There NEEDS to be consequences for leavers

Yeah, exactly; thank you for bringing that up, because i should have. Also, it would have to be based off of the team’s average level or something, because too many people leave when they are doing poorly. I would even say that the joining player should be made a HIGHER level than the average, as an incentive to join partial matches. I think it’s worth a trial run anyways, because i see SO many posts where people leave right off the bat, so the joining player probably wouldn’t miss much.

The only problem I can think of is characters. Not everybody enjoys every character clearly, so you’d be able to rechoose. But that can kill team comps. What if the only reason I chose an assassin is because ik someone else is a support? Now that supports gone. And what if I choose the aoe slow on Spore to trap Caldy? Then he leaves and is replaced with attikus, and now I’m dead. This game is built off of how you adapt to the environment, and having things change is a huge problem. And I don’t wanna play Benny, thank you very much. Then, what if I lose connection and try to rejoin but someone else is there too quick? Is that fair to me?

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Very true. It’s like one of the devs posted on this forum. He said something along these lines “no matter what we do it will always please certain groups while dissatisfying others.” Their job gotta be very hard lol

I’m not sure blacklisting players is the best method, because sometimes s**t happens; take me as an example:

For some reason, i CONSTANTLY lose connection to Battleborn, Warframe, Xenoverse 1 and 2, and although i always rejoin the match i was in when i restart the application (i was SO happy when Gearbox implemented that change), i would be blacklisted for “leaving”. Plus, Battleborn NEEDS more players to survive for more than a couple of years (R.I.P, Evolve), and blacklisting players so that they can’t play the game they paid for is going to fracture the playerbase even further.

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No more talking about others. Stick to talking about the game. Warnings are being issued.

Now, who needs players who don’t actuallty play just leave? That’s my thought behind this idea. Is it better to have a spoiled match or having less good matches - this dilema I leave to your consideration.
Anyways: surely you wouldn’t be blacklisted right of the bat and ppl would actually appreciate you coming back after discon and de-blacklist U even faster. I know some ppl here would actually ban you for not having fun match due to your poor performance induced by connection issues but there are also ppl like me :slight_smile:

Isn’t blocking sort of like blacklisting players anyway?

You see, the problem is that, by the time i am able to get back to the match, it’s so far gone as to be unsavable, or was already ended due to my team surrendering from being a man down; i also occasionally lose my Internet connection from roughly 2:30am-4:00am U.S. Central time, because my Comcast router will reset (i hate that company…). So, i can easily see myself inadvertently being banned for “leaving” when this happens, and i play Battleborn a lot. I’ve even been harrased via message from players on my team who thought i left, and i can assume that they probably reported me having done as such.

In my opinion, WHENEVER there is a scenario where someone innocent is wrongly punished, the system responsible needs to go. Even 99% is unacceptable, which is why lie-detectors are not admissible in U.S. law; there is always that 1% chance that the person is telling the truth. So i honestly don’t think that a blacklisting system is a good idea, ESPECIALLY for someone in my shoes. Sorry that i’m exception that proves the rule, haha.

Also, as i said, Battleborn NEEDS a bigger playerbase to survive at this point.

…okay then. -leaves thread-


Agree. However it is less useful for in-game purposes as one can block whole bunch of people and have hard time comparing blocked ppl list with team nicks.
Also: I don’t think everyone here fully understand my idea - hope this comparison will make things clearer.

Yes, blacklisting is exacly like Steam blocking feature, just within specific game (Battleborn).
Fi If I want to exclude some “unfriendly” server in Counter Strike from browser search results I blacklist it. Now, if I would want to avoid specific player I’d do the same just this time it would have to be limited to highliting one whenever he’s featured in matchmaking.
It’d be up to me to decide whether I’ll “give him another chance” or quit matchmaking.

It’s, using Gbx Updates nomenclature, pure Quality of Life improvement.

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It is not against the rules to leave a game. Were it so the option to leave would not be available. Notice that you don’t have the option to force your opponents to surrender- that because its not part of the rules.

The fact that it can be reported and yet is still an option means that excessive quitting is the issue. Reporting players is intended to police behavior that could potentially become problematic.

And that’s what I was saying.

You’re right. It’s not against the rules or the TOS of the game. The only reason why a report feature was implemented was to satisfy players that complain. It gives them a false sense of security. Nothing is done to those that constantly get reported for leaving a game on any game

Gearbox have said that they want to discourage and create disincentives to leave a game. That’s not the same as saying it should be impossible to do ‘legally’, but does suggest a report function is part of a desire to do more than just fob off irritated players.

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It’s part of smooth talking to those that are against players that leave. Action is what really matters even in game and not just words. I’ve seen this happen on various games, BB is not the first or the last.

I take what Gearbox say seriously and don’t think the dev’s posts here are part of a propaganda machine, but I agree of course that we experience the game as it is, not as Gearbox say they want it to be, which means action is our first concern. But, just because an ideal system for bringing reasonable responses to early quitters isn’t with us yet, doesn’t mean it’s not desired or possible in the future. These things take time to get right.


It’s a possibility but highly unlikely… Nothing is ever done to hurt the player base specially towards insificant matters like leaving a non-competitive match. They might implement more features that encourage/reward players for staying in a match but not a punishment to those that decide to leave. Preventing players from being part of a match for a short period of time is the biggest “punishment” (putting in quotation because this is mostly not considered a punishment) the devs can do. The game already has that.

And that’s why I want my blacklist happen -when court happens currupted, angry mob grabs pitchford… err, I mean pitchforks and torches :wink:

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If you leave a game early, for whatever reason, you cannot use items and you get half XP and credits for two hours

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Not being able to use items, less xp, and credits? New players or just players with bad connection (quite a few in this game) would quit playing. A smaller player base is bad especially considering how small it already is