem? Perhaps the person who left is free to search for another match if someone takes over thier previous spot? I see it helping players who want to get into fast matches as well. Perhaps Gearbox could test it out and, if it’s utilized enough, just do away with the surrender option and leaving penalty?

Yeah… i really need to start checking for new posts BEFORE i re-post. That’s exactly what got me banned last time.

It’s not about checking posts, its about treating people with respect. Don’t insult people, no calling people immature, losers, suborn, any negative things.

Talk about the game and not each other. Calling people immature is not good if a mod just posted or not.


It would surely help but only if the new player joins with the same level of Helixes and amount of gears that their existing members have. I play gears of war 4 now and it has that mechanic of letting you join existing matches

But they’re so cute! Wait, so does that mean I just need to act up for Psychichazard to start posting animal pictures again? This is quite a toubling dilemma


So as we are getting back to the game.
I proposed blacklisting as a cure for leavers problem.
It’s not literary a vengeful move, it’s more of a preventive action…which should sound weird as I feel about ppl like this what I feel. But ppl here may be interested in knowing my arguments for it:

  1. It’s practical - a quitter will always be a quitter, as I’ve said above. So he’ll eventually quit a match, and we don’t want that, are we? No quitter = loweting danger of player quitting a match. Simple isn’t it? No hard feelings, just a math.
  2. “Who do you think you are, an Admin?” One may ask.
    “Admin is merciful, I’m not” :wink:
    I don’t want them to repent, I don’t want them to correct nor I care about them to eventually learn (admins don’t do it, why would I?), as the flaw is on their character and that a/never change. I want them out of my game space: since they don’t GaS about my fun why would I GaS about theirs? Tit for tat, karma, good ol’ fashioned justice. Know any better justice, I invite you to present it. Now “the deep one”
  3. Last thing the shrinking community needs is to let loose on it’s morals. And since new tactics for broadening playerbase failed miserably, why not focus on improving remaining players experience more? Blacklisting is a perfect way to police community members, …by members. Also: no bans, no public shame lists (however I dream about it :wink: ), no literal punishement, we would not affect the game they own just the circle of players they play with - like separating ppl who don’t like eachother, totally nonconfrontational. That also sounds out of my character isn’t it? So read this
  4. Let’s be honest here, ppl are generally gregarious animals, and no one likes to feel rejected. And I’m doing just that, IN THEIR FACE: if that won’t hurt them, good, if it will, even better, I got my REVENGEEEEE!!!1! [CL4P-TP secret stash laugh sequence here]
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